How to Clean and Maintain Water Dispensers Cooler

If you daily need fresh and hygienic water to drink then you must know how to clean water dispensers?

The process of self-cleaning the water bottle dispenser can be done just by following some easy steps. You have to understand the working mechanism of your water machine and its components. If you get the best water dispenser from the current market even then you must know how to clean water dispensers?

The manual guide of your water cooler may help you to understand how to assemble or disassemble its components. You can get clean water right under your fingertips just by following the step-by-step guide cited here.

Keeping the water clean with a water dispenser self-cleaning process will give your confidence to drink healthier water without any doubts. Here, I am providing you with a complete step-by-step guide without any water dispenser cleaner so that you will get daily fresh and clean water that you desire.

To ensure you are getting clean water, just continue reading this interesting short article:

Why Clean Water Dispenser

To keep water running smoothly in your water cooler, you must know how to clean water dispensers. If you get the exact idea of which components of your water dispenser should be thoroughly cleaned after every week then you will always get the tasty freshwater.

You may find some sort of grime or food remnants on the exterior surface of the dispenser. You can wipe out these surfaces routinely to look cleaner.

A great thing to do is to put more attention on the internal components of your water cooler. Water has to pass through these gears and you have to save them from mildew, bacteria, or any type of mineral deposits. It requires a deep cleaning process to stay them out of any dirt or germ.

Before you Get Started

First thing’s first, before going to do anything else, just unplug this electric machine. Now you have to decide upon the cleaning solution? You might be thinking of how to clean a water dispenser with vinegar? If you want hygienic drinking water then you should use vinegar instead of any type of bleach or any other cleaning solution.

You can directly consume the safe water from the dispenser after cleaning it with vinegar. Meanwhile, all the germs and bacteria will be removed from the interior surfaces of the components. You can just drain out simple water to reduce the effect of vinegar and straightaway get fresh and crispy water.

Things to Get Before Start

Further, you need the following tools ready before getting to start this process:

  • Scrubbing Brush
  • Wash Cloth
  • Gloves
  • Disinfecting Wipes
  • Cleaning Solution (Bleach, Vinegar, or any other Cleaner)
  • Screwdriver
  • Instruction Manual of your Unit

How to Clean Water Dispenser – Step-by-Step Guide

In order to explain the whole process in a better way, I am going to split the process into two parts. In the first step, you will get the idea of preparing the cleaning solution for your water dispenser. While, in the next phase, you will understand how to clean water dispensers with the help of that solution.

Now, let’s see how to clean the water dispenser with the help of these two phases:

Stage 1: Preparing the Solution

1. Pour one gallon of water into a bucket

You need to arrange a bucket with a handle because it should be easy to carry from one place to another. Fill this bucket with one-gallon water. Never try to mess with this situation and save your clothes and floor from water.

2. Make the vinegar solution

Add 1/3 gallon of white vinegar and mix it with water. You can add one or two tablespoons of lemon juice too in this water bucket. Mix the solution gently for a while.

Stage 2: Cleaning the Dispenser

1. Unplug the water cooler & remove the bottle

Make sure that you unplug this electronic device before starting cleaning it. After doing this, now bring that bucket of vinegar solution closer to your water dispenser.

2. Wet a sponge from the cleaning solution

You can also use a separate container of this cleaning solution for your ease. Just wet a sponge with this vinegar solution and start cleaning the inner surface of a water cooler. You can easily finish cleaning all with the surface within 2-5 minutes.

3. Rinse out the remaining cleaning solution

You have to drain out the remaining vinegar solution to clear all the dirt from an inner reservoir. If you are passing this vinegar solution to a cooler temperature then you should be gentle with it. Make sure that there is no smell or vinegar left behind in the reservoir.

4. Scrub the drip tray too

Must give attention to a drip tray. Many bacteria and germs are present in it too. Before returning to the water dispenser, just lift off the drip tray and clean it with vinegar solution. Scrub it well and dry it before placing it in a tighter space of drip tray.

5. Wash your hands, and dry the bottle

Now dry the bottle with any soft cloth or fresh towel. Must wash your hands before deploying the water bottle again on the dispenser.

6. Remove the cap and place the new bottle

Now remove the cap from a dispenser and place a sealed bottle on the water cooler. You will see the air bubbles on top of the water bottle.

7. Check that it works

Finally, fill a glass of water and taste it. There should be no unpleasant smell or taste in the water. Make it 100% sure that there is no vinegar taste left behind the water dispenser.

Understanding your Water Cooler

We must know how your water cooler works? You can read the manual guide of your water machine. Will get the best idea of the components and their working mechanism in detail. Can easily assemble and disassemble your water cooler with the help of this manual guide.

This information helps you in the self-cleaning water dispenser process. You can easily ready freshwater just by applying the above-mentioned easy steps. In order to get the precise answer of how to clean water dispensers, you can closely follow these above-mentioned steps which are applicable to most water coolers.

The Bottom Line

Thanks for reading this short informative guide! You might find some ways which use slightly different cleaning methods or maybe cleaning the interior surfaces water cooler with bleach or any other pro cleaning solution.

The process of self-cleaning water dispensers should be adopted to get fresh and hygienic water. If you are giving special attention to this item in your home you must also know the process of cleaning a water filter cartridge, this will keep you and your family safe from germs and specks of dirt.

Just read through this guide and follow these exact steps to get it right the first time!

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