Quartz Countertop Colors That are Trending in 2023

15 Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colors in 2022

Are you looking for the most popular quartz countertop colors?

If your countertop needs some renovation or you want to bring some change then you might be looking for different ways to make the surface worth appreciating.

However, among various color options, you might be confused about which one to choose. Isn’t it? Don’t worry as this guide will solve all your confusion.

If your kitchen is used more often then you need a countertop that is not only durable but also stain-resistant so what can be better than quartz?

Do you want to know more about this? Let’s go ahead.

What is Quartz Countertop?

Quartz countertop is a noted stone that comes with different pros and has a list of designs and colors. The best thing about this stone is being a durable one as it doesn’t break or chip easily.

15 Best Kitchen Quartz Countertop Colors

Let me introduce you to the best quartz countertop colors that will surely make your kitchen space worth appreciating. Let’s get started.

1. Arctic White

Many people are fond of white color but they are often afraid of the cleaning that white color requires.

Arctic White Quartz Countertop Color

However, keeping your kitchen countertop white with a contrast of black cabinets and colorful wood hues is not at all a bad idea. Isn’t it?

They give a simple yet sophisticated vibe and also reflect colorful accents. So why not go for this idea once?

2. Babylon Gray

If you want to keep your kitchen countertop soft and cool, why not choose Babylon gray color? Gray color countertops look best when you have black and white kitchen walls and floors.

babylon grey quartz countertop

This gray color will let light things shine more in the kitchen. Moreover, gray color is usually generated by white or black color so this color combination will be a big hit.

3. Calacatta Lago

If the cabinets of your kitchen are dark-colored then the calcatta lago countertop will be great as it features a gray marble. The white stones in the marble go best in the kitchen that has white floors.

Calacatta Lago Quartz Countertop

The mysterious and deep design of this marble seizes everyone’s attention instantly. Moreover, they are durable and stain-resistant.

So if your countertop is used more often then this color will be a big hit. however, ensure that they are not stain-proof.

4. Carrara Marmi

If you want a bold surface then carrara marmi quartz is the right option. It is also a stone that goes well with dark brown, black, or gray colors.

Carrara Marmi Quartz Countertop

This type of marble is commonly known for its smokey gray veins and white hues. It is generated from the marble market that is progressing with time and becoming more popular.

It is heat-resistant and is one of the best countertops color choices you can make.

5. Chakra Beige

Here comes another best kitchen countertops color option you can choose in order to make the surface captivating. It was designed in a way that goes well with warm color choices.

Chakra Beige Quartz Countertop

The chakra beige stone features rusty and brown hues so if your kitchen has hardwood floors or your kitchen floor or walls have dark color paints then this countertop color will be best.Β 

6. Fossil Grey

You can never go wrong with grey color countertops whether it is fossil grey or grey quartzite countertops. If you have light cabinets in the kitchen then this color for the countertop would be great.

Fossil Grey Quartz Countertop

It is a great way to balance your light cabinets with a fossil grey color. Moreover, it is stain-resistant and a durable color option that is a good choice for heavily used kitchens.

7. Haze Blend

In order to bring some versatility to your kitchen design, a haze-gray color countertop can be your choice. It gives a contemporary tone and is available in different design options.

Haze Blend Quartz Countertop

So it will be easy for you to pick according to your taste and kitchen design. Moreover, it has an overall soft touch so you will surely enjoy cooking there.

8. Daria Stone

Another versatile option is Daria stone which brings versatility and changes the overall look of the kitchen. Having different design options, you can select according to your desire.

Daria Stone Quartz Countertop

If your kitchen is made according to modern design then this type of countertop stands out.

Hence, if your current countertop is not up to the mark then Daria stone is highly recommended. Many people prefer this type of countertop in their modern kitchen.

9. Camel

What about having a camel tone on your kitchen countertops? It is another great idea you can think about applying if you want to replace your countertop design.

Camel Quartz Countertop

If you want to go for the traditional side then Camel color is the best option for you. They don’t require a lot of cleanliness and go well on busy countertops.

10. Midnight Black

If you do not want to go for any of the above-mentioned color schemes, don’t worry as we have many more options to cover.

When it comes to black color, no one can ever say no because it enhances the beauty and goes well with different color combinations.

Midnight Black Quartz Countertop

It is the most trendy and unique color option for your countertops that you should try at least once. I am sure there will be no way back.

11. Swirl

Not everyone wants traditional countertops as some people want to give some artistic touch. If you are also the one who wants some artistic touch then I would suggest you go for swirl quartz countertops.

Swirl Quartz Countertop

This type of color tone matches well with different color contrast so you can pair it as you want. In order to bring a different element to your kitchen, swirl countertops will be the best choice.

12. Traditional Cream

For traditionally designed kitchens, the creamy shade will be a big win always. If you have dark-toned cabinets then a creamy countertop will go best in such a case.

Traditional Cream Quartz Countertop

Moreover, if you do not want to go for the modern side and want to keep things traditional, you can choose this option without any doubt.

13. Mixed Colors

If you do not want to stick to 1 color tone and want to do contrast then you can avail of this option.

Moreover, if you are unable to choose between 2 or 3 color options then it is the right way to cover all your favorite colors in a single countertop.

Mixed Quartz Countertop

It is also common to contrast 2 different types of countertops as they not only look contemporary but also goes well with different type of kitchen surfaces.

14. Mint

Having a mint countertop for your kitchen might look odd at first glance but why not add something unique?

It is a different type of quartz color that many people do not opt for but if you want to do something different, you can surely consider this color choice.

Mint Quartz Countertop

It will be fun to go for this side and the soft tone it provides you with will surely let you fall for this type of color.

15. Custom Purple

Let’s have a look at the last countertop color option which is also something different and not so trendy.

Custom Purple Quartz Countertop

The custom purple color option gives a bright look and goes well with different color combinations. If you have a modern kitchen then choosing this type of countertop will not be a bad idea.

How to Choose the Right Quartz Countertop Color?

Now you are familiar with the most popular quartz countertop colors, let’s move ahead and talk about how to choose kitchen countertop colors.

Quartz Countertop

You do not need to be an interior designer for this purpose because the process is pretty easy. Let’s have a look at these factors that should be considered before making a choice.

Check the UndertonesCheck the Undertones

Checking the undertones in the kitchen is perfect to start with for this purpose. Check the wooden tones of your cabinets and what type of wallpaper you have in your Kitchen and the paint color on your walls.

After deep analysis, you can make a complementary color scheme also depending on your choice and the requirement. Ensure that the color you choose should complement your kitchen surroundings.

Visual AppearanceVisual Appearance

The look matters the most. It is important to examine how the chosen quartz countertop looks. You should always go for the one that is worth looking at twice or thrice.

You have to spend a lot of time in your kitchen so it should be pleasing to your eyes.

Ensure the ThicknessEnsure the Thickness

The thickness or thinness of your countertop is something you should always consider before having one.

How much thick it is should also depend on the weight it can hold. Even thick countertops also have chances to break.

Thin countertops are modern and classy but they can not hold heavy hold so the choice is yours. We would suggest you go for the thicker one so that you do not have to complain about the durability.

Edge and FinishEdge and Finish

If you pay special consideration to small points then they can provide you a big benefit in the future. If you mismatch a single piece of countertop then you have to suffer later.

Hence, from edges to finishing, ensure everything is up to the mark and everything makes sense.


How can we forget the actual point which is the cost of the countertop? Always make a budget before buying so that no confusion occurs later. They are available in numerous ranges, you just have to figure them out.

Reasons for Popularity of Quartz Countertop

There are numerous reasons that make countertops worth buying. A few of them include:

They are Durable1. They are Durable

You have to spend a lot of time in your kitchen so the Kitchen surface should be durable and this is what Countertop serves. They are durable and do not easily break if you have installed the right one.

It is the main reason why they are popular everywhere. Various countertops are available that can resist wear and tear as well.

They are Stain Resistant2. They are Stain Resistant

When you install a new and good-looking thing in your home you want it to last for long.

Unfortunately, countertops are installed in kitchens where there is always a lot of mess and the use of water is so common so how we can protect our beautiful countertops?

Fortunately, countertops are designed in a way that no water can enter the pores. They are stain-resistant and they can last for a maximum of years if you protect them.

They Add Value3. They Add Value

Whenever you make a new investment in your home you also think about the home value and countertops add huge value to your home because of their amazing aesthetics. The countertop increases the value of your home by 3% – 7%.

They are Easy To Maintain4. They are Easy To Maintain

We all know that in this busy life so do not have enough time to look for your house chores for a long time.

Hence, do not worry about the countertops maintenance because they do not require a lot of time and effort. They are easy to maintain and last for maximum years.

However, keep cleaning them with warm water and soap now and then. Other than that, never go for heavy and expensive cleaning products for your countertops because they are of no use.

How Much Do Quartz Countertops Cost?

Now, let’s talk about the most commonly asked question which is the cost it takes to renovate your countertop.

The cost varies according to different factors including quartz grade, installation cost, work complexity, and from which store you will purchase quartz.

If you go for a cheap material then the per square foot cost will be 50 dollars.

If you want a high-quality material then the price will definitely increase. Moreover, the better the installer, the more cost he will demand.

Hence, all these factors will decide the actual cost.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Now you know all the different countertop color options, let’s talk about some frequently asked questions as well. Here we go.

What Colors Are Available on the Quartz Countertop?

There is a list of different color options that you can choose for different purposes.

However, the most commonly used colors include Beige, brown, white, black, grey, etc. You can choose any of the mentioned colors according to your kitchen design.

What Color Quartz is Most Popular?

When it comes to quartz colors, the white tone never goes out of style and out of trend. You can always consider this color for your kitchen or workplace countertops without any second thought.

Moreover, it is the best color option that can be used to balance your kitchen floor or wall colors and cabinets.

What is the Most Popular Countertop for 2022?

Quartz countertops are the most trendy and popular ones for the year 2022. Many people are choosing this for all the good reasons. Hence, if you also want to replace your countertop, this is the best option for 2022.

Is Quartz Countertop Out of Style?

It is a fact that many people are turning towards Quartz countertops which shows their popularity. However, it is not at all out of style and will be in trend for the next coming years as well.

What Countertop Edge is in Style 2022?

You can always consider a Quartz countertop if you are planning to renovate your kitchen or workplace countertop in 2022. Currently, it is the most trendy and noted style that you can consider.

Final Thoughts

So, these were the 15 Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colors that you can choose if you are planning to replace your current countertop in the year 2022.

Quartz is currently the most in-demand countertop so it is better to go for this type of surface instead of opting for other ones.

I have mentioned numerous color choices that you can make according to your requirement and the design of your kitchen.

I hope this guide will accommodate you select the best color option in the future. Take your time and chose what suits the most for your kitchen.

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