Triexta Carpet: Everything You Must Know!

Do you want to decorate your luxurious home with a softer carpet? You will find plenty of synthetic rugs in a variety of fibers, colors, and elegant textures, but you can’t get a better option than Triexta carpets.

It is probably the newest form of carpet in the industry, and due to its top performance, its popularity declined quickly. However, most householders can’t find the exact information about the Triexta brand.

This informative article will give you everything you must know before buying this luxurious product.

What is Triexta Carpet?

The Triexta fabric carpet is relatively new to the carpeting industry and competes with the polyester and nylon rug in terms of durability and budget. The Triexta material is absolutely eco-friendly and is made with solid stuff.

It includes corn sugar, sorona, and other synthetic material, with gives you an extremely soft surface underneath your feet. Mohawk is the chief manufacturer of the Triexta brand and guarantees the best stain-proof carpet on their list.

Triexta Carpet

If you notice the Triexta carpet reviews on a variety of top online stores, you will find stain-resistant carpets from true consumers. The Triexta explained its quality from its performance and has proven quite durable from many other expensive upholstery setups.

The brand is also delivering the warranty of its fibers of about 25 years and, through its soft nature, wins the heart of many consumers throughout the globe.

Triexta Carpet Pros

You will find tons of benefits in this stain-free carpet. It is impossible to mention all the advantages, but it is worth mentioning some of the key benefits of this carpeting brand:

  • The waterproof and stain-resistant features of the Triexta brand make it unique in the carpeting industry.
  • If you check the prices of different synthetic carpets, you will find the Triexta carpets very reasonable in terms of cost.
  • It is extremely easy to clean and maintain the beauty of the Triexta carpet. You can use any traditional cleaning technique over it without worrying about any damage.
  • Mohawk is the main manufacturer of Triexta carpets, an extremely popular brand in this industry.
  • Due to this moisture and stain-free carpeting formation, you can also consider this carpet for your basement, laundry room, or nearby bathroom places.
  • It is quite soft underneath your feet, your kids will surely love playing on this surface.
  • The Triexta carpet will maintain an eco-friendly atmosphere in your living area.

Triexta Carpet Cons

With so many advantages of Triexta rugs, there are some challenges that you have to face with this stain-proof carpeting; let’s have a quick look at its cons as well:

  • Some consumers believe in longer histories before purchasing any products, so they will surely ignore this carpeting brand due to its lack of history.
  • You need quality vacuuming products with beater brush height accessories to clean this form of carpet.

How to Clean and Maintain Triexta Carpet?

As most of the Triexta carpet brands guarantee stain and water resistance, the process of cleaning and maintenance will become a lot easier.

Clean and Maintain Triexta Carpet

You can consider them stain-proof carpets, but still, you have to tackle multiple sticky spills and stubborn stains in routine. If you have kids or pets in your home, you must treat them with an ideal cleaning technique.

You also need to clean the Triexta rug with the best cleaning method to maintain it in longer use. Here our experts will describe these cleaning processes in detail:

1. Vacuum Cleaning

Due to the soft nature of Triexta fibers, the debris and dirt particles hide in their base and ruin their beauty. Although it is the best stain-proof carpet, you still have to tackle this dusty stuff in a routine.

To handle this scenario, you have two ways to clean these dust particles a dry vacuum that picks these messes from Triexta fiber and removes them from its root.

If you are using a high-quality vacuum cleaner, then it will surely give you a fresh scent and keep the environment clean as well. Secondly, you can also shampoo your Triexta stuff. Due to their stainproof nature, these carpets can be washed with soapy water.

If you are looking for a deep cleaning session, you can scrub its surface with recommended shampoo or other carpet cleaning solution. It will eliminate the grime and other stubborn stains from this rug surface.

It will also discourage mold and mildew growth. Finally, if you notice excessive moisture, you should give a long air dry session before use.

2. Treat the Spots

If you don’t have time for long vacuuming sessions, then you can only treat the spots on your Triexta carpets. Putting much effort into this stain-proof carpet is unnecessary as you notice only the occasional spots on it.

It is better to use the commercial cleaner for this purpose but only purchase the recommended product of Triexta carpet. You only need to apply this cleaner to the stained area with a softer cloth.

Once you blot the stain, the particles of this mess will come on the topcoat of the rug, which can be easily picked with another cloth or vacuuming machine. This spot cleaning is only suggested if you see stains on an isolated area of your Triexta rug.

3. Steam Carpet Cleaning

The Triexta stuff is made with solid material and will not melt in extreme heat. Therefore, you can consider the steam cleaning process on its surface. Although, many pro cleaners suggested avoiding steam cleaning on polyester or nylon material.

However, you can easily do a long steam cleaning session on this rug material.

Most Triexta products are available with the cleaning solution, so you can put this cleaner in your steaming tool or as per its manufacturer’s instructions and steam clean your Triexta carpet on the entire surface or only on spots.

It depends on the condition of your carpet that way you should go.

4. Other Traditional Ways to Clean Triexta Carpets

Besides all this, you can also apply the classic cleaning techniques to this stain-resistant carpet and clean it with a DIY approach.

You can make a homemade cleaning solution by mixing the natural ingredients in freshwater or combining the salt with any dishwashing detergent to clean Triexta carpets.

You can regularly shine this rug with soapy water or occasionally use the vinegar solution to remove stubborn stains from its surface. Suppose you want to eliminate pet urine odor or any ugly scent from Triexta’s surface.

In that case, you can sprinkle some baking soda on that location and vacuum all the messes after 10 to 15 minutes. It will freshen up this rug area, and you will never feel any ugly odor on this spot again.

Is Triexta Better Than Nylon?

Now, you might compare the Triexta carpets with other popular brands or think about Triexta vs Nylon Carpet or which carpet is better between these two.

Triexta Carpet vs Nylon Carpet

Although the Triexta brand is relatively new in the market, it is still proven better than nylon in many ways. Let’s find some key elements and compare these two top brands of synthetic carpets based on these crucial factors:

Quality and Durability

Although the Triexta carpet looks quite solid and gives an impression of high quality and durable form of carpet. However, many consumers want to trust only long-history brands.

The Triexta has a shorter history than nylon, so they never trust their products in terms of durability. In this way, nylon products can be considered more durable than Triexta carpets.

Stain Resistant

Triexta carpet surface will never absorb water, so the sticky stains can’t get their way to hide in the root of this carpet. On the other hand, nylon is not a spill-proof carpet, and any format of stain can easily go inside this stuff.

So, you can say that the Triexta carpets are purely stain resistant, and it’s quite easy to penetrate or remove any type of stain from the Triexta carpet as it stays on the topcoat of Triexta stuff.


Petroleum products are used by the nylon carpet manufacturer, emitting carbon dioxide. This type of stuff is absolutely not good for the environment.

Surprisingly, the Triexta brand is made with natural fibers and corn glucose ingredients, which maintains the outside and indoor environment. Even the recycled content of Triexta never disturbs the atmosphere of your living area.

This makes the Triexta carpet a lot better than the nylon rug products.


The warranty of Triexta carpeting products is generally longer. The manufacturer of Triexta products is quite popular and provides a superior warranty over nylon.

The texture warranty of Triexta is about 25 years, while the stain and soil warranty is around ten years which is quite higher even than other popular carpeting products.


The nylon carpet items are quite high in price, and as it is quite an older brand, the cost of suppliers and manufacturers is also very high. On the other side, the Triexta products are relatively new in the market.

The mohawk is the sole manufacturer of this carpet, offering very reasonable rates for their Triexta carpet models. Many consumers prefer Triexta carpets over other brands because of the lower rates.


The synthetic fibers of nylon provide high resilience than many other top carpeting products, even better than Triexta carpets. So, the nylon carpet is the winner in this category.

Overall Comparison

If you overall compare both these carpeting brands, then you will find Triexta is a much better option than the nylon carpet brand in many ways. The above-mentioned key factors will help you compare these luxurious carpeting products and choose any one of them per your needs.

The advantage of Triexta carpet is that it is a better option in high-traffic areas, as you will never see any wear and tear on this rug surface in the long run.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Triexta Carpet Better than Polyester?

The Triexta carpet is made with high-quality material and is referred to as a polyester subclass of luxurious carpets. The resilient and durable nature of this rug makes it superior to nylon or polyester stuff.

You can maintain an eco-friendly atmosphere in any living space with the Triexta carpets.

How Long Will the Triexta Carpet Last?

The Triexta carpet can easily last ten years or more, depending on its usage. If you carefully utilize it, you may not notice any wear and tear until 20 to 25 years.

Mohawk is the primary manufacturer of this carpet brand and offers 25 years warranty with a lifetime soil and stain warranty which is enough for the satisfaction of any customer.

Is Triexta Carpet Expensive?

It is cheaper than other synthetic carpet fibers if you are looking for the Triexta carpet cost. The stain-resistant and waterproof nature of this rug product make it more valuable for homeowners.

Does Triexta Carpet Off the Gas?

This polyester form of carpet produces petroleum chemicals and corn glucose. It is lower in off-gassing because of these chemicals.

What Type of Carpet Holds up The Best?

If you are looking for top quality fiber carpet, then Triexta and nylon are ideal for these rugs and provide excellent resilience and durable features.

Final Thoughts

Triexta is the kind of synthetic carpet that gives you a cozy environment in your living place. The stain-resistant nature of this brand will make this flooring a hassle-free cleaning option.

It’s quite easy to maintain the beauty of this luxurious carpet as you never invest in high-quality vacuuming or other cleaning tools. You can improve the style and add some fun to any of your home areas with this carpeting brand.

Your children and pets will definitely love this place to enjoy their fun time. Never worry about its cleaning, as you can adopt any traditional cleaning technique on this rug area without worrying about any damage.

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