How to Seal Tile Floor and Grout – 4 Cleaning Myths

Are you looking to seal tile floors to enhance the beauty and lifespan of your luxurious floor? You will find the easiest ways of tile sealing with a DIY attitude.

Most of us have a common misconception that you can’t do this task on your own and might need a professional team for sealing floor tiles. It’s not true; you can easily manage this job on your own with proper care. Just make sure that you read this short guide completely, you will get answers to all of your queries here.

You might not need any special tools rather just arrange protective gear with a few materials and follow the steps mentioned in this guide. The process of sealing tiled floors will become easier with grout. Grout is just as important as your floor tiles in this procedure. It will seal the tile accurately in its place. Never outlook this material as sealing tiles with grout increases the life of your tiles and floors.

Now without any further delay, let’s get on to our main point!

Gears Required

  • Painter’s Tape
  • Foam Brush
  • Protective Gloves
  • Grouting Sponge
  • Dry Towels

How to Seal Tile Floor – 4 Easy Steps

Tiling projects usually takes time or you may find lots of critical steps in its installation and fixation. I have tried my best to make this job simpler for you with proper care and cover all the vital aspects of this process.

You just need to follow each step of this informative guide and make sure that you will not miss any clues from these facts. Let’s have a detailed look:

Test the Grout for Sealer

Before starting this process, you have to check the previous grout which is already sealed. If you find some gaps and water absorbs in these spaces then you need to put new grout carefully.

The cement grout is an ideal substance for this purpose. It will cover all these gaps and save your floor from mold and mildew. Make sure that water will not soak under your floor tiles.

Identify the Type of Tile

Next, you need to identify the tile type. The porcelain and ceramic tiles should be glazed instead of the traditional way of grout. If you are confused about the type of tiles then just check their appearance. If it is more glossy then it is glazed. Just join these types of tiles with grout. Take care of its natural look, never ruin its beauty with a full grout cover.

If you feel that it is dull then it might be made of limestone. You have to seal these floor tiles properly to prevent water store inside these tiles. It will damage the inner surface as well as the tiles.

Thoroughly Clean the Floor

Before starting to seal the tile floor you have to clean the whole floor. Sometimes different debris and dirt particles are hidden between these tiles. If the grime is placed inside these tiles and you don’t clean it then this grime might build up. It will damage your grout floor and you may not feel it.

To clean the sealing floor tile grout, you need a deep clean session. It will clear all dirt particles and grimes. Before moving to the next step, give some time to your floor to completely dry up. Never use grout or any other substance on wet tiles otherwise you will mess up all the situations.

Apply the Tile Sealer

The impregnator sealer is an ideal option to seal the tile floor. It is specifically designed to fill all holes in tiles. You will never find any moisture with this type of sealer. This floor sealer for tile can be the perfect choice for you.

You can use floor tile sealant for this purpose. It is recommended to coat at least twice to completely seal the tiles. This will protect your floor from spills and grimes to grow up.

Usually, this grout sealer lasts for 5 to 10 years depending on the dampness level and environmental conditions. Sometimes the wall tiles face more heat which creates holes in the older grout tile and if you notice the backsplash of shower tiles or near your bathtub, its grout may also ruin earlier.

It is important to give some time between coats of grout sealer. It will dry up the previous grout coat and give space for a new coat. You can perfectly fill all the holes with these two grout coats as well. You may see some colors on the grout which you can remove using the grout cleaning method.

A Video Guide – Sealing Floor Tiles

Here comes an instructional video that takes only 4 minutes to clear your all confusion and explain to you the whole procedure of sealing floor tile grout.

Is it a DIY Job?

There is a common misconception that the process of sealing floor tiles takes all day or it might be not a DIY job. It’s not true! You just need to follow these guidelines with proper care

Useful Tips

Here comes some useful tips that you should remember before starting to seal tile floor with grout:

  • Understand the grout and tile sealer standards. Must choose the grout with your floor tiles that are well integrated with.
  • The floor drying process may be slow. If you feel so that you can use the fan for quick ventilation.
  • If you want tile grout to last forever then regularly wash them with routine cleaning techniques.
  • You can seal the older grouts! Repairing and deep cleaning of these tiles make them more strong.
  • Maintenance of floor tiles is extremely important especially when you are sealing shower tile or its backsplash area.
  • It is not necessary to cover all the surfaces of tile with grout. Make sure that the inner surface should be breathable.
  • If you notice any wear and tear in tile joint areas then seal them again with grout to increase their lifespan.

Our Verdict

Never ignore or overlook the importance of sealing tile floors, especially with grout. It is a great idea of maintaining and sealing floor tile grout on your own. If you are protecting your floor tiles with the right process your floor will look shiny for many more years.

Just make sure that the surface is stain-free and the inner surface of your floor tiles are breathable. If you use the well-matched grout with the right combination of floor tiles then you don’t need to worry much about your favorite floors and their cleaning process.

Now do this task on your own without any difficulty.

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