10 Easy Welding Projects for Newbie DIYers

10 Easy Welding Projects for Newbie DIYers

Are you looking to improve your welding skills? You need to practice various welding projects, from easy ones to more challenging welding tasks, at least once to become a real professional in this trade.

Whether you want to take this ability as your occupation or like to learn this skill just as a hobby, you must read all the easy welding project ideas in this informative article to become an expert welder for small projects.

Stay tuned to learn the best DIY beginner welding projects.

Welding Project Ideas for Newbie DIYers

Before starting work on welding projects, you need to learn this art. It will help you do these DIYers’ tasks comfortably and earn some money.

Here we have brought 10 easy welding ideas for you which will help you to improve your skills:

Have a closer look at each welding idea and practice it in your free time:

Rustic Planter VaseRustic Planter Vase

Begin with simple welding projects with a rustic look. You can put scrap steel and use a plasma cutter or grinder to make a practical planter vase.

It is better to draw a cut list and mark the metal on both sides to prepare it for welding.


You will get sharp edges because of the excellent plasma cutter. Now the bottom caps have to be welded to get a square frame.

The metal face needs to be polished to clean up its surface. The overall appearance would be great if you left a slightly rusted look on the metal faces.

Rustic Planter Vase of steel

The whole process hardly takes 2 hours or less for a beginner DIYer. Try this metal welding project and practice it for a week or so.

Horseshoe Puzzle WeldingHorseshoe Puzzle Welding

If you like puzzles, try classic horseshoe welding projects to practice your skills.

It would help if you practiced these metal rings to create horseshoes or many homemade puzzles to improve your small welding project skills.


It is hard to craft a ring with manual welding gadgets. You must know how to create a circle with a diameter.

It looks hard to make this ring, but once you have learned this skill, I can guarantee that it will take 2 minutes to complete a single welding ring.

Horseshoe Puzzle as welding project

If you successfully learn these things, it will become easy to create a chain to connect these rings. The angle grinder is another great gadget to precisely cut the angles of rings and do this task accurately like a pro welder.

Corner DeskCorner Desk

You can utilize your home space with a corner desk space-saver. It is extremely easy to create a metal frame in the corners of your living rooms and utilize the space.

Of course, you have to make a wooden table or frame on top of the metal frame to create a desktop. Any circular saw is great for cutting these wooden corner tables.


To start with, you have to measure the dimensions of tabletops in a straight line to cut them precisely later. Get the corners rounded to fit this wooden top from the metal frame.

Connect all the wood gears and finish the tabletop with any shiny varnishing solution.

Corner Desk as Welding project

Now cut down the leg steels and install rebar to length. It is better to clean all the rust from the rebar before welding them in any corner.

Now create a better corner of steel legs; use a degreaser to blend the corners precisely.

Now attach the steel legs to a wooden table. You can create 4 holes to add bolts in each leg to fix them tighter in their place.

Hanging ShelvesHanging Shelves

Another great idea to learn the basics of welding projects is to create a hanging shelf for any location in your home. These are great welding projects to sell and earn money with these easy welding crafts.


You can easily create a modern industrial look even if you are a newbie in this arena. The hanging shelf brackets are made quickly with any metal cutting tool.

Hanging Shelves as a welding project

You need to create a flat bar and two or three square stock pieces. These square stock will be welded with a flat bar and a spacer to be fixed on it to align all the attachments.

You can add plastic or wooden shelves to this metal frame. Must hang them on a level and screw them to tighten everything.

Welding a Simple Metal BoxWelding a Simple Metal Box

You can start your welding journey by making a simple metal box. These are great things to weld and sell for beginner welders. If you add a locking latch on it, it will become doubly valuable.


Initially, you have to cut all the metal parts on the horizontal bandsaw. The 90-degree magnet helps all these metal parts to be attached. Once you have tacked up all the pieces, use an angle grinder to build the metal box.

iron Table as welding projects

You have to connect inside or outside nuts to make a hinge wisely. You have to click two outside nuts to the back and similarly the two inside nuts to the top to create a perfect metal box.

Now create a locking latch of your favorite design and attach it to a metal box to complete cool welding projects.

Simple Welding TableSimple Welding Table

You can learn welding techniques by crafting a simple table in your workshop. This functional table is a great utility item in your own home as well.


You need straight metal pieces to build a steel frame for a table. You can connect these metal pieces in equal spaces on this metal frame.

These flat bars should be placed and fixed horizontally on the frame for the durability of the welding table.

Simple Metal Box as welding projects

Now, this metal frame should be covered with a wooden top. This wood should be durable enough so that you can place any heavy object on this metal and wooden table.

Metal Shoe RackMetal Shoe Rack

This is another productive item for any home and is considered an awesome welding project idea. You can arrange any cheap metal pieces for this purpose.

You just need to weld them together to form a shoe gadget in your home.


If you find extra metal pieces, collect them in a single place. It requires two or three straight frames and two side stand to create a shoe rack.

The consecutive frames should be robust enough to hold all the pairs of shoes in your home. The standing shelves have straight edges together.

Metal Shoe Rack as welding projects

Another great idea for the shoe rack is collecting all the horseshoes and joining them to form a metal ring on any wall or frame. This will help you to hang your shoes on this customize metal chain.

Weld A BarbequeWeld A Barbeque

You will definitely love the barbeque welding idea here! It is as easy as welding a simple metal table.

We all know that barbeque fame never needs to support a heavy load, so you can compromise on metal quality and construction here.


You need solid ground with protective gears to weld a barbeque metal frame. To start with, you need to make a frame for the grill. The heat reflector or ash catcher is also connected to this frame.

Barbeque grill as welding projects

Now craft solid legs of this metal box at your preferred height. Use a metal band saw to accurately cut these legs according to your preferred size. Now build a mesh tray to hold the charcoal in this frame.

Welded Picture FrameWelded Picture Frame

A square picture frame with a shiny finish is another great welding project idea for you. You just need basic welding skills to complete this welding project as well.


The welded mild steel frame is an ideal option for you. Even though you can use various materials to construct picture frames, just connect four sides of metal bars with each other to form a square box.


Welded Frame for picture as welding projectsThe inner frame is associated with the picture and tightly closed from its back. The front side of the picture frame should be displayed with the image. You can also paint this frame to add more beauty to your picture.

Wine Bottle HolderWine Bottle Holder

Finally, you can also create a floating chain lying around the wine bottle to hold it securely. It just takes an hour to complete this welding project for any beginner DIYer.


You can improve your welding skills by crafting a chain to hold the wine bottle. This solid bottle holder can be connected to any table or shelve as per your requirements.

You can create your own steel chain in a circle and weld all the links together. This chain needs to be fixed at a 90-degree angle perpendicular to its base to hold the wine bottle.

Wine Bottle Holder as welding projects

Now arrange the chain on the table and weld this chain in circle form. You can place any empty wine bottle to check how the bottle holder works.

The dangling end should also be welded with the surface for perfect grip. If you feel the chain is rusty, just give it a quick paint session for a newer look.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Build as A Welder?

You can safely build all types of metal projects. According to projects, you have to improve your welding skills to become a professional welder.

But if you are a beginner, you have to practice this art on a variety of scrap welding projects to get experience.

What Can I Weld and Sell?

You can weld any metal enterprise and sell it on any forum to earn money. You can create horseshoe puzzles, glowing flowers, lighting frames, décor boxes, utility frames, and similar metal projects.

What Can I Make with Welding?

You can earn money from small welding projects from scrap, furniture welding projects, and other similar jobs.

But before starting this career, you have to learn this skill by practicing on welding projects for beginners.

How Much Should I Charge to Weld?

Well, the answer to this query is not fixed. It depends on your skill level and welding result; still, the national hourly rate for any welding service is $65 to $125.

What Metal Is Not Welded?

You can’t weld aluminum or stainless steel materials with a straightforward technique. They can’t be fusion welded and require a different method to weld these materials.

Now You Are Prepared

Absolutely, you are now ready for metal projects to practice this art. I have tried to improve your understanding of beginner welding projects.

This short guide will surely help you out on easy welding projects and provide you complete roadmap to be an expert in this field.

Must wear all the protective gadgets while practicing these welding projects. You will gain confidence and quickly learn the experience of high school welding projects.

Now it’s your turn to craft a unique handmade metal project, and show me in the comments section!

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