Slow Carb Lasagne Recipe on Fit & Awesome

Slow Carb Lasagne Recipe on Fit & Awesome

I’m continuing on my blog tour around the Internet posting my favorite original recipes. This week, I published my slow carb lasagne on Fit & Awesome.

best homemade meat sauce

Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on bookmarking this one! I tell you the secret to my best homemade meat sauce!! I use this meat sauce for this slow carb lasagne, regular lasagne, spaghetti, over garlic bread, over zucchini noodles…pretty much over anything because it’s just so yummy and delicious!

I make a big pot of it and then freeze it in separate packages to make dinner a cinch!

So go on…steal all my secrets and start impressing your friends and family with fabulous, healthy home cooking. 🙂

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