Bathroom Flooring Ideas 2023: 12 Awesome Options to Try

Bathroom Flooring Ideas 2022 12 Awesome Options to Try

Are you looking for the best bathroom flooring ideas?

Renovating your bathroom surely deserves your attention because it is one of the highly used places in your house.

Various ideas might be circulating in your mind, but you are unable to make the final choice. Isn’t it? Your washroom adds value to your house, so it should have a style statement that everyone impresses with.

From material to color selection to tiles, you have to manage everything on point. If you are confused regarding different bathroom flooring ideas, this guide will fully accommodate you.

Whether you have a bathroom vinyl flooring or you want to change the bathroom laminate flooring, you can bring creativity and make it worth appreciating. How? It is what we will discuss in this guide.

Top 12 Trending Bathroom Flooring Ideas

These ideas are taken after deep and thorough research so that you can select any for your washrooms. I have kept in mind the latest trend so that you can go with the flow.

The bathroom flooring is done at an early stage, so these bathroom floor tiles ideas will surely help you to have the most eye-catchy washroom. Let’s get started.

1. Large Format Washroom Tiles

If you want to renovate your shower tiles, you should get your hands on large format washroom tiles that enhance the space and make room for more designs.

A large format tile doesn’t require a lot of grout lines, so you can go for non-sanded grouts. Moreover, they do not need to be sealed after installation.

large format Washroom Tiles

You can go for neutral shades for shower tiles that can also match the shower surface. I would highly recommend using porcelain floor tiles if your washroom is small.

These tiles can easily handle heavy foot traffic and are also the best option for commercial areas, so you can safely consider them for your shower tiles.

It is one of the inexpensive bathroom flooring options you can go for.

2. Create Versatility with Mosaics Tiles

Bringing versatility to your washroom tiles is the best idea that you can oft for. If you want to surprise anyone with beautiful and eye-catchy tiles, you can’t get a better option than mosaic tiles.

They are completely cost-effective and also easy to install without putting extra effort. Amazingly you have hundred of color options and material options to choose from.

Mosaics Tiles for bathroom floors

You can create the borders with the black version of these tiles. To create mosaics tile, a tessera tile is used that is created mostly in a square shape. For any interior design, the mosaic tile would be the best choice.

3. Wood with Porcelain Washroom Design

Who wouldn’t love to add wood in the washroom that gives a warm feel and quite looks natural?

You might have noticed that in a few washrooms, porcelain wood-effect tiles have been installed that have been started producing recently by the manufacturers.

They are completely waterproof and best to be used in washrooms.

Wood with Porcelain Washroom Design

Moreover, they are made of high-quality material, so do not worry about any damage or scratch.

Porcelain tile flooring is hard to cut down as you need special tools for this purpose, but they are durable and maintained for a long time.

4. Marble is the Best Option

Have you ever seen a washroom with marbles, making the interior impeccable? Yes, marbles are the best choice to be installed in washrooms as they have a light finish that goes best for white sanitary ware.

It gives you a luxury feel and is always trendy for every season.

Marble bathroom floor

The best thing about using marbles is their versatility as you can place them anywhere in the washroom without thinking twice. You can install them on shower walls, sinks, countertops, etc.

Hence, it is another great idea that you can opt for if you looking forward to renovating your washrooms.

5. Terrazzo Floor Tiles Trend

Terrazzo floor tiles are not new but it has been in trend for quite some time so you can consider them for your washrooms.

It is a versatile material that is composed of precast marble while the base is made of epoxy resin or cement. It comprises different variants so the price depends on the variant that you will choose.

Terrazzo Floor Tiles for bathroom

However, talking about today’s flooring, it is the most durable one and doesn’t provide any damage or stain to the surface. The popularity of this material is increasing with time so why not go for it?

If you are looking for bathroom floor ideas DIY, this one is not fit in this regard.

6. Encaustic Concrete Tiles

What about adding encaustic concrete tiles to your washroom floors?

Using handmade tiles on the surface brings another level of beauty while encaustic tiles are composed of concrete and the patterns are from mineral pigments.

Since the 19th century, these tiles are being used and with time have gained popularity.

Concrete Tiles

As far as the installation is concerned, they are completely easy to install but you should be a bit careful while installing to avoid any damage.

You need to seal these tiles so that you can maintain the look of tiles that you want. Hence, it is another amazing idea that you can opt for. Patterned bathroom floor tiles are another great option.

7. High-Performance Porcelain Versions

With the rise in encaustic tiles, a few manufacturers started developing porcelain versions that proved to be a great idea for washroom floors.

The depth of colors they provide makes these tiles stand out. They are moisture-resistant and can easily be installed in washrooms.

High-Performance Porcelain

They are more durable and have a long life as compared to other tiles. moreover, with little care, you can enhance their life span. It doesn’t require sealing after installation which is another major advantage.

As far as cleaning is involved, you do not need to put extra effort.

8. Paint Your Washroom Floor

Are you looking for inexpensive bathroom flooring options? What about going for paint instead of tiles?

It is also not a bad idea to follow. It not only saves your wooden floorboards but also adds value and color to the environment making it eye-catchy.

Now the question arises which type of paint you should choose to paint your washrooms?

Paint Your Washroom Floor

Well, go for a paint that is durable and doesn’t start peeling off soon. Before applying paint, ensure to peel off the previous one, and to check the durability, apply the paint on a small portion first.

Once you are satisfied, go ahead with the selected one. The surface should be completely dry before applying the paint and once you are done, make an even finish with a roller.

9. Bathroom Vinyl Flooring

Let’s move toward the Vinyl bathroom flooring ideas which is another durable option you can avail of.

We all know that vinyl tiles are the most durable that can last for almost 20 years if you properly take care of them. They are slip-resistant and waterproof so you won’t face any difficulty after installing them.

Bathroom Vinyl Flooring

Moreover, you can find a wide range of vinyl designs in the market and choose according to your requirement and desire. From stone to plains to wood, you can go for anyone.

They definitely attract anyone and can be a great addition to your house. Hence, if you want something outstanding and worth appreciating, go ahead with this one.

10. Subtle Shades of the Natural Stone

Keeping everything natural is another great idea that you can consider in order to make your washroom luxurious and impeccable.

To keep the backdrop simple yet sophisticated, you can opt for subtle shades of natural stone. Yes, you do need sealing in order to keep the marble stain-free.

shades of natural stone

It doesn’t make the surface slippery and keeps you hooked with the natural and elegant design.

This one is my personal favorite idea so spend a little on your washroom floors and enjoy the results for maximum time.

11. Monochromatic Floor Tiles

Those who do not want to keep things simple and want something bold and classy can go for monochromatic floor tiles.

For this look, all it needs is a huge amount of grey, white and black color designs. There is so much depth and flow in the designs of monochromatic tiles that you can’t resist praising them.

Monochromatic Floor Tiles

You can check various monochromatic design ideas including a vertical ombre that is ideal for vertical space.

You can also add various eye-catchy colors in order to make your tiles colorful yet elegant. Moreover, you can check the Moroccan Fish Scale Ombre which gives another level of vibes.

You can also add this type of tiles to all washroom surfaces for a completely different yet beautiful look. Hence, it is another bathroom floor idea on a budget that you should try if you planning for a renovation.

12. Trendy Bespoke Patterns

Let’s move towards the last and one of the worth recommending ideas that make your plain tiles wonderful and gorgeous. If you want something graphic, bespoke is the best choice.

bespoke patterns for bathroom floors

They are durable and also available at a budget-friendly price. Moreover, they keep the surface less slippery and are completely water-resistant.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

So those were the best ideas that we have listed after deep analysis. Now, let’s move ahead and discuss the frequently asked questions for your understanding.

What Is the Best Flooring to Lay in A Bathroom?

Talking about the most popular ones, porcelain tiles and ceramic top the charts. Both are the ideal choice for your washroom floor tiles as they are durable and water-resistant as well.

Moreover, you have various colors and design options so you can choose according to your desire.

What Can I Use on The Bathroom Floor Instead of Tiles?

There are many alternatives to tiles including natural wood, vinyl flooring, concrete floors, laminate floors, etc. You have many options in this regard that you can avail yourself of.

What Is the Easiest Flooring to Lay in A Bathroom?

Vinyl tiles are easiest to install and can be done as a DIY project. They are also made of high-quality material and enhance the beauty and add value.

Hence, if you are looking for one that is easy to install, go with Vinyl tiles.

How Can I Cover My Bathroom Floor Cheaply?

If you are low on budget yet want your washrooms to look stand out, you can choose high-quality paints that look good and are durable as well.

Other than paints, you can choose peel and stick vinyl tiles that are cheap and easy to install at home. You can also opt for waterproof laminate flooring.

What Type of Flooring Is Not Slippery?

Non-slip vinyl flooring is best as it maintains the balance and lets you have a firm grip on the water surface as well. It also stands for heavy foot traffic and is the most durable one.

What Is the Best Flooring for A Small Bathroom?

For small washrooms, go for ceramic and porcelain tiles. They are easy to install and they also enhance the space and look elegant in small places.


For washrooms, always go for tile flooring instead of opting for the alternative. Tiles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs and look best and eye-catchy.

However, if you can’t afford tiles, you can also go for vinyl flooring and rubber flooring as mentioned above.

If you are planning different ideas for your washrooms then this guide will completely help you out in this process. I have tried to mention different yet trendy ideas that might fulfill your wants and needs.

These ideas have been taken after deep searching to ease your confusion. It also involved budget-friendly ideas for those who can’t afford to invest a lot in washroom flooring.

However, whatever you choose should be durable and non-slip so that you won’t need to change the tile now and then.

I hope this guide will accommodate you in the future and solves your confusion regarding bathroom flooring Ideas.

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