Laying the Foundation to Family

Laying the Foundation to Family

Below is a post from my wonderful parents who hired a contractor to build their house and who inspired me to build my own and in doing so lay the foundation to our homey lives.

Much like a marriage, building a house is a lot of work. When you think about the number of small details that go into building a house, it makes sense that the contractor was calling us nearly every day to ask questions. First he needed to know about our preferred color of door handles, then he needed to know which style of baseboards we wanted.

It got to the point where every time the phone rang, we knew it would be the contractor calling about a certain part of the home whether it was the cabinets to the windows. We knew that he needed this information right away to enter into his project management software, so that he would keep the job running, but it did get a little old after a while. Now that the home has nearly been completed, however, my wife and I are happy that we built our own house, as it will give us a new beginning and a solid foundation for the future.

The Foundation of the Family

The main reason why we wanted to build our own house was because we believed that it would lay the foundation for our family. We do not have any kids at the moment, but we plan on having them in the near future and we wanted our home to be ready for them. Our home has three bedrooms and a master, which should provide us with plenty of room. Now, that is not to say that we wanted three kids, but it did give us room to have a guestroom or a playroom, in addition to two bedrooms for the kids.

The day we chose the floor plan for our new home was a big one, since we basically had to decide how large we wanted our family to eventually be. I thought that three bedrooms would be plenty, but my wife argued that it was better to have too many bedrooms and to use them for other purposes than it is to have not enough bedrooms, and have to add some later. As usual, she won the debate.

The home also provides a solid foundation for our marriage, as it is a project that we undertook together and started from the beginning. In many ways, our marriage is equivalent to this house and, with any luck, both will last for the rest of our lives.

Planting Roots in the Area

Choosing to build in the area in which we did was not an easy decision and a great deal went into it. Most importantly, of course, is the safety of the neighborhood. While it does cost more to build in a good area of town, it is well worth it in the end. After all, we want our children going to a good school and making friends with the right types of people.

To us, it is more important to plant our roots in healthy soil than it is to move into a less desirable neighborhood, only to have to move again once our children enter school. This was a long term decision because having healthy roots will help our family grow in a healthy manner.

The Yard

Having a yard was an important part of our decision, as we knew that our future children will need a safe place to play. Our old home did not have a green space and we found ourselves spending too much time inside. Having a yard was a vital part of our search because kids need a safe place where they can just be kids.  Who cares if they get their jumpers dirty.  It’s all about the experience and atmosphere for your child.

Too often, especially in inner city areas, we see children being forced to grow up too quickly because of the dangers that await them around every corner. Our new yards will act as a barrier between this danger and our future children, while still giving them a chance to explore the outdoors.

Over the course of this project, I have learned a great deal about myself and my marriage. I now know how much I want children in the future and that I will stop at nothing to keep them safe. I haven’t even met them yet, but I know that I will be a great father and that my wife will be a great mother because the foundation has already been created.

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