How to Clean Hard Water Stains on Tiles – 4 Easy Ways

Are you looking for the best way to clean hard water stains on tiles? Most homeowners overlook the hard water stains on tile or might not notice this important home cleaning process.

Cleaning tiles are ignored because there are many other cleaning tasks in every home. You are giving preference to your living room cleanings or your luxurious appliances.  This cleaning process is the last priority in most homes.

The limescale buildup is an extremely important aspect as it is growing up more quickly in hard water areas. You may lose the shine of your floor and wall tiles if you are not taking care of these things properly. These hard water stains on tile can be removed with the best commercial tile stain remover.

You have the option to read the best tips and advice here in this short guide to complete this cleaning task with a DIY attitude. You will find 4 effective ways to remove all the water stains on tile.

Just read on to get rid of limescale and water stain on tile without any trouble!

What Causes Hard Water Stains?

Hard water causes most of the stains and limescale build-up. It can be on your floors, walls, or inside tiles. You may also face slow water pressure in faucets just because of this hard water limescale.

These types of stains may damage your home appliances and cause a headache in your cleaning procedures. If you are living in hard water areas then you have to figure out these things. The limescale can be increased all the time due to the mineral content of the water in these hard water areas.

Over time, these messes will build up to a greater extent and will damage your tiles. Moreover, as these stains get older, they will become more difficult to remove from common areas of your wall and floor tiles.

Clean Hard Water Stains on Tile – 4 Effective Methods

The hard water stains buildup more quickly on the bathroom floor and wall tiles than soft water stains. You may try different cleaning methods to treat these tougher stains. If you don’t get the worth of these methods then you have to choose the most appropriate process for this purpose.

If you live in an area where you are dealing with hard water then you might notice that water pressure may be reduced because of cloudy stains and limescale build-up. You may also face these messes on your bathroom walls specifically in common areas.

It’s time to treat these muddles, let’s move on to the actual process:

Vinegar and Baking Soda

The most effective ingredients to remove hard water stains on floor and wall tiles are vinegar and baking soda. You need to mix these two recipes in an equal amount. Just make a paste and get ready to apply it to the affected areas.

This combo mixture works effectively on these types of stains. You should directly apply on tiles and grout with any towel or sponge. Always rub it on circular motions; brush can be fine for this purpose too. It will loosen all the stains from the surface.

The scene might look bad here but if you rinse the entire area with clean water after 10 minutes then you will see the magic. All the messes have been effectively removed and you get your grout tiles clean and tidy.

Vinegar Soak

Another effective way to clean water stains on porcelain tile is by soaking the affected area with vinegar. Start soaking this area with a brush or sponge and leave it for the next five minutes.

You can also use a towel or cloth to soak it with vinegar and apply it to the stained zone. Here again, you need to stay in this vinegar for the next five to ten minutes.

Just wipe the messy area or rinse with excessive clean water to clear all the things. This active process will also remove every water stain on tile and give you a shiny bright look on your bathroom tiles.

Hydrochloric Acid

You can also trust any commercial product that contains hydrochloric acid. Must read the instructions carefully on its product description label before applying this substance on any surface.

This product can be filled in a spray bottle and a bunch of sprays should be applied to affected areas. Allow this substance to do its work effectively and leave all the messes for 10 minutes.

Now get rid of this acid by rinsing the excessive amount of clean water. Make it 100% sure to clear all the acid from the surface. You can dry clean the surface with a wipe or towel in this scenario.

Always keep the room ventilated because these types of substances produce dangerous fumes. Use all the protective measures for your safety.

Micro-Abrasive Cleaner

A micro-abrasive cleaning product can also be used for this purpose. This process is almost similar again. You can mix the abrasive powder and water in an equal amount to make a paste. Now apply this paste to the area where stain and limescale are growing up.

You have to leave the situation for a bit longer time. This mildly abrasive powder will slowly express its results.

Finally, rinse this paste with clean water and dry the area with a towel or ventilation fan to completely remove this cleaner.

Bonus Tricks

If you have gone through this whole guide and effectively remove all the hard water stains on the tile, still you should read the following tricks carefully to make this process more operative. Check out these extra tips:

  • You can prevent stains by rinsing your bathroom tiles with clean water straight away after every bath.
  • Just treat the limescale or mineral buildup with lemon juice. This acid is the most effective ingredient for this purpose.
  • If you are using any commercial product, always read its description label and use protective gear for your safety.
  • Wipe out the stains with a wet cloth or towel as you notice any newer stain.
  • If you are cleaning natural stone tiles then try to avoid acidic cleaners. This will damage the surface of the tiles.
  • Always use a softer brush to scrub the tiles.

The Bottom Line

I hope that you will get rid of all the frustrating stains and hard water spots on your tiles. It is possible to treat all limescale from tiles naturally with homemade cleaning solutions. The water spots on porcelain tile can also be removed by adopting any of the above-mentioned procedures.

To clean floor and wall tiles, you can gently scrub these messes with any commercial stain remover for tile floors but if you are removing hard water stains from shower tiles or any other portion of the bathroom with a homemade solution then you can efficiently deal with these tougher stains.

Using the best mop for cleaning on daily basis on these types of floors helps see less of these damages.

Depending on how hard these stains are buildup on your tiles, you can choose any of the above-mentioned methods on your own and I am confident that your preferred method will work effectively.

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