Patio Tiles: Tips for Getting Most Effective Results

Patio Tiles: Tips for Getting Most Effective Results

Cleaning your tiles is an important part of your overall house maintenance. Whether dealing with bathroom tiles or patio tiles, it is important to give your surface a thorough and effective clean-up as doing so will not only leave the surface clean but also prolong the lifespan of your tiles. Regular cleaning is necessary for the maintenance of your patio as it will help reduce the overall cost and energy required to deal with extensive grime, dirt, and mould and algae growth. There are some important tips to consider however when cleaning the flooring for effective results and especially if you opt for DIY as opposed to professional services.

Tips for effective tile cleaning results

  • Use the right brooms and washer: – Someone once said, “If you want to get the job rightly done, then you must have the right tools.” The truth can never be overstated when it comes to cleaning different types of flooring and patio tiles. The kind of broom used to clean the floor or tiles will depend on the floor materials. The broom used to clean tiles need to have varied stiffness as compared to the one used on natural stone. You will also need a power washer and a lightweight soft scrub brush to clean your outdoor tiles.
  • Use effective and eco-friendly cleaning solutions: – You should also have effective and eco-friendly washing solutions or chemicals which should be able to clean your patio tiles without harming your patio plants or bleach your times. You should avoid alkaline and acidic cleaners instead opting for neutral pH solutions. The former will affect your flooring finishes leaving you with more work to do.

Cleaning your natural stone flooring

The approach required for cleaning natural stone flooring is different from that needed for patio or bathroom tiles. Frequent cleaning is advisable and this should be done using a wet vacuum which allows you to use a combination of wet vacuum and water detergent. Acidic and highly alkaline cleaners should be avoided when cleaning you natural stone flooring. Instead, consider using solutions such as baking soda or orange juice which have a pH of 9.0 and 3.0 respectively.

Cleaning your tile flooring grout

Cleaning tiles can be time consuming and especially when done by hand. This is the reason why it would be worth considering a professional cleaner and especially when it comes to grout cleaning. Grout is a porous material not to mention that it easily collects grime and dirt which results in discoloration. It is advisable to mop your flooring and bathroom tiles regularly but this too does not eliminate all the dirt and especially that which is concealed inside the openings of grout lines. To get effective results from your grout cleaning, always use the tips below:

  • First of all sweep or vacuum your flooring before mopping. This will help get rid of dirt and dust.
  • Rinse the surface once you are through with mopping.
  • Do not use bleach or harsh cleaning solutions as this will damage the tile sealants.
  • Always rinse your bathroom tiles or floor properly after washing.

Giving your patio or bathroom tiles a professional clean up will help restore a look of newness while at the same time restoring the luster to the flooring. If you opt for a professional cleaning company, always make sure that your selection is done carefully for quality results.

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