Bath Planet vs Bath Fitter vs Rebath: Which One is Better?

Bath Planet vs Bath Fitter vs Rebath

Are you looking for the best brand for an extensive bathroom remodel? In this article, we will compare Bath Planet vs Bath Fitter vs Rebath to find which one is best for our project.

All these companies provide innovative solutions with high-quality materials and quick performance on a budget. Bath Planet promises to take only one day to transform your bathroom into a brand new spa-like space.

Re-Bath provides full bathroom remodels and simple, convenient upgrades, while Bath Fitter is well-known for its quick installation of all bathroom accessories.

Let us learn about these brands in detail and find which one you need.

Comparing Bath Planet vs Bath Fitter vs Rebath

Bath Fitter

Bath Fitter is a well-known company which was originated in 1984. They have experience in acrylic showers, bathtubs, and bathroom remodeling.

Their main specialization is in bathtub and shower installation, while they provide custom solutions to their customers. If you have to remodel your bathroom, they may not provide the best professionals.

Bath Fitter Company

To install an acrylic bathtub or any acrylic product in your bathroom, you can select Bath Fitter. They provide these products with all the needs that you require.

Acrylic material is highly malleable, which is the best thing about it. So, it can be formed as required. This material is used in all bathrooms with safety accessories and other improvements.

Bath Planet

As it originated in 1999, this is a relatively new brand. The originators of this company felt that the customers need urgent solutions to remodel their bathrooms.

When the company understood that people needed quick bathroom remodeling solutions, they decided to work hard to provide customers with quick services.

They are popular for their conversion services and are the best in converting showers into the tub. They are also good at remodeling showers and baths.


This company was started in 1978, so it is the oldest company of these three. The originators of this company specially focused on wall systems and bath liners. At that time, there were a few competitors in the market, so Rebath got a chance to grow quickly.

They provide bathroom remodeling services and offer the best tools and knowledge to fix bathroom accessories’ problems. They also provide products like showers, faucets, and other fixtures.

You can select any of these companies if you want bathroom remodeling solutions. It depends on the kind of problem that you are hiring the company for. If you have a considerable budget and want to do a full bathroom remodel, Rebath is best for you.


Here are some best options available if you are searching for other competitors:


Bathwraps are popular for providing various shower solutions. They also offer disability solutions and custom bath fixtures.

Luxury Bath Technologies

They offer quick remodeling services and complete the project in one day. Their professionals provide the best services.

They also deliver the best luxurious and high-quality products. You should select this brand if you can afford to spend more on these superior products.


MaxHome company has recently entered into the market but has got popularity quickly. They pay special attention to customer service and ask for feedback about their work.

Selecting Bath Planet, Rebath, or Bath Fitter

Most homeowners want to change the look of their bathroom. Some think that a bottom-up change can be possible by spending more money. The issue can be fixed by choosing the best option.

This is the reason that these companies should be considered. Rather than remodeling it completely, they provide a wide range of affordable solutions. However, this does not mean that a remodel should not be done.

Bath Planet Company

If you do it with an experienced professional, you will be surprised by the outstanding results. Remodeling can change the entire look of your bathroom, but if you spend too much money on it.

If these services are not affordable, you must look for other solutions. For example, Bath Fitters provide services to improve efficiency and appearance. They are also best at converting the tub into the shower, so there is no need to remodel the space.

Rebath Company

Hiring local contractors can also solve the problem if your tiles are in bad condition. Remember, the remodeling process also takes time and high costs. Many companies offer remodeling in one day but are also very expensive.

What are the Charges to Hire Rebath or Bathfitters?

The cost depends on what type of product or which service out of bath fitters or bath you use. Bathtub liners are the most well-known choice, so we will take their estimate in this article.

The cost of the liner lies between $1400 – $1800. Its low-cost options are also available, costing you $800, but they are not suggested. The low-quality liners can leak after using a few times, so they are not a reliable solution.

The cost to install the liner professionally should also be known. An expert’s expected installation rate is $2000 – $2100. If your tub’s location is the corner in a bathroom, you will also think about covering the wall area surrounding the bathtub.

The wall surrounding will also cost you more, and if the wall is in damaged condition, you will need to repair it first. In this way, repairing will also increase the cost. The best option is to ask a local contractor to visit the area before, giving you an estimation.

Buying Materials

You can save money in a few steps. Acrylic bath liner is the most durable and affordable option; that’s why they are the most popular. Its cleanliness is also easy.

Another great option is PVC. Its cost is less than acrylic, so its demand is high. But, it’s less durable than acrylic and other solid surface polymers.

Solid surface polymer is resistant to scratches, and you can choose it for your bathtub. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is also a high-quality liner; you can select it.

Football helmets are made from this material that is so durable that the high force of football cannot damage them. ABS is used in plenty of products for customer services.

Disadvantages of Getting in Bathtub Liners

  • Purchasing bathtub liners also have some drawbacks.
  • It’s affordable, and you must spend less on the bathtub liner than on refinishing it.
  • You should remember one thing during its installation: it should perfectly fit into the tub. If a minor problem occurs, the liner will leak.
  • Cracked caulking is also responsible for water leakage. And this is the biggest drawback of a bathtub liner. The more worsened case is when the mold grows due to the leakage.
  • Over time, the mold will turn into an unpleasant odor. Besides caulking, the liner is also prone to cracking, so changing the whole thing is a serious problem.
  • Adding liner into a small-sized bathroom will be difficult because it increases the tub size to a few inches. Most homeowners are careful about choosing colors, and liners come in only a few shades.

Which is the Best Choice – Bathtub Liners or Refinishing?

Cheap bathtubs are available with a small difference in cost. This is why many homeowners like to replace the whole bathtub. But, replacing the bathtub will cost you more money because you will first remove the old one and then install the new one.

Most people like to purchase a bathtub liner or refinish it to get rid of this problem. Professionals first sand the tub so the old coating can be removed, then apply the new finish. This way, all the damages, imperfections, scratches, and chemicals are removed.

Bathtub Liners

The new coating is applied to it using a spray, and a shiny finish refreshes the tub like new. That’s why it is referred to as bathtub glazing by many people. So, it’s a cost-effective option than installing a bathtub liner. The total cost becomes $300 along with the labor cost.

The color and design options are few, but DIY kits are also available, making the refinishing task easy. Hiring a professional for this purpose is better because they know the exact method.

Prices of Bathtub Replacement

It would be best to consider many things like other home renovation projects when you have to replace a bathtub. The most important thing that should be considered is the bathtub.

Bathtubs are available in different types, and their costs vary depending on size and type. The most commonly used option is fiberglass; its price is $200. Cast-iron is best for you if you like medium-sized options. Their prices are nearly $500 – $600.

Bathtub Replacement

However, marble is better if you can afford it and want a graceful option. Its cost is nearly $1500. The style of the bathtub must also be considered. Compared to other bathtub types, Whirlpool is the most costly one.

Also, keep in mind the cost of labor. These are some things that must be kept in mind before considering replacing a bathtub. Before making any decision, it’s important to compare these options.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that people ask about Bath Planet vs Bath Fitter vs Rebath:

Differentiate Between Bath Fitter and Rebath?

Both Rebath and Bath Fitter brands deliver innovative solutions for remodeling bathrooms. Rebath provides simple accessibility improvements, tub installation, and bathroom remodeling, while Bath Fitter installs shower, bathtub, and other accessories quickly.

What is More Inexpensive than Bath Fitter?

Acrylic options are far more costly than PVC vinyl liners, so you can select PVC vinyl liners, saving $300 – $500. Fiberglass liners are cheaper than PVC vinyl in the market and will cost you as low as $200.

Are Bath Fitters Products Good?

From 37 reviews, the consumer rating shows only 2.32 stars, which shows customers are unsatisfied with Bath Fitters products. Mostly, they complain about the unsatisfactory service. The rank of Bath Fitters is 115th among all the bathroom sites.

What are the Complete Details of Bath Fitter Prices?

The Bath Fitter shower liner and tub range from $1000 to $10000, but most people pay only around $3000. The expected rate to replace a tub is $1000 – $ 5400. The pricing of Bath Fitter indicates that it can be a great remodeling alternative.

Does Bath Fitter Replace Faucets?

Bath Fitter replaces hand-held showers, stylish faucets, and multipurpose showerheads.

Final Thoughts

This article compares the three most popular brands, Bath Planet vs. Bath Fitter vs. Rebath. They provide the best services for bathroom remodeling and offer different high-quality products and solutions. You have to select one of these brands according to your needs.

You can choose Rebath if you need a walk-in tub with additional safety features. Bath Fitter is a good option to update your shower, bathtub, ceiling, or other accessories. Bath Planet is popular for completing its remodeling process in one day.

However, you have to spend more on the services of the companies that offer quick installation.

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