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10 Hacks for Your Fall Garden


Gardening helps us unleash our creativity and see the results of our hard work and dedication. That’s why gardening is the perfect hobby to maintain throughout the fall and winter months, when we tend to feel less energized due to shorter days and colder temperatures. The benefits are endless when you consider how growing your own food can help you ... Read More »

Exploring Smart Landscape Design to Revive Your Home’s Look


Ideas about landscape design vary from fabulous to fundamental. Some view landscape design as creating an elaborate, natural, outdoor living space while others view it as simply as asking their spouse what kind of grass to plant. The beauty of residential landscape design lies in its endless variety of enhancement options. Take a deep breath and study a few facts ... Read More »

QUIZ: What Is Your Backyard Personality?

backyard personality

These days, a backyard is more that just the outdoor space behind your home. Many people are viewing this space as an extension of their indoor living space, transforming it to fit multiple purposes including living room, kitchen, and even movie space. Now a backyard can be more than just a patio set or a swing set, it can be ... Read More »

The 10 Biggest Landscaping Don’ts

landscaping dos

There’s something to be said about a well-maintained lawn and an alluring garden. For starters, the property instantly communicates that there has been considerable TLC put into the establishment. By showing a little initiative and being willing to invest enough time, you can improve the aesthetics of any property. Even if you don’t have the proper tools at your disposal, ... Read More »

Tips on Landscaping Lights to Match the Roof Paint


You’ve gone an extra mile to make your house and yard appear world-class. But why let all your hard work and endeavor fade away at dusk. While many of us think this can be avoided by a simple flick of light, try matching the colour of the roof paint and the lights you choose for garden landscaping and see the ... Read More »

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