How Much Does Toilet Installation Cost in 2023?

Toilet Installation Cost

Are you trying to find out the total toilet installation cost in 2022?

The total price depends on the numerous factors involved in this process however, the average cost might be $372Β  that including all the components including the new toilet, labor cost, equipment and tools needed, etc.

It also deepens what type of toilet you have bought and how much difficult or easy the installation is. In this article, we will explain all these points so that you got a rough idea.

We will also tell you how you can save money on toilet installation. Let’s get started.

Factors that Includes in Toilet Installation Cost

The toilet installation cost is not dependent on a single element as there are many factors involved in this matter that tell how much you might need to spend.

Before starting work, you must brace yourself with all these points to make the right decision in the future whenever required. The factors include:

1. Old Toilet Removal

Before installing a new toilet, you have to remove the old toilet first and later dispose it off. Usually, the price of removing the toilet includes in the total installation cost.

Old Toilet Removal

However, it also depends on the labor that you will hire for this work. Sometimes removing the toilet is hectic and laborers charge extra for this work. The average cost for that work is $50 to $200.

Hence, it is vital to ask your plumber or labor whether they will charge the removing cost additionally or not so that you know the total cost that you will spend. It is the first factor that contributes to the cost of toilet installation.

2. Labor and Installation Cost

You can not predict the total installation and labor cost before because it depends on how hectic or complicated the work is. If we talk about an estimated price, it would be $65 per hour while the average price might be $125 per hour.

Labor and Installation of toilet

If you call someone in an emergency, they might charge $350 per hour depending on their expertise as well. Whenever the labor installs a new toilet, they might figure out some plumbing issues that increase the cost.

Because proceeding with the work without clearing out those plumbing problems wouldn’t be nice. You might need to replace the pipes or there might be some holes that need to be fixed or the wax ring around the toilet might be damaged.

Hence, be prepared for all these things because it is going to be a hefty amount.

3. Toilet Type and Brand

The type of toilet that you will buy for your washrooms also contributes to the overall price. Various big brands are available for this purpose so if you choose them for this work, the price will undoubtedly be more as compared to low-scale toilet brands.

Toilet Type

Talking about the popular and worth considering options, it would cost $510. If you go for upflush toilet, it might charge you $950. Other than that, the wall-mounted toilets are approximately $675 and if you select dual flush, it is approximately $350.

Each brand varies in price and quality as well so the total cost depends on the brand that you will choose.

4. Location also Matters

The cost to install toilet also depends on the location where you will perform this work. For instance, if you want to do it in the basement then the toilet installation cost would be around about $1,695.

Toilet installed in a bathroom

The additional cost includes installing a new plumbing system however, if the plumbing system is already there then it will cost less. If you are going to re-install the bathroom in a new way then the price easily ranges between $2,500 and $3,500.

In relocating, you have to do a lot of things that increase the price which include vent lines, moving pipes of water, drains, etc. If the toilet installation will be on the upper floors, the price will be different and might be more.

5. Work Difficulty

If the installation work is difficult and needs a lot of consideration, the labor will charge more. Sometimes the work takes more time due to a lot of complexities involved. On the other hand, sometimes the installation work wraps up in a short time.

Hence, the cost to replace a toilet depends on how hard or how easy the work is. The labor might have given you a rough idea of the total cost but sometimes the extra work comes in between that decides how much you will pay for this work.

Hence, it is better to ask the total bill if the job is difficult for labor so that you know how much you will spend.

Additional Cost

There are a few factors that enhance the total cost of the toilet installation so you must be familiar with all these points. If these elements are involved, it will boost the plumbing cost as well.

Sometimes, you have to install new flooring as well so it will cost additionally. All these factors combined have a huge effect on the overall cost so keep these elements in mind.

Leaks and Clog

If you also have to do some repairing work that you didn’t know before, be ready for additional expenses. The repair cost might fall between $100 and $250. If you are facing leakage or clog issues, it will cost more than other repairing problems.

Sometimes, the leakage issue becomes so big that the only option you are left with is reinstalling the floor. Hence, if the problem is serious and can not be done easily, you must have hundred dollars in your pocket. However, sometimes the issue is minor so it can be resolved easily.

Flooring Cost

As already mentioned above, if you need to install the floor again when the problem becomes big enough, the new flooring cost will definitely be huge.

install the floor in bathroom


The per square foot price will be approximately $8 to $24 also depending on the type of flooring you will install. If you go for hardwood floors, it is quite more expensive than laminate and vinyl floors.

Sometimes while reinstalling the floor, you get to know about the damaged planks that happen due to water that stays there for a long time. It is important to get rid of this issue as soon as you see otherwise it will provide more harm to the structure of your house.

Additional Labor Cost

How much additional labor cost you have to spend depends on the work that needs to be done. It might be approximately $800 which includes a lot of things including wax ring replacement, wobbly toilet, leaks or any broken pipe, etc.

If the laborers have to do all these tasks, they will definitely ask for more money. Hence, keep these points in mind.

Emergency Installment Cost

If you need to install a new toilet in an emergency because the old toilet is causing severe problems, you can not expect the overall price to be cheap.

They will charge extra if you ask them to come within hours or you have called them on weekends or any special occasion. Moreover, if the plumber is going to travel from a distance, they will also charge extra.

Different Types of Toilets

Now you know all the factors that result in additional cost, let’s move ahead and talk about a few different types of toilets that you might want to consider in the future. These toilets also contribute to the toilet installation cost. The types include:

1. One-Piece Toilet

Starting with the one-piece toilet, it falls in the $150 and $1,500 price range. They are designed in a modern way so if your bathroom has a modern touch, you can go for it.

Moreover, they are easy to install and clean and you can even do DIY work if you have a little knowledge about toilet installation. Moreover, it goes best for washrooms with limited space because they are small and can easily be fit in such places.

A new type of technology is used in these types of toilets and they are more costly due to the high shipping cost. Hence, if you have small washrooms or you want to adjust a toilet in a small place, you can choose this option.

2. Two-Piece Toilet

Here comes the second type which is a two-piece toilet. The actual price of this type of toilet ranges from $90 to $875 which is less compared to a one-piece toilet due to less shipping cost.

It is the most popular option that people usually opt for. If you are tight on budget, you can go ahead with this one because they are pocket-friendly.

3. Wall-Hung Toilet

The third toilet option is wall-hung which is attached to the wall as the name defines. The total installation cost of this type of toilet is approximately $500 and $2,000.

The repairing is quite difficult for this type of toilet because the tank locates inside it. However, the cleaning is easy because it is not attached to the floor. They might be costly but inevitably the best option for small and tight spaces.

4. Smart Toilet

The last option is the smart toilet which ranges from $1,200 to $13,000 but the price may change differently on different factors and elements.

The water usage of this type of toilet is less than others. The best thing is you can flush them without even touching them. A few smart toilets also contain built-in lighting so that you can easily see in the dark.

When I should Replace a Toilet

There are some red flags that define when is the right time to replace a toilet. Those red flags or points include:

Age of Toilet

Many homeowners are often not aware of how old their toilet is. Moreover, if the toilet is flushing properly, you consider it to be perfectly fine.

If your toilet has become quite old then better switch it with a new model because new models use less water and are more efficient. In this way, you can save a lot on your water bills as well.

Excessive Repairing

If you have to, again and again, call someone for some type of repair, stop, and better purchase a new toilet. It is how you can save a lot of money that you keep on spending on repairing.

Toilet Rocks or Wobbles

If you notice toilet rocks or wobbles, immediately call a plumber because this issue needs to be fixed asap. A wobbly toilet usually occurs due to any water damage under the toilet that we can not see from the naked eye.

Frequent Clogging Issue

If you are frequently facing clogging issues, this is the high time to get a new toilet so that you do not have to spend a heavy amount again and again.

If clogging happens frequently, it is due to some serious problems that can not be neglected. It also happens when the toilet is old so better go for a new model to get rid of this trouble.

Visually Appealing

If your toilet is quite old with faded color and different scratches, it will have a bad impact on the visitor and they will surely avoid sitting on such toilets. A new model is also visually appealing and it will also enhance the overall look of your washroom.

Toilet Installation Cost – Professional vs DIY

If you have all the right tools and equipment or you are aware of plumbing knowledge, you can perform it as DIY work and can save a lot on installation costs.

However, if you are about to install a new toilet or want to relocate it, it is better to go for some professional who will do this work in a better way.

Toilet installationFreplac

There are so many complexities involved in this work that needs to be done with care to avoid any further issues. Hence, if you are confused about whether to perform this work on your own or hire a professional, go for the second option so that you do not need to spend again and again.

Saving Money on the Cost to Replace Toilet

Spending a lot of money for this purpose is not easy so you should figure out how to save yourself from spending a lot of costs.

Replace Toilet

You can go for some inexpensive bathroom commodes. Other factors that help in this manner include:

Find Different Options

Before finalizing any plumber, better have full knowledge and do detailed research and finally choose the one that is asking for the least amount.

Hire a Professional

This option might seem to be costly but it is the only way to save some amount. When you hire a professional you get to know about different plumbing issues that you can fix on time before it becomes big trouble.

Choose the Basics

Instead of opting for fancy options that come with a smart toilet, better stick to basics so that you do not have to spend a heavy amount for this purpose.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions that people often ask regarding toilet replacement cost or cost to add a bathroom toilet. Here we go.

How Much Does Home Depot Charge to Install a Toilet?

The standard fee of home depot is approximately $99. However, the labor cost, material, and toilet type are not included in this fee. The total amount depends on the type of toilet you will buy or the material used on it.

What is a Fair Price for Replacing a Toilet?

The fair price is approximately $224 to $532. As already mentioned above, the total cost results from numerous factors including the complexity of the job, toilet type, material, etc.

Can I Install a Toilet Myself?

You can install a toilet with plumbing knowledge and the right tools. However, if the work is complex then better hire a professional because they are pros and they can better figure out the situation.

How Difficult is it to Install a Toilet?

The more complex the work, the more difficult it will be to install a toilet. Sometimes, you get to know about different plumbing issues that enhance the work.

How Long Does it Take a Plumber to Replace a Toilet?

It takes hardly 2 or 3 hours to complete the work but sometimes the work exceeds due to different issues that you realize during the work.

Final Thoughts

After reading this detailed guide you will finally know How Much Toilet Installation costs. If your toilet is giving you a tough time and you are planning to replace it as soon as possible, this article will assist you.

I have tried to mention every possible point for your better understanding. Do not jump to the toilet installation as soon as you find some trouble because it might be minor and can be fixed easily.

I hope this article will help you to deal with the problem your toilet is creating. Moreover, instead of doing this work at home, it is better to ask a professional who knows his job perfectly. If there is still any query, you are free to ask.

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