Shaw Flooring Reviews in 2022 – Cost & Rating

Are you looking to install shaw flooring in your living rooms? Here, we will provide a short and interesting review of this premium flooring brand with its unique features.

Shaw laminate flooring is one of the most popular and leading manufacturers of the carpeting industry. This superior carpeting brand is available in two different brands which are Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) and Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP).

Shaw LVT flooring provides stone-look tiles and is available in a square shape. The shaw flooring vinyl plank is different in size and shape. These type of luxury floors looks like wood grain pattern and are longer in size.

This short guide will examine this shaw-engineered hardwood flooring brand in terms of its specifications and unique features. You will also find some key factors which should be considered while buying this luxury flooring.

Keep reading this short review guide! You will get all the key things which should be considered while buying this type of flooring:

How to Choose the Right Shaw Laminate Floor:

If you are looking for perfect shaw flooring options and plan to purchase shaw hardwood flooring then you should consider some key factors about this type of flooring and its importance. This section will provide you with all the necessary elements which should be measured while buying luxury vinyl plank flooring shaw.

Let’s have a closer look at these crucial factors:

Dimensions of Surface:

You have to measure the area where you are planning to fix shaw flooring. Most of these types of floors are sold in terms of square feet.

Before going to the market for purchasing this floor, must measure the dimensions of your rooms. So that you know how much material or planks you are required. This will help you to maintain an accurate budget for this purpose.

Type of Installation:

This shaw matrix flooring can be installed in two different formats. The most common form is called a floating floor. You can lock all the planks together which provides flat and sturdy installation.

The second format of installation is known as adhesive installation.

It is a cheaper form but takes time to install. There is not much preparation work in this installation and if you feel tough to install this type of flooring then you can also call a professional for this project.

Plank Construction:

If you need shaws luxury vinyl plank flooring then you should know that it is available in 4 or 5 layers. These planks are durable and available with a pad on their bottom. You never need any attached underlayment for this type of flooring. The bottom layer is thick and sturdy which gives a long-lasting effect to your hardwood floors.

It is a cheaper form but takes time to install. There is not much preparation work in this installation and if you feel tough to install this type of flooring then you can also call a professional for this project.

Board Size:

Another important aspect to consider is the board size. Wider or longer board size provide natural hardwood flooring look while smaller size gives the impression of flooring tiles.

It depends on your personal preference. You have to choose the size of the board according to your wish.

Thickness, Style, and Color Options

Just give a glance at these aspects too. You can choose the thickness, colorways, and styles according to your preference. If you are looking to match your hardwood floors with wall tiles or other appliances, then you are happy to know that you have a massive variety of this luxury vinyl plank flooring shaw in terms of color and style.

Price & Warranty:

Finally, you should fix the budget range for this purchase. Also, take a closer look at the warranty of these luxury flooring tiles. These two things can be adopted in buying any product. Most of the shaw flooring brands offer 5 years warranty or some expensive brands provide 10 years or lifetime warranty for their shaw carpet collections.

Where to Buy Shaw LVP:

Most of the nationwide stores are selling Shaw LVP flooring. You have the option to contact any local dealer or floor specialist. There is always an option of shopping online for such products. You will find many popular flooring Inc. stores like Amazon which are offering discounted prices.

You might read different shaw vinyl plank flooring reviews or check the shaw website, must observe the zip code or discounted coupons to get discounts. If you are observing these stores online before going to the physical market then this option is great to purchase economical shaw flooring.

Shaw Laminate Flooring Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Most popular brands are made in the United States
  • Aesthetic designs provide a luxurious stone look
  • Water and scratch-proof resistance
  • Easy and DIY installation without any special tools
  • An extremely durable and sturdy flooring option
  • Cleaning and maintenance is economical and easy
  • Natural wooden appearance is very attractive


  • Expensive then classic flooring types
  • Less fade resistant power

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is Shaw industries a good company?

The Shaw laminate flooring is the world’s largest manufacturer in the current market. If you see the overall ratings on top online sellers platforms, you will be amused to see 4 plus ratings on most of the online sites.

Where is Shaw vinyl flooring made?

Shaw flooring brand is made in the United States. This top-quality vinyl plank flooring brand is extremely popular in the flooring industry with rich brand history.

Is Shaw flooring scratch-resistant?

This type of floor is a hardwood finish and has higher scratch-resistant power. If you have pets or kids in your home then this shaw laminate flooring is highly recommended.

Are Shaw floors expensive?

Shaw LVP floors are costly but are extremely durable. You need to calculate the price of each plank considered with your range. Important thing is that these floors last for many years and once you installed this type of floor then you never need any other floors for many years.


This first-class shaw flooring is the largest carpet manufacturer in the world. You can trust its construction and material without any doubt and can purchase this quality flooring product with confidence.

If you keep the factors mentioned in the short guide, you will get a perfect shaw laminate flooring product for your floors. A decent price with quality flooring material will provide a perfect flooring setup in any living room. You can add beauty to your home with this luxurious flooring.

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