The Right Way to Steam Clean a Couch – Quick Guide

steam clean a couch

Choosing the right steamer for your couch is a hectic task, and even if you’re done with choosing the right steamer, it is important to know how to steam clean a couch.

Now, the main task is how you maintain it after you’ve brought it home. As you keep and maintain other parts and areas of your house clean and tidy, you cannot ignore the couches and sofas.

They can easily give either an enjoyable overview of the house or they can destroy the overall image of your home.

But the main concern is how to keep well-maintained couches and sofas and see what products to use to prevent them from looking like a mess and ruining the house’s look.

How to Steam Clean a Couch

  1. Clear your couch from all the items on it.
  2. Treat the visible dust with a quick vacuum session.
  3. Use a brush to tackle the couch’s pet hair and other spills.
  4. Try to clean the stain with a damp cloth.
  5. Get ready for your steam cleaner with the right attachment.
  6. Steam cleaning the entire couch surface and cushions with the proper motion.
  7. Turn off your steamer and cool it down.


What is a Steam Cleaner?

Before just diving into the step-by-step guide, we should first know what a steam cleaner is and the benefits of choosing a steam cleaner for cleaning the couches.

A steam cleaner is a home appliance used to remove dirt, and stains that can make the look of furniture quite dull and unappealing.

what is steam cleaner

It is an essential appliance that many house owners usually rely on. Because it is easy to use and eco-friendly, making the cleaning process effortless.

How Does the Steamer Work?

The steamer machines boil water to put out steam for cleaning and sanitizing stuff without the use of extensive chemicals that ruin the fabric and material of the furniture.

The couches and sofas are to be steam cleaned, but these steamers can be used for other furniture such as chairs, armchairs, ottoman, and another coordinating table.

Steam Cleaner

Steaming sterilizes and cleans the allergens and other harmful germs, including bed bugs and other related parasites and mites.

One thing is to be kept in mind that you should know where you should use the steamer as most of the fabric on various furniture cannot withstand the hot vapors and can damage the furniture quite severely.

Tips on Choosing the Right Steamer

As there is furniture made with many delicate fabrics and materials, it is essential to keep in mind before steaming that it shouldn’t cause damage to it.

You can steam the small part to knowing how it works and after that, if it suits the material, you may carry on with it.

While choosing the steamer, consider these vital points in mind.

  1. Look for a handheld steamer
  2. Look for a steamer with detachable items like hoses and nozzles.

These items will be easy to use, and steam cleaning will be a bit effortless.

Step by Step Guide on How to Steam Clean a Couch

Follow the steps mentioned below to steam clean your couch like an expert:

Steam Clean a Couch

Remove the Unnecessary Items Off the CouchStep 1. Remove the Unnecessary Items Off the Couch

The first and foremost thing to do while steaming the couches is to take off the items from the couch to completely clean the couch.

Vacuum the CouchStep 2. Vacuum the Couch

If there is visible dust over the couch and you can see it from far away, you need to vacuum it away immediately before steaming because the moisture could mix with dirt and dust, making it worse to clean, leaving a smudgy look.

Use a BrushStep 3. Use a Brush

As most of the house owners have pets in their houses and quite visibly, their hair falling off and sticking to fabrics is very typical, so to clear up, use a brush beforehand for pet hair and dander that may be sitting on the couch.

Treat the StainsStep 4. Treat the Stains

Try spotting out some visible stains on the couch, then carry a rag with you to clean it slightly.

Make sure that after you clean the couch with a wet rag, you must completely dry it before the steaming process.

Get the Steam Cleaner ReadyStep 5. Get the Steam Cleaner Ready

Now to make the cleaner ready, check the steamer you are using, it should be an upholstery steam cleaner.

Steam Cleaner

Things to Remember Before Using Steam Cleaner

  • Before starting make sure to clean the steam mop pads.
  • You need to detach the water reservoir to fill it with water and a bit of the fabric cleaner.
  • Before adding the water to the water reservoir, you should check the manual, because adding too much water and overfilling it will cause the steam machine to malfunction.
  • While the water is heating in the steamer, check for the specific attachment to be attached with the steamer, like a brush or a cloth attachment.

After all of the above mention points, the couch steam cleaner shall be ready to be used.

Start by Steaming Cushions and PillowsStep 6. Start by Steaming Cushions and Pillows

It is better to start with steaming the cushions and pillows rather than directly steaming the couch. Test one part of the couch to get an idea about the outcome of the desired result.

Steam clean Cushions and Pillows

To begin with, steaming the couch,

  • Take the handheld steamer, hold it, and gently steam it over the couch surface in a motion
  • No need to press too hard on the couch
  • Do not keep it very far from the couch as well
  • Drag the cleaner in a motion over the area of the couch you want to steam it with
  • Repeat the process a few times for better results

After steaming all over the surface of the couch allow the couch to dry perfectly before placing the cushions and pillows back on.

Turn the Steam Cleaner OffStep 7. Turn the Steam Cleaner Off

After you are done with steaming the couch, now put off the machine to cool down as it processes heat. Depending on the type of steamer, you should check whether the water reservoir needs to is empty or not.

Some Points to PonderSome Points to Ponder

Letting your couch dry is as essential as it is to clean. As the steaming process is almost complete. Don’t just rush into getting on the couch.

Let the couch dry, and keep checking, if you feel the couch is completely dry, then use it however you want.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use a Steam Cleaner on a Couch?

You can clean any upholstery setup or a couch with a steam cleaner. It will effectively pick up all the dirt, spills, or tougher stains from the top surface of the couch fabric.

How Do You Steam Clean a Dirty Couch?

The process of steam cleaning any dirty couch is not difficult. The spray steam will efficiently remove all the dirt and stubborn stains from the top surface of your sofa. You just need to avoid excessive moisture or dampness during this method.

Is Steam Cleaning Good for Upholstery?

Many professional cleaners use a steam cleaner on any upholstery setup. It is one of the best ways to wash your sofa without damaging its fabric or padding. You can also consider the best steam cleaner to tackle specific spots on your couch.

How Long Does a Couch Take to Dry After Steam Cleaning?

The average drying time after any steam cleaning session is around four to five hours. It will completely remove the humidity or moisture from the surface of your couch. You can also accelerate this drying time with a hair dryer or some other airy tool.

How Often Should You Steam Clean the Couch?

You should consider a detailed steam cleaning session for a couch every six months. You take assistance from any professional or use any DIY approach for this thorough cleaning activity


Now that you are familiar with how to use a steam cleaner or what cleaner would be ideal for this purpose. We hope that this article will surely help you steam clean your couch and sofas.

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