How to Remove Sink Stopper? (Do It Like an Expert)

Remove Sink Stopper

Has your stain stopper started operating unsuccessfully and you are looking for ways to remove the sink drain stopper without any expert’s need?

You might be thinking that how you would know when the sink stopper needs proper cleaning from the inside?

It is when the water doesn’t flow at the same speed as it used to. If you are dealing with this same issue, it is the right time to remove it for deep cleaning.

However, how you can safely uninstall your sink stopper at home? This is what we will describe in this article step by step for easy understanding.

We will also let you know how you can reattach the stopper once you are done with its thorough cleaning. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Quick Answer – How to Remove Sink Stopper?

  1. Remove sink stopper from the sink with screwdrivers and pliers and later re-install it after deep cleaning.
  2. Lift and turn the drain stopper with a wrench in order to remove it from the sink.
  3. Next, pull and push the stopper so that it is easily removed from the base.
  4. Remove pop-up and toe touch to complete the process.


Tools and Materials

You must have a few essential tools and materials whenever you start uninstalling the stopper at home. Those important tools include:

Once you got all these things in your hand, you can begin with the process.

Easy Way to Remove the Sink Drain Stopper

Always remember that you are going to uninstall the sink stopper in order to reinstall it so always choose a method that makes reinstallation easy for you.

Drain stoppers comprise various types so before starting the process, ensure which type of stopper you have installed.

On the other hand, you have to follow the same method for removing and re-installing so never forget the steps.

Lift and Turn Drain Stopper

Lift and turn are also known as twist and pull. There are numerous ways to remove this type of drain stopper including unscrewing and twisting off.

Lift and Turn Drain Stopper

Unfortunately, you have to follow all the options in order to know which one is the right method. Ensure that the stopper is lifted and open before starting the process.

  • Step 1. The first step is to make the stopper loose so that you can easily pull them out. In order to lose the stopper, you have to unscrew the knobs and screws inside the knob.
    It will help you easily remove the stopper from the sink.
  • Step 2. Now you have to check the screw head with a flashlight that is inserted under the stopper. It is connected to a long and thin base.
    In order to detach the stopper from this base, screw counterclockwise. It will be separated easily.
  • Step 3. The stopper should be free from a drain strainer for which you have to rotate the case by using a wrench counterclockwise.

Push and Pull Drain Stopper

The process of Push and pull is easy as compared to the first one.

Push and Pull Drain Stopper

  • Step 1. Unscrew the knob with a stopper from the base.
  • Step 2. Push the screw in the center base and with the help of a screwdriver lose the screw by twisting it clockwise.
  • Step 3. In the end, uplift the stopper attached to the drain.

Toe Touch Drain Stopper

Removing the toe touch is also easy like its usage.

  • Step 1. Before removing it, ensure that it was open.
  • Step 2. To remove the cap, twist it counterclockwise.
  • Step 3. Now you have to lose the stopper with the help of a screwdriver that should have a flat head.
  • Step 4. To back out the stopper, you can turn it counterclockwise with your hands. It is how toe touch will be removed.

Pop-Up Drain Stopper

You can pull out pop up with different methods.

Pop-Up Drain Stopper

Let’s talk about each method so that you can follow it according to the requirement.

Drain StoperMethod 1.

The first method is to pick a drain stopper and squeeze it from both sides. You have to remove the drain stopper by pulling it up. Keep pulling until it is removed.

unscrew the capMethod 2.

The second method is to unscrew the cap by twisting it counterclockwise. Now you have to extract the base with a screwdriver. To remove the stopper, lift it upwards. After some time, it will be removed.

UnscrewMethod 3.

The last technique goes best for rocker arm pop-ups. In this step, you have to unscrew the pivot rod arm located in the drawer of the sink.

For twisting, you might need a wrench or pliers so keep them in your hands. Remove the pivot rod arm and round plug. It will help you remove the stopper easily.

How to Clean the Sink Stopper?

Now you have removed all the things, before re-attaching them, ensure they are thoroughly cleaned so that they no longer create trouble.

Clean the Sink Stopper

For cleaning, you need to follow these simple below-mentioned steps. They include:

  • Step 1.With the hand, eliminate all the dust and debris particles.
  • Step 2.With faucet water, rinse the sink stopper.
  • Step 3.Now take baking soda or dish soap detergent and start scrubbing the stopper with a toothbrush. Once scrubbing is done, rinse the stopper with clean water.
  • Step 4.Take a bowl filled with white vinegar, baking soda, detergent, etc, and put the stopper inside it for at least 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, once again scrub them and rinse with water.

Take a paper towel and fully dry the stopper before re-installing it.

How to Reattach the Drain Stopper/ Sink Stopper?

To reattach the sink stopper, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps for each type of drain/sink stopper that don’t require any complicated process. The types of stoppers include:

Lift and Turn Sink Stopper

All you need to do is follow the installation steps backward. Get your hands on a few essential tools including a wrench, flashlight, knobs, a drill, and a screwdriver.

  • Step 1. First, check whether there is any screw in the knob center? If it is already inserted, leave this step but if don’t then insert it.
  • Step 2. Now you have to make the stopper tight for which get your hands on a screwdriver and use it clockwise.
  • Step 3. Once the stopper has been tightened, apply the same process to tighten the knob. with a screwdriver.
  • Step 4. Now comes the stopper’s screw which also needs to be done in the same way by using a flashlight because you won’t see things clearly.
  • Step 5. After tightening the stopper’s screw, a thin base, you have to rotate it clockwise in order to make the stopper tighten.

Push and Pull Sink Stopper

  • Step 1. Now you have to put the stopper back by moving it clockwise in order to make the stopper base tight.
  • Step 2. Once it has been tightened, put the screw in the center base. However, if it has been already inserted, you may leave this step.
  • Step 3. Now get your hands on a screwdriver and make the screw tighten by twisting it clockwise.
  • Step 4. In the end, take a knob and put it at the center base’s top. Make sure to tighten it by twisting it clockwise with a screwdriver.

Pop-Up Sink Stopper

Now how you are going to re-install the sink stopper depends on the type of Pop-up you have.

If the sink stopper has been twisted out straight, you can simply put it back.  However, if it has been pulled out counterclockwise, twist the stopper to make it tighten.

Here are a few steps that depict how you can re-install the pop-up.

  • Step 1. The first step required is putting back the drain stopper to the sink.
  • Step 2. Now you have to wrench the pivot rod arm located in the drawer of the sink. This arm is attached to the sink drain.
    Ensure that you put back each component the same way as it was before otherwise, you will surely face issues in the future.
  • Step 3. Now make the screws tight by using a screwdriver or a plier.

Toe Touch Sink Stopper

Reinstalling Toe’s touch is quite simple and can be done easily.

  1. Step 1. To begin this process, you must have screwdrivers in your hands.
  2. Step 2. You have to screw the stopper of the toe touch clockwise to make it tighten.
  3. Step 3. Now with the help of a screwdriver, put the toe touch in the center opening.
  4. Step 4. Make sure the screw is inserted in its original place for which you can twist it clockwise. Now once again twist it clockwise after inserting the cap.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Still, confused about a few things? Let’s have a look at some commonly asked questions.

Can I Remove the Sink Stopper?

Yes, you can easily remove the sink stopper with the right tools in your hand. The entire method is mentioned above.

How to Clean Sink Drain from Hair?

With the help of vinegar and baking soda, you can get rid of all the hair. These two ingredients are best to remove different types of clogs.

How to Fix the Sink Stopper Mechanism?

Simply remove the sink stopper by following the above-mentioned steps and clean them fully. Sometimes the issue can be due to clogging that can be removed after deep cleaning.

Can You Replace the Stopper in A Sink?

Yes, whenever you install a new sink, you need to install a new stopper. You can easily remove the stopper with the right tools at home. After removing it, you can replace it with a new one.

Final Thoughts

I hope you got the answer to your query, about how to remove the sink stopper. You might be afraid and confused if you haven’t done it before but it is a simple process and does not need any professional.

I have mentioned a few easy steps for this purpose along with the cleaning and re-attaching of the sink stopper.

I hope this guide will help you perform this task easily at home in the future.

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