Protecting Your Home and Loved Ones

Protecting Your Home and Loved Ones

As the head of the house, it’s our job to protect the family. While having money and a roof over our heads is part of that protection, we can often be mislead that we are secure when we are certainly not. And by the time it hits, it’s too late. The window is broken, the jewelry is stolen, your child is in the hospital and an all too-real nightmare will forever haunt your lives.

I don’t say all this to scare you, I just want you to realize the reality of it. We live in scary times. No, I don’t think it is silly or over-cautious to have a bomb shelter stocked with food and water, or to burglar proof your home, or to sign up for bio-surveillance so your family can stay in the know when crisis hits.

With all that said, I recently stumbled onto this excellent interactive infographic that shows you how to easily burglar proof your home. A burglar attempt happens every 15 seconds. Get your home prepared with these easy ways to deter a burglar from choosing your home as their next target. This infographic was created by Bee Safe, a world leader in shelter technology.

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