Small Space, Big Style: Five Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Larger

Small Space, Big Style: Five Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Larger

Not all living spaces feature sprawling common areas. This may be unfortunate if your small space happens to be your living room, which often becomes the heart of the home, not to mention your family’s favorite hang-out spot. The good news is that there are several space-saving solutions and tricks to make your tiny den seem as large as possible. Below are five ways to do it.

Storage, Storage, Storage

From throw blankets, to extraneous remotes, to kids’ toys, your living room ends up being a catch-all for random, everyday clutter. For this reason, it’s important to have a living room outfitted with storage space, especially if your living room doesn’t have much square footage. An easy place to add storage is your coffee table. While some homeowners opt for lift-top coffee tables that hide the items they don’t want on display, others opt to invest in ottomans or chests that double as seating or tables that, when opened, provide ample storage. This way, your small space looks clutter-free and, therefore, more spacious.

Neutralize Your Color Scheme

A neutral color palette allows the eye to wander more freely. Your guests aren’t likely to give all of their attention to a khaki-colored sofa or gray walls. This isn’t to say you can’t have fun with your room, though. Designers often suggest mixing fun patterns from the same neutral palette in order to avoid drabness. The key is to strike the right balance between patterns and colors so that your space feels open and interesting, not busy.

Create a Clear View

What a difference an armrest makes. Furniture with no or skinnier armrests gives you more seating space, and allows you and your family to move around the room without bumping into bulky furniture. It also, of course, makes your room look more open to the eye. Another way to make your space seem more open is to choose furniture that has legs or open space beneath it. This also allows the eye to travel across the room more easily, which in turn, makes the room seem larger.

Opt for Up-and-Down, Not Side-to-Side

small roomFlaunt your assets. Your room most likely doesn’t have much to boast about horizontally, so accentuate vertical stretches to make everything seem larger. For example, hanging ceiling-to-floor curtains around a window

can invite the eye to see more than what’s at eye level. You can also add higher-than-average wainscoting or crown molding to draw the eye up and add character to your space.

Scale Your Selections

When picking out furniture for your small space, make sure that what you select matches the scale of your space. For example, rather than stuffing a sectional into your small living room, choose a furniture set with detachable pieces that you can shift and potentially store until you have a bigger space to fill. You should also take into consideration your furniture’s height so that it doesn’t hinder eye-lines that stretch across your room and make it seem larger.

Of course, these aren’t the only ways to make your space feel sprawling. Share some of your own ideas and photos in the comments section below!

Photos by Charlotte Holmes.


  1. Great advice here. I think decluttering and using a “less is more” approach will go a long way. I like the vertical idea, too. I bet higher base molding can help with that idea, too.

    • James and Alicia

      Thanks, Debbie! Sorry we are just now replying to your comment! I just now realized we even had comments awaiting!! HAHA

      Higher base molding is brilliant! Love it! Great having you over on the blog, Debbie!

  2. I just got a really nice lazy boy but the down fall is the legs and coils squeak very loud to were it makes me not want to sit in it. Would it help out alot if maby I took all four bolts off for the entire leg assembly and put like some weather stripping or something between the connection? Or could I possibly reseal legs /stain/ paint? Also it came with built-in massager and heat seat but I plugged it in and nothing happens can I replace with different motors?

    • James and Alicia

      Sounds like you need to get your money back! It’s hard to say without actually seeing it, Jeff. Have you tried WD-40 on the bolts? Regarding the motor, it would also depend on the chair. Look up the model number online to see if you can find a battery/motor to replace it. Good luck!

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