Sealing Quartz Countertops Dos and Don’ts – Essential Guide

Seal Quartz Countertops

Is sealing the quartz countertops necessary? The homeowners never give any importance, but the professionals say that the quartz counters must be sealed to protect this surface from stains and spills.

There is some sort of confusion going on, so let’s find out the exact solution once and for all. As the quartz countertops are already built with robust material so, the sealant setup may not be essential in most cases.

However, if you need a free-hand surface on your kitchen counter and want to use it excessively, you must protect the quartz surface with the right sealant option.

Read on to clear all confusion about sealing or not sealing these counters.

How to Protect Quartz Counters Without Sealing?

  1. Avoid abrasive products to clean the quartz surface.
  2. Eliminate the dirty stains and spills from counters immediately.
  3. Take care of quartz top surface in extreme heat; never expose it in such conditions.
  4. Don’t cut food items on quartz counters to save them from scratches.


Should White Quartz Countertops be Sealed?

A sealer made for quartz surfaces should be used to protect white quartz. But, because there is a chance of a negative reaction, you should not apply just any sealer. Avoid applying typical penetrating sealers on your white quartz countertops. You may choose the ioSeal for this purpose.

Now, if you are ready to protect your quartz countertops with the right way of sealing and give a fresher look to your kitchen with counter sealant, you should know the benefits of sealing your quartz countertops.

White Quartz Countertops

A perfect sealant setup will protect your quartz countertop from stains and save it from any damage. You never need a long cleaning session on a quartz countertop sealer.

Rather, a single polish will do the cleaning for the next six months, but it is important that you have sealed it with the right kind of material.

Most sealants are made with natural materials and provide greater strength and robustness to the overall countertop. The color variety of sealants is almost endless, and you can easily match it with your quartz countertop style.

You will surely get an attractive and unique finish that improves your countertop’s overall appearance and performance in the kitchen.

How to Care Quartz Countertops without Sealing?

You can take care of quartz countertops without the sealant setup as well. It is easier to manage the quartz surface and requires low maintenance. It is necessary to adopt the right kind of care for quartz countertops stain for the best results.

Now, if you have installed a quartz countertop in your home and looking to clean the countertop without sealing its surface, then you must follow the given guidelines here:

Never Clean the Quartz Surface with Abrasive Products

If you use cleaning products containing harsh chemicals, it will mark ugly spots on your shiny countertop. The surface will become dull, and you can’t remove these tough scratches even with a polishing method.

Clean the Quartz Surface

So take care of the shine of your surface with the right cleaning product. You can also consult its manufacturer and ask about its precautionary measures.

Protect Your Countertops from Ugly Stains

If you are using a quartz counter without sealant, then you should be more careful against paint thinners and other tools used in your kitchen.

Protect Your Countertops

You have to protect the top surface of the countertop from these messes. The paint stains are also extremely tough to remove once it gets older. It will help if you never exposed your kitchen countertop to these stains.

Don’t Expose the Quartz Countertop over Extreme Heat

Must protect your unsealed quartz countertop extreme warmth even if its manufacturer offers a heat-resistant feature.  This heat will surely destroy the beauty of quartz.

Avoid placing the hot bowl or coffee mug directly on this surface. You can use any underlayment setup to discourage burn marks on your quartz. The potholder is a good option to protect the surface of your kitchen counter.

Never Cut Anything on the Surface of Quartz Counter

The major spots are marked on quartz surfaces because of cutting several things on them. Your kitchen countertop will quickly become dull, and you will see scratchy marks on its surface if you continue to use it to cut different food items.

Mostly in kitchen jobs, the homeowners finish their cutting jobs without taking much care of their counter surface; it will cause ugly scratches on its surface, which are permanent.

For instance, if you try to cut citrus fruits on this surface, its acid will surely damage the quartz surface quickly, and you might never feel it. You have to use kitchen counter protectors for cutting everything on quartz counters.

What Type of Chemicals You Should Avoid?

If you are looking to protect quartz surface, then you have to avoid the following chemicals which are harmful to man-made quartz countertops:

  • Free radicals
  • Oxidizers
  • High acidity cleaning products
  • Abrasive materials
  • Concentrated alkaline products

Perfect Sealer for Quartz Countertops

If you have planned to seal your man-made granite, you should choose an easy-to-clean, low-maintenance, and durable laminate countertop sealer for your kitchen.

It will ease up your living and supports you in your kitchen tasks. You will never see any stains once this surface is properly sealed. Chances are you may find different variety of sealants in the market.

Sealer for Quartz Countertops

But you have to bring the best kitchen counter sealant set up according to your personal preference and should match your quartz counter.

You can apply any sealer on quartz, but this surface is non-porous, providing a robust surface setup with a protected top coat. You don’t need to clean such a setup in your daily routine and just need to clean this countertop protector once in six months.

Benefits of Sealing Your Quartz Countertops

You might choose a customize countertop setup in your home and think about picking your DIY kit for this job; then remember the following top benefits to seal the quartz surface perfectly:

  • Increase the durability of countertops.
  • An affordable way to protect quartz surfaces from scratches.
  • The quartz countertops need to be sealed to prevent this surface from stains and spills.
  • If you compare the porous or nonporous quartz, this counter setup is nonporous and sturdy enough to last for many years.
  • Another big advantage of this setup is a healthier environment, especially when installed in your kitchen or other living space.
  • Low maintenance and easy cleaning setup.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do Quartz Countertops Need to Be Sealed?

The liquid stains may not damage the non-porous materials and don’t require any sealing setup, but still, if you want to seal quartz counters to protect the surface and increase the beauty of your kitchen counter, you can seal it with the right stuff.

What Happens if You Seal Quartz Countertops?

A perfect sealant setup will create a top layer on the counter and give more protection against stains and scratches. It is easy to clean, sealing quartz countertops, and features low maintenance.

Can I Use Clorox Wipes on Quartz?

The Clorox are the disinfected wipes. It contains bleach-free ingredients, which are absolutely safe for occasional use and the citric acid allows you to penetrate countertop film and remove it effectively.

How Do You Apply Quartz Sealer?

You have to clean and dry your counter surface before applying the quartz sealer. You can use it on your marble in circular motions. If you feel any excessive sealing material, remove it with a clean cloth. Finally, wait for at least 24 hours to dry it up before use.

Why Does My Quartz Countertop Look Cloudy?

The dirty stains or white residue make your permanent marble sealer cloudy. If you are using the stone counters, these tougher stains may leave dark spots on their surface. It is better to treat these stains before getting too old immediately.

Does Quartz Need to be Sealed?

We recommend sealing your quartz countertop. But, if you are not sealing your counters, you should be careful and need more maintenance of the top surface.

After reading this guide, you may decide to install the best sealing setup for your quartz countertops so that you shouldn’t worry about their damage.

Just a little care and using the right cleaning solution will do the job for you, and your counters’ beauty will last forever.

You should avoid the free radicals and high acidity cleaning products that may cause colorless your counters; the abrasive materials also mark permanent scratches on their surface.

A perfectly sealed countertop will never require regular cleaning; rather, once you do the top coat finish, you don’t need any cleaning for the next six months.

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