How to Remove Acrylic Paint from Wood [7 Easy Ways]

Remove Acrylic Paint From Wood

Do you want to remove acrylic paint from wood but couldn’t find the right method?

You might be worried if your newly installed wooden floors have acrylic paint splashes and now you are not finding any way to get rid of them.

Wood floors are the most costly ones yet they are installed in every next house due to the numerous features it delivers. Acrylic paint can fall off while doing any DIY painting work.

However, do not worry as this article will solve your confusion by defining different methods of removing this paint from your luxurious hardwood floors.

Along with this, we will explain the best Acyclic paint alternatives that you may consider for your next project.

How to Remove Acrylic Paint from Wood?

  1. It can be removed by using hot water and soap if the paint is still wet.
  2. Vegetable oil is the best way to remove wet paint.
  3. Rubbing alcohol brings magic and lets you get rid of this issue.
  4. Denatured alcohol is another best way to remove the paint from the wood floors.
  5. You can use a heat gun for this purpose as well.
  6. Paint solvents also do their job perfectly in this regard.
  7. You can also go for the sanding option.
  8. Last but not least, acetone is another great option for you.


Easy Methods To Remove Acrylic Paint from Wood

Let’s discuss each method in detail among which you can choose anyone according to the requirement and circumstances. Here we go.

Acetone for removing paint from wood (2)

1. Use Soap and Warm Water

If you have noticed the acrylic paint on your luxurious wooden floor that is still wet then better use soap with warm water because the paint is water-based and nothing can be better than using this technique.

Water and soap perfectly remove acrylic paint. Hence, for this purpose, the materials you need include:

Use Soap and Warm Water for getting rid of paint from wooden surface

Materials Required

Steps To Follow

  1. In a bowl add dish soap and mix it well with warm water.
  2. Take a dry cloth and wet it with soapy water.
  3. Gently wipe the paint from the wood with a wet cloth.
  4. You will see noticeable results after some time.
  5. Do not forget to clean the spills with a wet cloth once it is done.

This method is useful only if the paint is still wet because once it is dry, this method won’t work out.

2. Use a Vegetable Oil

If the first method didn’t work out and acyclic paint has dried out, vegetable oil would be an ideal solution for this purpose.

Vegetable Oil for removing paint from wood

The tools or material you need to follow this method include:

Materials Required

Steps To Follow

  1. Directly add a few drops of olive oil to the paint and gently rub it using a paper towel. Ensure that oil has reached the entire stained area.
  2. Let the oil sit on the surface for the next few minutes to soften the acrylic paint. It is how it will be easy for you to get rid of it.
  3. Now get your hands on a putty knife or paint scraper and gently start scraping the paint. You have to be extra careful while doing it so that you do not harm the wood surface.
  4. Once the paint is removed, take a clean rag and clean the mess from the surface. You have to remove the steps unless and until the entire paint has vanished.

This method is used when the paint has been dried out and soapy water is not enough to remove it.

3. Use Rubbing Alcohol

Using rubbing alcohol is another great way to pull out any type of paint from your expensive wooden floors.

Rubbing Alcohol for gettig rid of paint from wooden floors

So, the material and tools you need for this purpose include:

Materials Required

Steps To Follow

  1. Before using any material, get your hands on a putty knife and start scraping as much paint as you can. You have to remove maximum layers of paint before using alcohol.
  2. Now you might have removed maximum paint, taken a dry cloth and wet it with rubbing alcohol and elbow grease. You have to use this alcohol only on surface that has painted.
  3. Start applying alcohol with a cloth on the affected area. Once the paint is pulled out do not forget to wipe the entire surface in order to remove excess paint residue.
  4. You can increase the quality of alcohol according to the requirement. Repeat the process as much as you need.
  5. Once everything is cleared out, take a wet cloth and clean the surface once again in order to remove the excess moisture and to make the surface dry.

This method is beneficial for unvarnished wood. You can also consider this method for varnished woods but it might make the wood floor dull.

4. Use Denatured Alcohol

This type of alcohol is a bit stronger so it better removes the paint from the wood surface.

Denatured alcohol for eliminating paint from wooden surface

However, it generates pale blue flames that are invisible so always use this alcohol in a well-ventilated area.

The tools you need include:

Materials Required

Steps To Follow

  1. Take a clean rag and make it wet with Denatured alcohol.
  2. Pour the maximum quantity of alcohol into the area from where you want to remove the paint. Now let the alcohol sit there for the next 10 minutes.
  3. Now the paint must have become soft so take a putty knife and start scrapping it. Be careful during this process so that your wood floors are safe from any damage or scratches.
  4. Repeat the scraping process until the entire coat has been removed from the wooden floors.
  5. Now take a dry cloth and dip it in cold water. Remove excess moisture and paint debris from the surface with that wet cloth.

If you have unvarnished and unfinished wood and the paint has been dried, this method is the most effective one.

5. Use a Heat Gun

Removing the dry acrylic paint is a complicated task but why worry when we have a heat gun for this purpose? However, before using the heat gun, do not forget to check the instructions.

Heat Gun for removing paint from wood

The tools or materials you need for this method are:

Materials and Tools Required

Steps To Follow

  1. Before starting this method be concerned about your safety. Wear goggles, masks, and gloves and make sure the room is well-ventilated. The gloves should be of leather.
  2. Get your hands on a heat gun and keep the temperature setting to a maximum level. Ensure that the heat gun is approximately 4 inches away from the surface. Keep moving the gun in a circular motion.
  3. Now take a putty knife and start scraping the paint. Repeat the process unless and until the surface becomes paint-free. However, scrap the paint with gentle hands in order to avoid any accident.
  4. After some time, take liquid soap and water and clean the area with a damp cloth.
  5. Make sure to dry the surface by removing excess moisture.

This method is perfect for a large wooden area like furniture or a door.

6. Use a Solvent

Various paint solvents are available in the market that can help you in this regard. These solvents remove the acrylic or other type of paints from the wood floors in no time.

Solvent for removing paint from wood

Before using this solvent, always be concerned about your safety and protection because they can become toxic as well. The tools you need in this regard are:

Materials Required

Steps To Follow

  1. Wear all the safety precautions and make sure the room is well-ventilated.
  2. Now use a paintbrush or a paint roller and apply a coat on the surface where there is paint. Let the paint be there for the next few minutes.
  3. Now when the bubbles start to appear, scrape the paint with a plastic paint scraper. Scrap it as much as you can in order to remove maximum paint.
  4. Take a dry cloth and dip it in mineral spirits. It will remove paint solvent residue and will make the surface thoroughly clean.
  5. Once the process is done make the surface dry by using a dry cloth.

This method is great if a thick layer of paint has fallen on the wooden floors. You can clean acrylic paint with this method easily.

7. Use an Acetone

Acetone is another useful material that you can opt for to remove acrylic paint from wood. So what you need to remove acrylic paint stains with acetone is:

Acetone for removing paint from wood

Materials Required

Steps To Follow

  1. After applying the acetone to the paint area do not forget to cover it with a clean rag because it evaporates quickly.
  2. Now use a paint scraper and start scraping the loose paint. Repeat the process till the entire surface becomes clean.
  3. You can increase the quantity according to the requirement.
  4. Once the entire surface is clean, use a damp rag to dry the surface.

If you have unfinished wood then this method will go best for you. This is the best acrylic paint remover.

What is Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paints are water-based paints that dry quickly. You do not have to wait longer for the next coat due to this advantage.

Moreover, it can give the similar look to oil paints. As they are already water-based so you do not need to add water. It is easy to be applied on different surfaces.

Why Are Acrylic Paints Popular?

The main reason for their popularity is the fast drying feature and versatility. After a few months, you can apply the second coat as it dries in the least possible time.

Moreover, they are widely used by artists in order to create different paintings. They are also durable and deliver the best quality.

Acrylic Paint Alternatives

Let’s have a look at a few best alternatives to this paint. They include:


It is one of the best alternatives to acrylic that is said to be eco-friendly.

Milk Paints

They are non-toxic paints that you can choose as an alternative to Acrylic.

Oil Based Paints

They are quite popular and already being used in every next place.

Satin Paint

They give you a smooth texture so you can consider this alternative.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have a look at a few frequently asked questions regarding cleaning up of the acrylic paint. The questions or queries include:

How Do You Get Dried Acrylic Paint Off Wood?

If the paint has dried from the wood then olive oil would be the best solution for this purpose. Moreover, you can also consider rubbing alcohol.

What Removes Dried Acrylic Paint?

There are many ways to get rid of dry paint including vegetable oil, rubbing alcohol, solvent, sanding, etc. All these methods are easy to follow and can be done easily at home.

Can Acrylic Paint Come Off of Wood?

Yes, it can easily come out from the wood without much effort required. If the paint is wet then soapy water would be enough for this purpose.

However, if the paint has dried then use olive oil or rubbing alcohol. If the paint has fallen over a large surface then a heat gun will be appropriate.

Does Acetone Remove Acrylic Paint?

Using acetone is another great way to get rid of this problem. However, it is most suitable for unfinished wood. Moreover, do not forget to cover yourself fully before applying this method.

Final Thoughts

If you have already tried different methods to remove acrylic paint from wood but all in vain, then follow this guide for utmost satisfaction and optimum results.

All these acrylic paint removal methods have been tested and they have shown positive results. Acyclic paint dries super quick so try to remove them as fast as you can.

I hope this guide will help you to get rid of the paint from the wood in the future. I have mentioned the best ideas for removing acrylic paint that will accommodate you.

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