How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car – Step by Step Guide

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car

Do you want to get dog hair out of your car?

Pet owners experience the issue of dog hair everywhere in their homes and cars. Dogs are a good friend but it’s difficult to remove their hair from every corner of your car because they are so tiny.

If you vacuum your car regularly, you will still find this hair in every corner of your vehicle. Besides creating mess, these hair are also hazardous for your health which may cause respiratory issues and allergic reactions.

In this article, we will discuss the ways in getting dog hair out of cars.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car?

  1. Before you get your dog into the car, comb your pet’s hair thoroughly to remove all the loose hair.
  2. You can use a handheld vacuum to suck the hair stuck into the car’s upholstery, and it is easily accessible to hard-to-reach places.
  3. Use a kitchen rubber glove, inflated balloon, or duct tape to remove any remaining hair.
  4. To remove stubborn hair, sprinkle the car’s interior with fabric softener and wipe with a towel or squeegee.
  5. A pumice stone or hair curler brush also effectively removes the hair.


Tools and Materials Required

A Step by Step Guide to Remove Hair Out of the Car?

For pet lovers, it is impossible to get rid of pet hair by banning them from vehicles, so you must look for some effective ways to get rid of pet hair from cars.

1. Brush Your Dog’s Hair Before They Enter the Car

The best way to get dog hair out of the car carpet is to brush their hair before you get them into the car. In this way, all the loose hair will be removed from the pet which is going to trap in all the corners of the car.

Brush Your Dog’s Hair Before They Enter the Car

While brushing the dog’s hair try to use the correct type of brush so you can remove as much hair as possible.

2. Using the Right Type of Vacuum

Vacuuming is the most inconvenient way of getting dog hair out of a car carpet. It would be better to use a handheld vacuum for this purpose. If the pet hair is not sucked by the standard brush or hose, you can use a special attachment made for pet hair picking.

Type of Vacuum to remove dog hair

To make the vacuum job easier, you have to choose the right type of vacuum. The attachments of the pet hair use static energy in the rubber bristles, which attracts the pet hair. In this way, they are removed from the upholstery.

Most of the car wash services have heavy-duty vacuum cleaners available which will require you to spend some money. Their power suction is a better way to get stubborn hair out of the carpet in your car.

3. Get Rid of Dog Hair using Rubber Kitchen Glove

Rubber kitchen glove comes in handy in removing pet hair from the cars. Wear the glove and dip your hand slightly in the water, then rub the carpet of the car’s carpet and seats in one direction.

using Rubber Kitchen Glove to remove Dog Hair

This will make a bunch of the pet hair over the carpet which you can easily remove by picking it up. There is also another way to remove pet hair using this glove; you can sprinkle some water over the car interior upholstery and wipe it using the rubber glove.

Sprinkling water will cause the pet hair to build up at your fingers. If you don’t have a rubber glove, you can use a damp cloth or sponge.

4. Get Pet Hair Out of Your Car Using Inflated Balloon

Balloons have static energy that attracts pet hair, like the rubber bristles on a vacuum attachment. This method looks odd but it’s a very effective way to get rid of this hair.

Pet Hair Out of Your Car Using Inflated Balloon

Fill air into the balloon and rub it on the areas of the car interior which have pet hair, they will be attracted to it.

5. Remove Pet Hair with Hair Curler Brush

Removing pet hair with a hair curler brush is also an effective method. Pick the curler and run it over the car interior like a normal brush, it will remove all the pet hair from the interior of the car.

Remove Pet Hair with Hair Curler Brush

Once the buildup of hair come on the curler, remove it and repeat the process until all the hair is removed.

6. Using Fabric Softener

The method to remove pet hair using fabric softener looks weird but it works. Fabric softener contains such elements that loosen the hair from fabric so it is used to remove the stubborn hair deep embedded into the fibers of the upholstery of the car.

Using Fabric Softener for dog hair

Make a solution of one glass of water with two teaspoons of fabric softener and pour the solution into a spray bottle. Use this spray on all the areas of the car interior where pet hair is located and wipe that area with a towel. Use a vacuum for any remaining hair.

7. Using a Duct Tape

You can use any tape for this purpose but duct tape is the strongest of all. Take the tape and roll it over your hand in such a way that the sticky side comes to the outer side.

Using a Duct Tape for dog hair

Now rub the carpet and seats of the car with the sticky side of the tape and carry it on until the hair is removed.

8. Using Pumice Stone for Dog Hair

In most, auto shops, pumice stone is used for washing hands. It works well by combining with fabric softener in breaking the static energy of your carpet’s fibers and helps in loosening the pet hair.

Using Pumice Stone for Dog Hair

The fabric softener is used in this method to soften the abrasiveness of the pumice stone. Make a solution of fabric softener and water, pour it into a spray bottle, and apply it to the interior of the car.

Now rub the area with a pumice stone in one direction. If you will rub it back and forth, the hair will go down into the fibers of the car upholstery again.

9. Get Dog Hair off Car Seats

A gadget is available in the market which picks out dog hair from car seats and carpets effectively. It is made of 90% foamed recycled glass. It works wonderfully to remove dog hair from the car interior.

Get Dog Hair off Car Seats

This tool works more effectively than a vacuum and doesn’t require any power or cords to turn on. Only the power of your hand is required for this and the hair is picked up like magic.

To use it, rub it over the car interior in one direction and remove the buildup of hair. In this way, clean all the parts of the car.

Tips for Getting Rid of Dog Hair Out of Car

You cannot get rid of the dog hair completely from your car but you can decrease the amount of this hair using these ways:

  • Brush the hair of your pet thoroughly before getting it into the vehicle. It will decrease the amount of hair in the car.
  • If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to brush your pet’s hair, purchase a car seat for your pet. This will help a lot in decreasing the amount of hair and it can be washed easily by taking it out.
  • Purchase covers for your car’s seats which will protect your seats from not only pet hair but also dirt and debris. You can easily take these covers out, wash them, and put them back onto the seats.
  • Place mats over the entire carpet of the car or if there are small spaces, put small mats over there. These mats are very helpful in protecting the interior of the car and they can be easily washed when it gets full of hair and dirt.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Remove Dog Hair from Car?

There are many options to pick up the dog hair from the car interior:

  1. Using duct tape to stick the pet hair.
  2. Use rubber kitchen gloves after wetting.
  3. Using fabric softener solution and pumice stone.
  4. Use a blown-up balloon to rub over the hair; thus the static energy will attract the pet hair and the interior will be cleaned from hair.

How Car Detailers Remove Pet Hair?

Car detailers use heavy-duty vacuum cleaners which have powerful suction systems. It sucks all the pet hair from the car’s carpets and seats. Some attachments are used by them to clean the hard-to-reach places.

How to Get Rid of Pet Hair from Black Car Carpet?

A black carpet makes the pet hair more prominent; so you have to use a powerful method to pick out the pet hair from the car’s interior thoroughly.

Sprinkle the space with fabric softener and rub it with a tool like a pumice stone, rubber glove, squeegee, sponge, or cloth in one direction will remove all the hair. If some of the hair is left, you can use a vacuum cleaner to pick them up.

How Do You Pick Pet Hair from Car Seat Covers?

A fabric softener is designed to loosen the hair from fabrics so you can use it on the covers and rub it with a rubber glove or squeegee. As the seat covers can be removed so you can easily wash them out and put them back on the seats after drying.

How to Get Pet Hair Out From Car Carpet?

Take a glass of water and mix 2 tsp of fabric softener into it. Mix it well and put this solution into a spray bottle. Now apply this to all the upholstery of the car interior and wipe the areas with a towel in one direction. Use a vacuum cleaner to pick up any remaining pet hair.

Final Thoughts

Homeowners who like pets and carry them everywhere they go in their cars, experience the problem of a mess of pet hair. If you cannot stop them from entering the car to avoid the issue of hair, we have given different ways to get dog hair out of the car.

After cleaning the car thoroughly from pet hair, you should follow some tips so that the buildup of hair doesn’t occur again. Install mats on the car’s carpet, cover its seat, and purchase a separate seat for your dog.

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