The Top 8 Ways to Create a Sustainable Home

The Top 8 Ways to Create a Sustainable Home

There are many ways to increase the sustainability of a home, some are simple and inexpensive, and

others are not so convenient. Take a look at 8 ways to improve the energy efficiency of a house and

see if you can implement changes that could save both energy and money.

1 . Lighting: using energy efficient bulbs can reduce the cost of long term lighting by 80%, this is a

inexpensive and simple change to make around the home.

2. Insulation: Floors, ceilings and walls can be insulated to reduce heat transfer and save up to 45%

on home temperature regulation. Insulation types vary, but installation can be quick and


3. Building Materials: This is a tricky one if the home is already built, but if thinking of renovations

the choice of building materials has a significant impact on energy efficiency.

4. Windows: Usually quite costly, double-glazing can reduce heat loss by 50%.

5. Appliances: Generally appliances with a higher star rating are more expensive, but save money

over the lifetime of the item.

6. Temperature Regulation: Passive design makes use of natural heating and cooling provided by the

sun and wind. This can be tricky to implement for an existing home, but has the potential to reduce

heating and cooling costs by 40%.

7. Draughts: Limiting heat transfer by blocking any air flow can reduce energy costs by 25%.

8. Shading: Using natural shading from trees and awnings can block 90% of the sun’s heat, reducing

cooling costs in warmer months.
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