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10 Creative Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

organize your jewelry

Your fast-growing jewelry collection has finally spilled over into neighboring boxes and drawers, leaving a cluttered mess in its wake. Not only does it look unsightly, but the scattered pieces of jewelry also lead to an inevitable panicked sensation as you’re running out the door and can’t seem to find what you need. It’s easy to slip off your jewelry ... Read More »

Cheat Sheet: Best Way to Organize Your Bathroom Cabinet

organize your bathroom

  I’ll be honest. Our bathroom is one horrifying mess. It’s not because we’re messy people though. You see, the bathroom is one of those areas that we haven’t quite renovated yet. Since we would have to pull everything out before we renovate, we thought it would just waste time if we actually tried organizing it before renovating. Having a messy bathroom though ... Read More »

From Drab to Fab: Easy Updates For The Garage


When someone says , “home improvement,” you probably think of replacing the cabinets in your kitchen, or the carpet in the bedrooms. However, very few people think about investing in improvements for their garage. In fact, the garage may be the most frequently overlooked room in the home, even though it functions as a home for your most expensive item, ... Read More »

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