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Alicia James

Most of the articles you read here are written from me, James. I’m a part time construction worker, part time freelancer and part time full time husband 😉 (brownie points with the wife). We live in a beautifully built house we call The Burrow (yes, a reference to Harry Potter). We soon hope to fill it with kids but before we can we have to expand! We are constantly doing little home projects and finding out tips and tricks to living out our homey lives. Occasionally, you’ll read articles from my wife Alicia. We both tweet over at @DIYfolks (we tried doing @homeyimprovements but it was too long for Twitter).

So, get your toolkit ready, buy an extra big pack of Duck Tape, and let’s get to work improving!!

P.S. If you are interested in contacting us, please email jgwhitecavage [at] gmail.com.

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