How to Clean Stainlesss Steel Sink Easily at Your Home

Are you tired of making extra effort to clean stainless-steel sink?

As much as it is essential to keep the kitchen utensils and crockery clean, it is also crucial to keep the kitchen sink clean because stainless steel sinks are a bit difficult to maintain compared to other wood or stone sinks. On the other hand, dirty, smudgy, and rusted sinks give a real rough and unhygienic look to the whole kitchen plus the house. The stainless-steel kitchen sink is a top choice of modern homes as much as its overall outlook is fancy, and they come in various designs as per the requirement of house owners.

So to keep your kitchen sink shiny, bright, and tidy looking, we’ll guide you step by step on different effortless, cheap, and easy-to-do methods, which mostly can be done by just using your household ingredients to keep your sinks updated.

You should wash your sink every day with even just water or use a dishwashing soap/liquid every time you do the dishes or clean other kitchen utensils.

Ignoring this step might cause later for you to worry about the damage it is doing to your kitchen sink.

This is a must to keep in mind before going into the details related to the cleaning process of the kitchen sinks.

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Clean Stainless Steel Sinks

Here is a comprehensive guide on cleaning a stainless-steel sink and what homemade products are useful to clean it.

Step1: Rinsing the sink

To ensure the food particles and other grains are wiped off the sink, you must first begin with emptying and clearing up the kitchen counter for the extra utensils to be kept away.

Then you must rinse the sink simply with hot water but still if there are some remains of grain or food particles left you should let the hot water run for some time.

Step2: Coating the sink

After the rinse, you must use baking soda powder as this powder is of great help when it comes to cleaning surfaces, especially like the stainless-steel sink.

You’ll need to coat the sink with baking soda powder where you feel the grains and other stains are clearly visible, but keep in mind that it would be best to apply and coat the baking soda on a slightly damp sink so that it acts as a kitchen sink cleaner.

Step3: Using white vinegar and baking soda combo

Try using a combination of white vinegar and baking soda might do wonders to clean the hard water stains on the kitchen sink, and also it might help to unclog drains. So, once you have applied vinegar and soda together, it will start to create a bubble form.

You could also use a spray bottle to spray the mixture of white vinegar onto the sink, which will ease the procedure because vinegar contains dense acid content that cleans greasy, oily stains from the sink and other parts of the house.

Safety Precaution!

‘‘While using baking soda, make sure you wear gloves to cover your hands as baking soda contains chemicals that might dry up your skin.’’

Step4: Scrubbing the sink

Since your kitchen sink is soaked in baking soda, the next part is grabbing a sponge or a scrubber to begin the scrubbing process. To start with scrubbing, make sure you’re not using a real harsh and strong scrubber because there will be a chance that it might scratch the sink, leaving a few marks on it. Instead, go for a soft and spongy scrubbing material to scrub the applied coat of baking soda.

Additional Benefit!

 ‘‘Squeezing a lemon by cutting it into two halves and scrubbing over the coated sink might add a little extra benefit to remove the streaks and stains from the stainless steel sink.’’

Step5: Rinse the sink

Now, when the sink is all coated with baking soda and white vinegar, it is time to rinse up the kitchen sink. Before beginning with a rinse. you must keep the baking soda and vinegar coat applied to the sink for almost 3-5 minutes to ensure that it sits nicely on it.

You must rinse the sink with warm water so the applied coating wears off.

Step6: Drying the sink

After rinsing the sink, you must dry the sink using either a dry towel or a soft microfiber cloth so that there will be no streaks marks left on the stainless steel sink.

To prevent the sink from streak marks, you should use a soft towel rather than a harsh towel or cloth.

Step7: Adding some extra buff

Olive oil is a great option to add a little extra shine and make the kitchen sink look polished.

Apply a few drops of olive into the kitchen sink, making sure that it is only a few drops because the sink might look greasy. Make sure you don’t apply olive oil to the handle or faucet, as it’ll also make your hands all greasy.

Now you have your all-clean and shiny sink that is safe from all the food particles and stains!

Following are some pros and cons to clean stainless steel sink

Best Practices to Follow:

  • It would be best to always wipe in the direction of the stainless-steel grain.
  • Always remove the stains using a baking soda paste.
  • You should always wipe down the kitchen utensils and appliances with a microfiber cloth every time you do the dishes.
  • It would be best to use lemon juice for the sink stains as it acts as a natural stain cleaner.
  • You can always use a Scotch-Brite pad to scrub away the stains, as it makes scrubbing effortless.
  • Drying your kitchen sink regularly every time you use it will prevent rust from occurring.
  • Try using rubber gloves to prevent your skin from getting dry and damaged.

Keep In Mind:

  • Always avoid using a steel wool pad on your sink to prevent it from rust and corrosion.
  • Never leave washing cloth and towel or other material and clean sink faucet as it may cause the surface to be dull.
  • Avoid cleaning pads soaking in the sink in water as it could also lead to discoloration of the surface.


By keeping all the above points and guidelines in mind, now it’ll be easier to maintain your kitchen.

And we hope that this article will surely help you find ways to clean your stainless-steel sink with ease.

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