Tips for Painting Your Living Room Like a Pro

Tips for Painting Your Living Room Like a Pro

Painting is one of the simplest ways to instantly transform and change the ambiance of a room. Professional interior designers know that paint is their number one decorating tool, and they use a variety of colors and shades to create the perfect feel in a room. Whether you want to paint your walls or furniture, or just touch-up certain accessories, the first step is to choose the right paint colors. Want to give your living room a makeover? Consider the mood you want to create, pick the corresponding color, and follow these DIY painting tips to ensure you achieve a professional finish every time.

Behind every good paint job is adequate preparation. Since this stage is where most of the work takes place, closely follow these master pro painting tips to pull off the perfect paint job.

1. Move anything that won’t be painted out of the room.

Not only are you going to need space to move around while you paint, you don’t want to accidentally get paint on your furniture, artwork and accessories. It’s far easier to clear everything out first, so you don’t have to worry about it later on.

2. After you prep your walls, the painting itself is actually quite easy.

As stated, good preparation is key for an excellent paint job. It’s crucial to thoroughly clean all the walls you intend to paint by eliminating any grease spots, dirt and dust with a bit of mild dish soap, clean water and a sponge. Thoroughly rinse the walls with clean water after scrubbing them to remove all traces of soap, and ensure they’re completely dry before painting.

3. Use blue tape to outline door frames, windows and trim.

paint living roomWhen the walls are clean, apply quality painter’s tape around all the trim, windows, and anywhere else you want to protect from paint. This can be applied a week ahead of time if needed. Remove the tape soon after you’re done painting, ideally before the wall has a chance to completely dry, so none of the fresh paint peels off with the tape.

4. Don’t forget to prime the walls.

Many DIY painters mistakenly forget to prime the walls prior to painting them when, in fact, a quality primer will help optimize the sheen of the paint, in addition to giving it a more consistent appearance.

5. Use the “W” paint technique.

For maximum coverage, start painting in the far corner of the wall and begin painting a huge “W” pattern with your roller, filling it in as you go without losing contact with the wall. Only paint one wall and one section as a time for the very best results.

paint like a pro

While most people can do a fairly good job at painting a room, an experienced painter does an outstanding job because they know and follow all the tricks. Pro painters use these secrets in order to pull off a flawless job. For example, most people don’t realize it usually takes 3 or 4 days to prepare, paint, and finish a standard-size living room. However, once it’s done you’ll easily notice the difference between a good paint job and one that was hurried.


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  1. Priming the walls is something that I could do when it comes to painting the wall. I’m not very good at painting and keeping things clean even when I tape the walls and baseboards. I might just need to hire a professional to take care of everything for me since I’m not very skilled at that. Thanks for posting this awesome information on painting!

  2. Thank you for the help. My wife and I are hiring commercial painters to paint a few rooms, but we are trying to prepare. I did not realize that we needed to empty the rooms of anything that will not be painted. Is it possible to just move it to the center of the room and cover with plastic?

    • James and Alicia

      Hi Justin! It depends on the painter. Since I painted my home myself, I just moved everything to the center and covered with plastic (that makes the most sense to me too!). However, since all paints emit fumes your furniture might still get the ‘smell’ on it. I think a few indoor plants would easily clean up any fumes, such as English Ivy and Peace Lilies.

  3. I want to say thanks to the author for sharing this helpful article. I never thought that painting is easy. I have decided to hire a professional. Now, I will definitely try to follow your instructions and try to do it. Thanks again!

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