How to Get Wax Out of Carpet in 6 Quick Steps

Get Wax Out of Carpet

Are you worried about the candle wax dripping into your lovely carpet, and you are hopeless about these candle spills? Here you will learn the right way to get wax out of the carpet.

Do you know that the tools and materials required to remove these candle stains are placed in your home? You need to gather these gadgets and follow some tricks to tackle these stains professionally.

Before you try any process, you have to decide whether you want to eliminate this candle spill with heating or without the heating method.

Both these techniques are effective for any type of wax and will take care of your carpet fibers.

How to Get Wax Out of Carpet?

  1. Gather all the essential tools needed to remove candle spills.
  2. Freeze all the wax stains by placing an ice cube pack on them but never try to flood the situation.
  3. Start scraping them once the stains get frozen. Use a buffer knife with solid edges to penetrate candle wax.
  4. If you can’t eliminate all the stains, cover them with a paper towel and iron them to melt all these wax spills.
  5. Once you see smaller wax bits, clean them with any cleaning product.
  6. Use the best vacuum cleaner to clean the entire carpet.


What You Will Need

How to Get Wax Out of Carpet in 6 Easy Steps?

A few dips of the candle will surely ruin the beauty of your carpet or the whole living space, and you will surely be looking for the best way to get them off your lovely rug.

To remove wax from the carpet, you should understand that the method to get wax out of clothes is a bit different from removing wax from the carpet.

You have to follow a certain sequence of steps to do this DIY job accurately without any damage to your upholstery:

Prepare YourselfStep 1. Prepare Yourself

Before starting the actual process, you have to get yourself ready for this task. You should gather the necessary gadgets and the material required for this procedure.

Butter knife

Pick up the Butter knife, two towels, iron, spoons, vacuum cleaner, and an ice pack so that you will never fail to remove wax from your rug.

Freeze the WaxStep 2. Freeze the Wax

Initially, you have to freeze the wax by placing a plastic bag full of ice cubes. You can also wrap this pack on all the candle stains to cold them so that they will easy to eliminate from your carpet fibers.

plastic bag full of ice cubes

Here you have to make sure that the ice bag is not leaking water or that the candle wax never floods with water. Once the stains are entirely frozen, then remove the ice pack from them.

Scrape up the SpillsStep 3. Scrape up the Spills

Next! You have to scrape the frozen stains as much as possible to get this dried wax out of your carpet. If you don’t have a professional scraper, you can use a butter knife. If you are using a sharp knife with solid edges, you can peel all the candle spills off the surface.

Scrape up the Spills

There is a bonus chance that the candle spill has been completely removed from the carpet surface. In this case, you can skip the next two steps.

Cover the Candle Wax Stain and Iron ItStep 4. Cover the Candle Wax Stain and Iron It

Now cover all these candle spills with a white cotton towel. Press the iron on the towel at a low temperature to get the wax out of the carpet.

Commercial Cleaner

You can repeat this process to absorb the wax completely from your rug. You can carefully move to a high-temperature setting to quickly remove wax from carpet fabric.

If the stains are spread on a wider area, you can slowly rub the iron on all these areas with a towel. You can see the magic now as the white wax dabs melt and become easy to remove from the carpet surface.

Clean the AreaStep 5. Clean the Area

You will see plenty of wax bits on your carpet; you can pick them up or remove them with any cleaning solution to get this wax spills out of your clothes.

Clean the Area

If you are using the right candle wax remover, it will eliminate all the hidden moisture from the carpet.

 Vacuum the Entire CarpetStep 6. Vacuum the Entire Carpet

To finish things off, you have to vacuum the entire area of the rug to eliminate all the candle wax stains from the carpet. You can also use an upholstery brush for this cleaning task.

Vacuum the Entire Carpet

2 Methods to Remove Wax Without Heating the Carpet

To simplify things more, you can get wax out of clothes and carpet surfaces without heating them.

There are two easy options to remove melted wax from the carpet surface, which are to remove these candle spills using the homemade and natural cleaning solution or go for the expensive commercial cleaner option:

1. Commercial Cleaner

The easiest way for this cleaning job is to bring a commercial cleaner and professionally get these candle stains from the carpet without heating them.

Commercial Cleaner

Just arrange a clean cloth and dip it in the rubbing alcohol cleaning solution. If you see larger chunks of wax, you can increase your cleaning product’s quantity to penetrate these messes effectively.

Now apply directly on the wax blots and leave the situation for at least 30 minutes or as recommended by its manufacturer. Any tougher wax spill will pop up from the carpet surface; wipe it out.

2. A Natural Solution

The economical way of removing wax stains without using any expensive cleaner is to make a homemade cleaning solution with natural ingredients. You can mix ¼ cup of white vinegar in one gallon and squeeze the solution to mix things up nicely.

Natural Solution

This water-based vinegar solution is the best form of cleaning product to spray the wax messes from the surface. It will quickly absorb the melted wax or even older candle spills and remove them from their foundation.

Final Thoughts

Now it’s time to decide whether you go for a heating option or get wax out of the carpet without heating your carpet surface. It depends on you which way you will go.

You have a great chance to follow the six necessary steps mentioned in this short article and remove the candle wax stains in front of your eyes.

You can confidently use commercial wax remover or homemade solutions to do this cleaning job without heating these stains effectively.

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