Why You Should Be Thinking About Summer Improvements Now

Why You Should Be Thinking About Summer Improvements Now

It’s a given that most of us are daydreaming about warmer weather once the leaves start to fall. However, fall and winter can actually be the absolute best time to start gearing up for next summer’s home improvements. Things like getting your garden ready, extending the life of your pool, buying a grill, and even fun summer DIYs are great fall and winter time projects. Let’s walk through some benefits to starting your summer vacation early.

“Off Season” Items Get a Huge Discount

Items like lawn mowers, grills, and even cookware are bargains during the fall and winter months. Start thinking about what you’d like to do with your lawn and garden during the frosty months because any “out of season” supplies are likely to receive a hefty price chop. Seeds, planters, gardening equipment, and even some plants will be sold at a fraction of the normal price. Also, any items needed for outdoor living spaces (like chairs, fire pits, and garden boxes) should be on your checklist as well. If entertaining outdoors is a dream of yours, you can definitely achieve it at a much lower price during this time of year. Not to mention, tons of these products will get an even larger discount around Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Summer Activities Can Be Extended Year-Round

Fall is actually the best time to install and remodel pools and spas. Costs will go down this time of year and pool contractors won’t be in the same demand that they are during the summer time. This means that installers can focus on your project and get it done faster. If you wait until the warmer months you’ll have a chunk of your swimming time that is already gone just because of the installation process. Cheaper options also mean cost-effective heated pool kits as well. So, if you already have a pool, but would like to use it year round there is no better time to beef up your swimming experience. Instead of wondering if you’ll be able to afford a pool or spa during the summer, do some research to see the best deals that you can get now.

You Can Stop Bugs from Getting Into Your Home

Pretty much every home has to deal with pests of some kind during the summer. So, now is your chance to prepare before it’s too late. Seal up any cracks on the outside of your home, including doors. This will seal up any entry ways for bugs to enter, but will also stop cold air from leaking inside. You can also prepare your windows in this same way by using a sealant, like caulk, or buy some cheap weather strips that will close up any holes just as easily. One more thing to do is check out any plants and bushes around your home. Nasty spiders love to live in these dark places during the summer. Once it is cold enough you can trim away excess leaves (which will help your shrubs grow better in the spring) and spray some bug repellent to make those creepy crawlers not want to come back.

Old Items Can Be Sold or Reused Next Summer

Go through your summer items and see what could possibly be refurbished for more use and what needs to be gotten rid of. Instead of throwing away some still useable items, think about having an “end of season” garage sale. This way you can start saving up for some of those new summer items you might have your eye on. On the other hand, if you want to save some money yourself, check out local thrift stores to see what kinds of outdoor furniture could easily be made new with a little TLC.  Some fun summer DIYs might be just what you need to cure yourself of some winter boredom.

Shield Your Deck and Home from Harsh Weather

Although many people power wash and seal their paint or outdoor area during the summer, it is really better to get this done before the worst weather hits. Even if you do this every year, constant sun and just overall usage over the summer can weaken sealants leaving them vulnerable at the most inopportune time. Take some extra time to give your home a bath before it starts to freeze. When spring comes around your home will be looking good as new. Do the same with your outdoor patio and deck areas. Not only will they be looking clean, but there won’t be any decay from water damage either.

This is a guest post written by Trisha Miller.

Photo Credits: Corey Templeton, Flickr

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