How to Pick the Right Laminate Flooring Colors?

Pick the Right Laminate Flooring Colors

It’s not easy to choose laminate flooring because they have unlimited brands, grades, thickness, and lock systems options. After selecting the best laminate flooring, the next task is how to pick the right laminate flooring colors.

Picking a color for laminated flooring is also confusing because many options are to consider. Laminate flooring is the wood flooring substitute with a collection of wood-like textures and colors.

It used to be dull colors with little variation in surface texture. But now, the wood laminate flooring colors have more diversity and trendy shades.

The shades of current laminate flooring are taken to another level due to the developments in technology. Now they deliver more advanced grades, genuine finishes, and designs.

Laminate wood floor colors change your home into an elegant area.

Laminate Flooring Colors

Before installing laminate flooring, you should consider selecting the ideal color that matches with the interior or exterior of your living space, depending on where you want to put them. Let us have a look at the best laminate flooring colors.

1. Barn Oak

Barn oak looks like barn wood with oak lumps and snaps, surrounded by a gorgeous brown color. It imitates the real wood plank’s light and dark shades.

Barn Oak

Balance with a mixture of light and dark decoration and cracks of colors. It is an outstanding color to make a cozy space.

2. Canyon Oak

The color of canyon oak is different. It can be called light gray or white laminate flooring. Its shade is medium enhances any space and imitates the properties of real oak.

Canyon Oak

Canyon oak has countless design selections that give cool and relaxing vibes.

3. Odessa Grey

The combination of hand-scraped graphics of Odessa grey with white or charcoal color gives a wood grain texture to planks. You can get a handcrafted look with a hand-scraped finish. The planks look one of a kind.

Odessa Grey

The mixing and matching of dark and light decorations are achieved by Odessa grey’s variety of shades, creating a classy and modern space.

4. Cement Gray

These planks come in a 6.7-inch size. It is best for large rooms with contemporary furniture and decoration when mixed with gorgeous shades and a matte finish.

Cement Gray

You can add a plant and a bit of color to give a natural look to your space.

5. Taupe

Taupe laminate flooring color is used for every design. Like grey color, it produces superior color designs and variations.


The neutral shades of taupe are perfect for small bedrooms with wood floors and kitchen laminate flooring.

6. Savannah Cherry

Savannah cherry is a widespread low-cost laminate floor color and stylish in its looks. The vibes of its gorgeous golden brown color are appealing and soothing.

Savannah Cherry

The small and medium spaces look best by using thinner planks. To avoid the unbearable strong colors, you must not decorate the flooring with heavy furniture.

7. Refined Brass

Refined brass resembles the appearance of real hardwood. Like solid hardwoods, the planks of this flooring claim scratch marks, wood lumps, and textures.

Refined Brass

Balancing the refined brass color with black, silver, and white shades makes a modern and classy look.

8. Warm Sand

Warm sand is a sand gray color that provides a comfy look. This earthy color has a matte shade, and low grain delivers a peaceful and relaxing space.

Warm Sand

The nine-inch wide planks provide fewer seams and are clean and appealing. Laminate floor colors of warm sand change the design of the area.

You can add other neutrals to balance the vibes of laminate wood floor shades.

9. Papua Ebony

Papua ebony creates an artistic space through the dark shades of exotic hardwoods. The superiority of this shade comes from its black color, delicate decoration, matte finish, and hand scraping.

Papua Ebony

The rooms with large windows are best for this floor color because a lot of natural light will make the laminate flooring more prominent. Use white or light gray paint walls.

10. Bridge Wood

The bridge wood laminate flooring color creates a real feel of wood flooring.

Bridge Wood

The rooms with light furniture and surfaces look great with the decorated finishes and dark colors.

11. Ultra Gray

Ultra gray color delivers a contemporary touch to any area. The flat graining mixed with the delicate grey variations helps design a space easily.

Ultra Gray

The ultra gray color will never go out of style because its timelessness has been proved.

12. Shipyard Oak

Shipyard oak laminate flooring color gives a natural look through variations in color and texture. Each plank provides different color and graining.

Shipyard Oak

The shipyard oak shades exist in the middle range of the high variations of shades. It provides a different shade of the floor surface because each plank gives a different shade and delivers a unique result.

13. Sandblasted Pine

Sandblasted pine scratches more easily than other hardwoods because its wood is soft. However, this is not an issue.

Sandblasted Pine

It is a long-lasting laminate flooring color that combines golden and warm brown shades giving a modern and rural look.

The printed and registered finish achieves a distinctive and matchless texture of natural hardwood.

14. Acacia

Acacia’s graceful laminate flooring color is made of golden honey and sprinkles of dark brown. Acacia delivers a wide-ranging spectrum of color variation, with design flexibility ranging from rural to modern to old-fashioned.


The gorgeous golden color of the laminate floor provides a decorated look to your home or office with stylish furniture and decorations. The distinctive addition of this flooring to your living space increases its beauty.

15. Harbor Dusk Oak

Harbor dusk oak delivers a typical wood appearance with an embossed-in-register finish. Its chocolate shades are colored light brown and decorated with strands of gold.

Harbor Dusk Oak

So, this strong laminate flooring color creates the best match for contemporary schemes of color and furniture.

As harbor dusk oak shades are dark, you have to add lighter furniture to your space for a good balance.

16. Amber

The attractive color of amber quickly takes your attention to the floor. The gorgeous color amber makes unique patterns of grain and hand-scraped floors.


This color makes the laminate wood best for commercial and residential use. It creates a relaxing environment. Therefore, it is best for offices or large halls.

17. Township Oak

Township oak has different shades of chocolate, brown, and mocha. These shades create a different wood-look appearance.

Township Oak

Its popularity is increasing every year, but the looks of this flooring are more lively and genuine. The development in flooring technology has improved the appearance of the floorings.

Dark oak flooring is great for homes like farmhouses or old-fashioned industrial houses.

18. American Cherry

American cherry is the most popular laminate flooring color. The honey color of the planks gives a bright and cozy touch to your space. It gives a clean look and smooth surface because there are no wood lumps and cracks.

American Cherry

Houses made of any design will look good with this wood-look laminate flooring. Walls decorated with different colors will look best with American cherry flooring.

If you still can’t find your favorite color, fret not, you also have the option of painting them on your own. Doing so will fulfill your requirements of creating lovely contrast in your home.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Color of Laminate Flooring Is Most Popular?

The most popular laminate flooring colors are light gray, white, and off-white.

What Colors Do Laminate Floors Come In?

Most laminate floor colors come in grey and brown with light and dark tile effects. However, there is a variety of colors of laminate floors.

What Is the Most Popular Floor Color?

The most widespread floor colors are:

  • Classic pine
  • Flat light gray
  • Moody grays
  • Cherry toned
  • Subtle stripes
  • Multi-color character

Which Laminate Flooring Looks Most Like Hardwood?

Luxury-vinyl laminate-plank flooring looks most like hardwoods.

Should Floors Be Darker or Lighter than Walls?

Interior designers suggest that walls be lighter than the floors because the laminate flooring dark colors and lighter walls create a larger room appearance.

What Color Flooring Is Timeless?

Brown maple color flooring is timeless. It has shades of brown, gold, and amber.

Is Dark or Light Flooring Better?

It depends on your choice that which flooring is the best. Darker color flooring hides the dents and marks on the floor and looks more stylish and trendy. While on lighter color floors, the dirt and debris are visible.

How Do I Choose a Floor Color?

Follow these tips in choosing the floor color

  • For small rooms, install light-colored laminate flooring.
  • You can add sophistication to your room by installing dark colors.
  • Use hardwood with patterns.
  • Exposure to sunlight fades the color, so consider it.
  • Look at the sample homes with dark and light color floorings.


The laminate flooring colors list changes with time. Therefore it is difficult to specify the best color for laminate flooring.

To make a warm and cozy living space or a calm and cool appeal by coloring the floor, you must learn how to pick the right laminate flooring colors.

This guide explains all the stylish, trendy, and warm laminate flooring colors. You can choose from a variety of colors according to your living area.

Besides color, you should also consider other aspects of laminate flooring such as cost, type, brand, etc. before making your purchase. In this way, you will be able to make an informed decision

Small rooms look decent by using lighter colors on the floors. You have to consider the color of the walls and furniture before coloring your laminate flooring.

I hope this article will be helpful to you. which are your favorite colors for laminate flooring? Do let us know in the comments below.

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