DIY Cheap Plywood Floor Ideas – Costs, Pros & Cons

DIY Cheap Plywood Floor Ideas – Costs, Pros & Cons

Do you want to renovate your house with new plywood floor ideas?

Plywood flooring is one of the most in-demand and elegant floorings that you can consider for your house or office space.

They are durable due to which they last for long and do not need to be changed now and then. Above all, you do not need to give additional time and effort to its cleanliness because they are easy to clean and maintain.

In this guide, we will explain different ideas for installing plywood floors along with their pros, cons, and costs so that if you are planning to install this type of flooring, this article will accommodate you.

Before heading towards the topic, let us facilitate you with the basics of plywood flooring.

What is Plywood Flooring

Plywood flooring is a thin layer that is composed of wood plies that are glued to form multiple layers in order to enhance its strength and durability.

They need to be glued down in order to install so anyone can perform it at home without any professional need. In 2012 they were launched for the first time and since then, people are installing them.

Plywood Flooring

They do not require effort when it comes to installing and cleaning these wood plies that’s why many people prefer this type of flooring among others.

Besides this, durability is the main feature of why the trend of installing plywood is increasing with time. They add value and are completely budget-friendly.

Pros & Cons of Plywood Flooring

Once you have chosen one of the above mentioned plywood floor ideas, you might be planning on installing them.

But before that, you may want to have a look at the pros and cons to get a clear idea of whether to install them or not. Here we go.

Pros of Plywood Flooring

1. They are Affordable

When it comes to pricing, they are super affordable than wood floors, bamboo floors, etc. Those who are looking for budget-friendly flooring should definitely consider this type of flooring.

Besides the cheap material, you do not need to spend extra to buy an installation kit because all you have to do is glue down the planks.

You do not need to hire any professional in order to install the flooring because it is a DIY project that you can easily perform at home. It is the top advantage that people usually consider.

2. They are Highly Flexible

Flexibility in flooring is one of the major components that people usually don’t consider when buying flooring.

Plywood is one of the most flexible floorings that are easy to repair or replace while other floorings either need replacement or they are impossible to repair.

Apart from that, you can repaint plywood as much as you want. You can change the look of plywood according to your want that is the plus point even you can also change the wood piece according to the requirement.

Hence, it is clearly one of the most flexible floorings you will ever witness.

3. No Difficult Installation

As mentioned above, they do not require any tough method to install. Simply cut the wood in your required shape and glue it down on the floor and you are all done.

You can perform this task even as a beginner.

plywood floor installation

4. They are Environment Friendly

They can fit in any environment so you can consider them both in winters and summers. They are more weather and water-resistant as compared to other floorings

They absorb water quickly because there is no space left where water could stay.

Cons of Plywood Flooring

There are some cons of plywood that you should know before deciding to install them. They include:

1. They are Not Much Durable

When it comes to durability, their competitors top the chart. Tough, plywood enhances its strength when you install them on the floor yet it is a thin and weak material that could break or damage easily.

Moreover, scratches occur quite easily on this type of flooring.

2. No Resale Value

If you ever plan to sell your house, this flooring won’t be enough recognized because in some cases they are not even considered flooring. If we talk about engineered hardwood flooring, it has a huge resale value.

Cost of Plywood Flooring

The cost depends on different factors that we will discuss below for better understanding.

Floor SizeFloor Size

The floor size where you want to install the flooring determines how much material is required to cover the entire space.

The larger the floor, the more material you will need resulting in more cost. However, if the space is less, you need less material.

Subfloor CostSubfloor Cost

If the floor is not smooth and even you definitely need a subfloor or a finished floor so that your floor becomes durable. You have to cover every rough patch to avoid future problems.

In cases, you do not need a subfloor that can save you from additional cost. Ensure that, making your subfloor smooth is one of the challenging tasks that should be done carefully.

Plywood TypePlywood Type

Every plywood type differs in price so it depends on your requirement. A few high-quality plywood flooring are expensive that will surely cost much.

However, you do not need to buy expensive plywood for your subfloor because it won’t be visible. Hence, how much cost is amplified depends on the type that you will buy.


Construction MethodConstruction Method

It depends on which method you choose for installation. For instance whether you want to go for nail and screw or you simply go with a glue-down method. The construction of plywood doesn’t cost much.

Other ExpensesOther Expenses

The other expenses include insulation, finish type, underfloor heating, labor type, replacement of skirting boards, etc. If you need all these things, you have to spend additional.

Hence, all these factors determine how much amount or cost you need for plywood flooring. Remember that the highest the quality, the higher amount you need to spend.

Top 7 Plywood Floor Ideas

You can get various cheap plywood floor ideas. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • You can make custom plywood flooring according to your taste simply by using grout and spacers. You can do water-based polyurethane finishing in order to bring shine.
  • What about giving a wooden and marble touch in a single space? A marble plywood floor wouldn’t be the wrong combination in a single space. Try it.
  • You can also bring vintage vibes by giving your flooring a dark-stained look. After cutting the planks, you can use liquid nails to cover the entire surface. Afterward, you can sand in order to cover the edges.
  • In order to cut the cost, you can simply install plywood by using durable glue. It will save a lot of costs and you can enjoy your new flooring.
  • You can use plywood slats in order to install the plank wood floors. It also helps you to match the flooring with the interior of the room. To bring shine you can also add Minwax polyurethane.
  • Plywood can be one of the best alternatives to hardwood floors because many people can’t afford to install hardwood so you can go for plywood.
  • It can bring the best change to your house decor and can add value to the space. For your living room, it can be the best choice. Moreover, it is a treat to walk barefooted on such type of flooring.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Plywood as Flooring?

Yes, you can definitely consider this type of flooring as they have numerous advantages and they are one of the budget-friendly floorings. We have mentioned some great plywood floor ideas that you can try out.

How Can I Make My Plywood Floor Look Good?

You can make it eye-catchy by using sand. Moreover, you can apply primer and paint plywood according to your taste and room furniture.

The best thing about plywood is that you can make it as per your taste and paint it as many times as you want.

Do Plywood Floors Last?

Plywood floors are not much durable as they are made of thin material. However, after installation on the floor, the strength increases yet they are less durable than other floorings.

However, the best thing is that they are easy to maintain and you can paint them whenever you want.

What Are the Disadvantages of Plywood?

Plywood flooring is not durable so it can easily be damaged and scratched. It is one of the biggest advantages of this type of flooring.

How Thick Should Plywood Be for Flooring?

The standard size is 15/32-inch. However, it can be more than that.


Plywood flooring is the best alternative for those who want top-quality hardwood flooring but can’t afford it.

Hence, if you want budget-friendly flooring that is easy to maintain and can be made according to your taste, you can’t get an any better option.

I have mentioned a few best plywood floor ideas in this guide that you can opt for.

Along with the ideas, I have mentioned the pros and cons of plywood and the cost that you have to spend on this type of flooring. I hope this guide will be helpful for you.

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