45 Subscription Boxes You Need to Discover

45 Subscription Boxes You Need to Discover

As a homeowner, you understand the struggle for balance. Between work, family activities and the general busyness of life, finding a way to add in a little convenience is always a positive. One way I’ve found to simplify my life while adding some fun surprises to my day is through subscription boxes. Available in multiple forms – from health and beauty items to kids toys to gourmet food, snacks and home décor – subscription boxes are a simple way to add a little more excitement to your home life with little to no effort.

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The Rise of the Box

Launched in 2010, Birchbox, a beauty and grooming product box service, reinvented the idea of subscription boxes. With over 800,000 subscribers and $96 million in annual sales, the box subscription service was born and mimicked in multiple categories around the world.

Why are these monthly boxes so popular? There are many reasons that depend upon the customers, however, some of the most notable aspects of subscription boxes are:

  • Surprise. Very little is left to the imagination these days. However, a monthly box is suddenly available that delivers surprise goodies? Who wouldn’t want that excitement?
  • Convenience. Running out to the store is a luxury that many professionals don’t have much time for, especially for browsing through new goods and services as opposed to picking up the essentials. Subscription boxes bring goods that could otherwise be overlooked directly to your doorstep.
  • Good deals. Even if you’re not satisfied with the contents, if you’ve only paid $10 or $20, the same as a gym membership, you’re probably not losing out. Instead, you’re likely to find a good deal here or here. Luxury on a budget? Works every time.

Subscription Boxes to Consider

Interested in signing up for your own subscription box service to enhance your home life? Consider the following options.


Want to increase your home’s snack appeal in a healthy way? Graze is the solution. Graze offers healthy and regular box options that contain whole food ingredients. Each box contains 4 snack varieties and subscribers can select the frequency of their deliveries; each box is $6.49. Referring friends through unique referral codes earns subscribers free boxes.

*Use my friend code QR69ZK2FP to get your 1st and 5th box FREE.


Birchbox contains a monthly shipment of men’s ($20) or women’s ($10) goods that relate to home, beauty and grooming. Discounts are generally available on the homepage and vary from month to month. Additionally, when you shop on the site or refer others, you receive points that can be used toward discounts on future orders and boxes.

Art in a Box

Looking for a way to add a little flare to your home? Why not start with some art? Art in a Box allows subscribers to select adjectives that describe their taste in art and sends boxes in the frequency of their choosing. Each box is $50 and there’s a minimum 3 month commitment.

Pairings Box

PairingsBox creates the ultimate entertainment packages and delivers them to your doorstep. Each box contains 1-2 original food ingredients, 3 premium recipes, a digital mix tape, tasting notes and a 7-inch vinyl. It’s perfect for the food and music enthusiast. The cost is $25 per month plus tax.


Food allergies and sensitivities cutting down on your ability to create mealtime masterpieces at home? Tasterie is the solution in a box. Visit the website, select your allergies and receive a monthly box for $25 that contains food and recipes to use to satisfy the whole family.

For the Makers

Whether you’re looking to add a little DIY to your home or to your wardrobe, For the Makers is a solid starting point. Each month, subscribers receive tools and tutorials to create four DIY projects for $29. For each referral, members receive $5 off their next order.

Bean and Ground

Love the smell of coffee before guests arrive or when waking up in the morning? Why not use the best? Bean and Ground delivers fresh, unique coffees from around the world for $13 monthly. Each shipment contains two quarter pound bags of beans or ground coffee – roughly 17 cups – ready for brewing.

52 Teas

Coffee not your thing? More of a tea drinker? 52 Teas is the solution. Subscribers receive a fresh blend of handcrafted teas each week for $12.99 a month. Rewards are available for spending money, writing reviews, social sharing and more that translate to discounts on your subscription.


HomeMint offers home décor products, intimate wear, shoes, jewelry and style options that are shipped on a recurring basis selected by the subscriber. By selecting style options, HomeMint serves as a personal shopper to deliver options in each shipment. Subscribers can choose to purchase the products presented or to return them without penalty.


For $40 a month, you can impress guests with your knowledge of little-known and new cocktails. Each shipment contains the ingredients and instructions to prepare two varieties of cocktails, two servings of each. Make your home the go-to choice for a night out!

Tasting Room

More of a wine fan? Tasting Room is an excellent subscription offer. For $9.95, a 6-mini bottle sampler is sent that allows subscribers to select their preferences. From there, a 12-box case is shipped at the frequency of your choosing for $84.49, a deeply discounted option to traditional wine cases.

Bark Box

Why not support the extra member of your family here and there? Bark Box offers a monthly box that’s designed with dogs in mind. For $17 a month, Bark Box delivers four dog treats, toys and other supplies.

Kiwi Crate

While we’re on the topic of extra family members, boxes can also be shipped that allow your children to contribute to your home’s atmosphere. Kiwi Crate is one of these services. For $20 a month, you’ll receive a box that contains science experiments, crafts and gardening supplies for the 3-7-year-old children in your home.

Tota Press

Want to welcome someone to your home, to send an invitation or just to let someone know you’re thinking about them? It all starts with the perfect card. Tota Press’s subscription service costs $10 per month and includes 2 hand-printed cards designed for any occasion. Never miss a birthday again!


Add to your style while giving back to those in need. Gemlevo boxes contain fair trade artisan and jewelry products from underdeveloped nations. Proceeds benefit the women behind the products and allow them to earn fair wages regardless of their situations. All this for $30 per month.


For $49 a month plus shipping, Umbabox delivers a combination of home products – candles, cutting boards, tea towels and more – and art projects that vary from month to month and add a little flare to any home. Those interested in becoming an “Umbassador” can sign up to host trunk shows and to earn a 20% commission on all sales and referrals.


For only $5.75 per month, those interested in collecting art can receive a box of emerging artists’ work with a piece of creative writing stamped on the back. Past boxes have contained booklets, posters, collages and more.

Little Passports

Interested in instilling a love of world travel in your child before the adventures begin? Little Passports offers an excellent starting point. Starting at $11.95 per month, you can select between the World and US editions. Pen pals Sam and Sofia will write a letter to your child each month along with a kit of activities and objects from countries around the world or right here in the United States.

Candy Japan

Adding a little culture to your home snack collection is never a bad thing. Candy Japan sends a selection of candies from Japan on a twice-monthly basis for $25 per month. Learn a little about another culture while adding a conversation piece to your coffee table.

Hand-Picked Words

Want to add to that bookshelf in the family room? Hand-Picked Words has you covered. For $15 per month, subscribers receive original pieces of literature from up and coming writers and poets before they’re available to the general public. Electronic versions and alternatives are available.


For those interested in upscale entertaining options that are unique and exquisite, RevelryHouse is the go-to subscription box service. With a higher price tag – $150-200 per shipment, boxes include everything you need for a specific party theme based on the time of year. Discount codes are available when visiting the site for the first time.

Escape Monthly

Ready to get away? To Escape? Escape Monthly is the right box service for you. For $49.95 per month, subscribers receive luxury spa products, vacation-inspired gifts and handmade products from around the globe. Upon visiting the website, specials are displayed in a pop-up for those interested in discounts and extra treats.

Rad and Hungry

Whether you work from home or are looking for a way to spruce up your home’s office, Rad and Hungry might be up your alley. For $21 a month plus $7 shipping, subscribers receive posters, office goods, and special items from a pre-selected country each month.


Sending someone off to college? Doteable could become your favorite way to spoil them from home. For $45 a month, subscribers receive all the essentials – décor and snacks – to bring your home to their dorm room and to alleviate homesickness.

Quarterly Food and Home

For $50 a quarter, subscribers to Quarterly Food and Home receive products from chefs, home designers authors and musicians that cannot be found elsewhere. For instance, subscribers can sign up to receive handpick cooking tools from Chef Ludo on a regular basis or new music from Pharrell Williams.

A Kitchen Box

Featuring artisan foods, recipes, music downloads, art posters and more, A Kitchen Box supplies home cooks with everything necessary to spice up their routines and their products all for $30 a month.


For those interested in bringing a touch of homemade into their homes, Sampler Zibbet is a solid starting point. At just $20 a month, subscribers receive boxes filled with homemade household products, soaps, candles, photography and more.


For $29 a month plus shipping, subscribers to MakrBox receive homemade artisan household goods and décor from artists from across the Pacific Northwest. Makrbox offers gifting options for holiday gifts as well as various box sizes and selections.

The Tethered Crate

The Tethered Crate offers subscribers a variety of monthly surprises from homegrown artists. Featuring jewelry, art prints, stationary and other household items, The Tethered Crate subscriptions are $19.95 per month and promise double that in the value of goods contained in each shipment.

Blue Apron

The blue apron is worn by chefs in France to reflect a lifelong commitment to cooking. Now, it can be a symbol of a commitment to cooking in your own home. For $9.95 per person, per meal, The Blue Apron’s subscription service sends a predetermined number of meals to your home on a weekly basis. All ingredients along with recipes are included to make your meals a success.


Curated by Design*Sponge founder Grace Bonney, this home décor subscription box will bring some unique flair to your home. In each $100 quarterly package, you will receive hand-crafted home, art and design items. Each box also ships with a lovely note describing the theme of the package and the significance of each item.

Photography Box Monthly

This photography subscription box has items for all skill levels, from the amateur shutterbug to the experienced photojournalist. Items and prices vary depending on options chosen during the subscription process. New photographers can expect to receive previously unthought-of equipment, while pros can take advantage of exclusives like contests and giveaways.


With the onset of the digital age, subscription boxes for writers are few and far between. Where Calligrabox really shines is in its mission to not only get people writing, but to also give them the tools to do it elegantly. Each themed box comes with a fountain pen or themed writing instrument, paper and a theme to get the creative juices flowing. Prices range between $40-400.

Gable Lane Crates

The Gable Lane décor subscription box is for those whose decorating styles can be defined by the words rustic, vintage or urban. Each $50 case guarantees four décor items chosen to bring some outdoor-fashion to your home.

Gramr Quarterly

$45 per quarter nets you this fine writing subscription box from Gramr Gratitude Co. This box is packed with stationery, envelops and even postage — enough so you have no excuses to not write all those thank-yous you’ve been putting off. What’s best about this subscription is that Gramr partners with Books for Africa and will donate one book for every box sold. Use coupon code CBLOVE to save $15 on your first box.

Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative offers one of the most flexible subscription boxes for home, household and personal products. Each box is crafted by your choosing from Grove’s selection of natural products, priced below market rates. Once a delivery schedule is set up, you will enjoy a monthly selection of amazing products.  First time users get a free Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap and a $10 credit.

Toilet Paper Hero

Many household subscription boxes try to give a variety of goods to cover as many needs as possible.  Not Toilet Paper Hero. As the name suggests, users choose from different sizes of TP and a quality (ultra plush, two ply, or highest quality sheets). After that, you’re good to go! The requested TP is delivered to your house at the end of every month. Prices vary depending on how much and what kind of TP you requested. This box is practically tailored to college students or people living with roommates.


Prodigieuses offers home goods subscription boxes with a French twist. Each box brings one high-quality home décor item straight to your doorstep. Each item is handmade in limited quantities, so you can expect a nearly one-of-a-kind item. Prices range between $25-40. You even have the option of giving a subscription as a gift!


Artbotic is one of the more avant-garde art subscription boxes out there. The price may seem a bit high at $97, but once you see the contents, you’ll discover it’s well worth it. Artbotic focuses on contemporary, pop and urban art. Every month, you get at least two exclusive autographed prints from pro/emerging artists, a t-shirt, a sticker pack and some knickknacks curated for art lovers. You’ll also get certificates of authenticity and each artist’s bio.


On the case of unique subscription boxes, CubeForme comes out on top. Each $15 monthly box features 3D printed games, crafts, gadgets, art, or accessories from a feature 3D designer. These can be anything from a micro ballista or a (working) clock to cute animal desk statues. For fans of all things innovative, this box is a must!


Another box for 3D printing enthusiasts! Unlike the CubeForme box, though, this subscription box is geared toward people who already own a 3D printer. You select your plan, and each month ProtoCrate will send you at least $60 worth of printing supplies. These include filament, a color chip, a printed model, a small poster, patterns to print and project supplies. Perfect for the printing maniac in your life.


If you love to garden, then Plowbox is the subscription for you! $150 gets you a quarterly box of climate and season appropriate seeds, tip & tricks and a mystery goodie. The best thing is that all the seeds are certified organic and non-gmo, so you needn’t fear about what you may be eating.

Groovy Lab in a Box

The award winning Groovy Lab Box brings STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) experiments for you and your kids to do together. The activities promise to engage your children with inventions, problem solving and pure fun! Topics include greenhouses, basic circuitry, wind power and lunar launches. Boxes start at $35.

Tinker Crate

Like the Groovy Lab Box, the Tinker Crate encourages your kids to play and learn. Each box includes a STEM-based project, detailed blueprints and a booklet of additional science experiments and activities.  Past boxes have featured a trebuchet tutorial and a zoetrope kit. Prices start at $16, depending on the length of subscription and the age range of the box.

Loot Crate

Loot Crate is a monthly mystery pack of geek, nerd and gamer gear. Subscribers can expect to get four to six items from a wide range of products. Past boxes have included mini figures, t-shirts, books, hats and other collectibles. Prices vary depending on subscription length.



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