Is a Timber Frame Home Right For You?

Is a Timber Frame Home Right For You?

When looking to build your own home there are several factors you must consider in order to complete your perfect home. After choosing a location and determining an overall budget for your project comes the hardest decision of them all. There is an infinite amount of styles one can select from in how they want their home build. One can go with a more traditional approach by choosing a stick frame style, and of course, there are brick homes and metal framed homes that give off a completely different feel. However, despite these styles, we’re going to be discussing one of the more innovative styles, that is the application of timber frame homes. Timber frame homes are built with mortise and tenon joints, which allow for an open, spacious layout and make for beautiful homes. Listed here are some of the most appealing features one can have if they choose to build a timber frame home.


Timber frame material is some of the lightest material one can use to construct a home. The materials light weight makes it much easier to hand. In addition to this, measurements for the material do not have to be perfect in order to render a perfect result due to the mortise and tenon joints. Applying sheetrock, plywood, and other materials comes at ease due to the versatility of the timber material. Compared to stick framing, infilling comes more naturally and is an overall quicker, more effective process. When adding masonry and cob and straw bales, these materials can be fit into any space. Combining these materials with timber frame materials that lock into place, the materials blend perfectly together, making a home that is well insulated and constructed on the inside.

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Easy and Quick Construction

Compared to other building processes, expect a smooth transition when construction begins on your timber frame home. Due to their mortise and tenon joint assembly, the cutting and fitting of wood is much easier and can be done in house unlike most other homes that require on site cutting, By cutting materials inhouse, one does not need to worry about vandalism on site at night or when the home isn’t being built. Light weight timber helps workers move and put up materials faster compared to other types of wood and metal style homes.

Once the home’s skeleton is erected, applying sheetrock, plywood and other materials comes at ease due to the fact that the floorplan is open and easy to work with. Other methods of, such as infilling is easier because of the joint tenon method, making crevasses easier to reach and insulate.


Living in areas that are frequented by high winds and potentially destructive weather can definitely take a toll on the standing of you home, and in some cases can destroy some of all of it completely. Luckily, timber frame homes have proven themselves to be not only a lightweight and versatile material but one that is durable and resilient enough to earthquakes and heavy snow.

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When it comes to ecological benefits, timber frame homes do not have a competitor that can compare. Timber frame homes provide some comfort and solace to the increase of manufacturing in tandem with the looming threat of global warming. The use of timber emboldens the growth of forests and both these materials work together to combat the spread of CO2, which helps reduce greenhouse gases and global warming. Due to the material being more natural and raw, less work is needed to produce a finished product requiring less CO2.


Choosing timer instead of other building materials will leave give your home a natural beauty that other materials cannot match. Many US companies like Woodhouse are specialists in creating the most aesthetically pleasing homes that stone materials and more process driven manufacturers just cannot match. Naturally stressed and texted timber materials will give your home its own personal qualities not seen in any other home, making timber frame home a truly personalized feel.

About the Author: Andrew has a passion for the beautiful and ornate construction of Timber Frame homes, with a keen eye for meticulous construction and the age-old craft of woodwork.

*Photos used with permission from Woodhouse Homes.


  1. I absolutely love the Scandinavian look of timber frame homes when done right – they create such a warm, natural environment and are perfect combined with large open windows and fresh, light colours 🙂

  2. It’s great to know that timber’s light weight can make it much easier to work with. I’m planning to have a rest house built for my family soon, I think I may have a professional’s opinion whether to get timber or which timber to get. Thanks for the great article!

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