Tips on Landscaping Lights to Match the Roof Paint

Tips on Landscaping Lights to Match the Roof Paint

You’ve gone an extra mile to make your house and yard appear world-class. But why let all your hard work and endeavor fade away at dusk. While many of us think this can be avoided by a simple flick of light, try matching the colour of the roof paint and the lights you choose for garden landscaping and see the difference come alive.

When planning to light up your landscape, remember a little can go a long way.  Matching the light shades with the roof paint can yield a far more imposing landscape than when mismatched.

Carefully check the colour of the roof from the outside and the inside. Lights chosen for the inside should somehow be a shade less bright than the lights chosen for the outside. This will keep your privacy intact while also make the house appear well lit from a distance.

It’s important that the roof colours and lighting go well with each other to create the perfect impression – for this talk to professional roof painters in Auckland who can help you select just the right shades.

How to Match Roof Colour and Light Accents?

You need to realize the distinction as to how the light appears in the day is different from what it appears at the night time. This concept is particularly important when you’re planning to light your pathways and other similar al fresco spaces, which are covered under a roof.

You need to be aware of the three layers of light, based on their function:

  • Overall: Providing illumination to the entire living space
  • Task: Used for an explicit function, such as illuminating the path
  • Accent: Used for highlighting a specific area or object or shade.

The landscaping lights are generally located near the building such that electricity can be easily integrated into its wiring system. Today the solar landscaping options are also available for powering the landscaping lights.

Be Precise With the Colour of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting issues are quite different from indoor lighting issues. But there’s one thing common among them – for both the kinds and shades of lights you chose, it becomes important to match with the roof colour schemes as well. For the outdoors, the light shades must go well with the roof paint. A cream roof goes well with bright orange lights. A blue or white roof will look better in white light.

Glare generally happens if you opt for a light source that is too big or too bright – which can result into blinding when reflected directly into people’s eyes. So you are particularly required to be sensitive with outdoor landscaping lights to clearly differentiate between direct vs. indirect lights.

The Correct Selection and Placement of Lighting 

Though trendy lighting can virtually be placed anywhere, but you need to pay close attention to certain spots where lighting is absolutely a must.

Different lights available in the market produce an absolutely different effect. These different types of lights and the effect they can create with the roof colour are as below:

  • Flood lights: these lights consist of wall or poll mounting blubs that cast maximum light around the surrounding area, and therefore the most important to choose. Choose colours that blend well the interior roof colours, and reflect a soothing light.
  • Decoration lights: the secondary source of light outdoors is decoration lights like scones, which generally features a glass casing and coloured lights inside. In case you want to hang them by the roof, make sure the roof is lighter in colour than the colour of the lights (the outer glass surface). Brighter roofs will only make the effect look shabby and overdone.


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