How to Quickly Dry Wet Carpet After Cleaning or Flooding?

Dry Carpet

Are you trying to quickly dry wet carpet after the task of cleaning or an event of flooding?

We all know that carpets and moisture can’t go hand in hand. If the moisture or wetness remains in the carpets, it badly harms the fibers leaving behind an ugly odor.

One of the common and the most significant issues that occur is the growth of mold after which your lovely rugs become unrepairable.

Hence, whenever you wash your carpets, immediately dry them so that it doesn’t cause any issue. In this article, we will discuss some tips that will help you quickly dry them. Let’s get started.

How to Dry Carpet at Home?

  1. Ensure you know the real cause of wetness before dealing with the problem.
  2. Get rid of excess water from the carpets to begin working.
  3. All the furniture and other items should be removed before starting working.
  4. You must have absorbent towels that will help you absorb moisture from the rugs.
  5. Use a wet carpet dryer so that the entire moisture from the carpets vanishes.
  6. You can also turn on ceiling fans and dehumidifiers in this regard.
  7. You can also rent a shop vacuum that will help you clear the carpet from water and moisture.


Important Points to Check Before Drying Your Wet Carpet

It is vital to quickly take action yet we have to consider a few important points before drying them so that nothing goes wrong.

Here are a few essential points you should never take for granted whenever you are about to dry your wet carpet.

1. Find Out the Source of Leakage

If your carpet has become wet due to some unpleasant accident it is important to figure out the actual cause or why did it happen in the first place.

Sometimes, the room where your lovely carpets have been placed has a leaking roof or it might be due to a damaged pipe.

Find Out the Source of Leakage in the pipes

Whatever the reason is, do not dry the carpet before figuring out the cause otherwise all your hard work will go in vain and this accident might occur later.

It is the first and most important point that you should get to the bottom of because it is crucial to check the cause of the problem before solving the problem.

2. Remove the Furniture

You can not dry the carpet in a room that is full of furniture and other stuff otherwise you will harm those expensive items as well.

Remove the Furniture from the carpet

Hence, before drying them, place the furniture outside and then begin working so that you can perform this work easily without any inconvenience. It is the second most important point to look for.

3. Do Not Walk Over Wet Carpet

Before kicking off the work, make sure you have all the required items so that you do not have to go from one room to another again and again.

Do Not Walk Over Wet Carpet

Never walk a lot on wet carpets because it can also cause wear and tear.Β  Moreover, the dirt that comes on the carpet from your shoes is also not good because it might enter the fibers, and then it will be difficult for you to get rid of it.

Hence, these are the three most important elements that you should keep an eye on before starting working on your wet carpets.

Methods of Drying Wet Carpets Due to Flood

There are a few easy and quick methods that will make this wet carpet drying work simple and straightforward.

The items needed for this purpose are usually available at home so you do not have to spend extra. Moreover, this DIY work can easily be done at home. Here we go.

1. Get Rid of Excessive Water

If there is a lot of water on carpets you have to get rid of it. Now, what items you need to remove depends on the amount of water on the rug.

If there is a lot of water that your carpet is completely soaked in it, better get your hands on a submersible pump or a shop vac that you can also buy on rent. However, if there is not too much water, a shop vac would be enough.

Get Rid of Excessive Water from carpet

It is better not to go for a regular vacuum that you use to remove dirt and dust from the floor because the shop vacuum’s suction power is more productive. Your regular vacuum won’t be able to tackle a lot of water from the carpets.

You can rent the pump and shop vac from any hardware store because there is no need to buy them. Hence, this is the first method you have to follow to get rid of dryness from the carpets.

2. Get Your Hands on Absorbent Towels

Once you are done extracting water from the carpets, now pick absorbent towels and place them on the carpets while keep pressing them so that it absorbs as much moisture as they could.

Keep moving back and forth over the towel so that no place is left untreated. Once you are done soaking a specific area, put a dry towel there and keep repeating the process.

You have to repeatedly do this process unless and until you are sure the entire rug is completely dry. Do not forget to check underneath the carpets that either the surface is dry or not. If still, you are unable to handle this issue it is time to call a professional and stop doing it yourself.

3. Let the Moisture Evaporate

Now it’s time to air dry the carpet by turning on all the fans in the room along with the dehumidifiers. It will evaporate the moisture and will help you remove it from the room.

However, keep checking now and then in order to change the position of the fan You can also use a hair dryer in this regard for quick drying. You can only use a dryer if the water damage is less.

Moisture Evaporate from carpet

While using the dryer, do not hold it near the carpet because it can harm the fibers. While keeping a few inches of distance, start moving the dryer in a back and forth motion.

If you live in an area with a warm weather temperature, you can open the windows for quick healing.

4. Remove the Carpet Padding

Check the padding of your beautiful carpets that get more damaged as compared to the carpets. If you do not replace the padding, the mold will occur resulting in more destruction in the future because it can also make your rugs destructive.

In order to avoid this issue, better replace it and add a new one so that your carpets are safe.

If the carpets are wet due to flood, it becomes totally impossible to recover them along with the padding. However, if the issue is due to any leakage problem or broken pipes, you can perform this task at home by following the above-mentioned methods.

Remember that mold in a carpet from water damage can lead to serious issues so never use them if you sense any mold.

How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning?

The method solely depends on the way you have previously cleaned them. You can dry clean them or you can also go for a steamer. Let’s have a look at a few points that depict how to dry them.

1. Good Airflow

If there is a good airflow in the room, your carpet will tend to quickly dry as expected. Hence, open all the windows of the room to improve the air quality.

Let the fresh air come in so that all the moisture from the carpet is removed. I will also remove the wet carpet smell that usually occurs if the room is closed that has a wet carpet.

If there are two windows in a room then open 1 entire window and the second half as it will make a powerful crosswind.

It also depends on the area where you reside because the warm the weather is, the easier it will be for you to dry the carpet. It is the first method to make your drying process easier.

2. Fan is Helpful

If you have ceiling fans it will be more helpful for you to complete this task easily. Always go for this method if the weather temperature is not up to the mark.

Keep all the fans open so that all the moisture from the carpets vanishes in a few hours. It is how you can also get rid of unpleasant smells that cause due to wet rugs in the room.

If the ceiling fan is not available in the room, you can switch to a desk fan but it won’t be as helpful as the ceiling one.

3. Air Conditioner is Powerful

Forget fans, air conditioning take the drying method to another level and make the carpets quickly dry. Yes, your carpets won’t get fresh air and the air won’t circulate as much yet they are powerful and enough to make the wet carpets dry and eliminate unpleasant smells.

On rainy days, air conditioners proved to be a good source of drying.

Once you feel the carpets are about to dry, shit down the A.c and wait for some time to let it be at room temperature. Now examine whether the rug is fully dry or not. It is how you will get a better idea.

Drying Carpets in Winters

In summers, you have numerous options to dry out them including warm sunny temperatures, air conditioners, or fans but what about dying them in winters when all these things won’t be accessible?

Drying Carpets in Winters

We have a solution for this as well. Let’s have a look.

Get Rid of Excessive WaterGet Rid of Excessive Water

Before applying the method ensure you have removed all the excess water so that the surface becomes ready to be treated. As already mentioned, you can use a shop vacuum or a pump depending on the amount of water.

Apply Baking SodaApply Baking Soda

Once you are done vacuuming, get your hands on baking soda and start applying. Apply maximum amount so that it covers the entire wet area of the carpet.

Ensure it is already available in your kitchen because you might need approximately 1 canister. Now let the soda sit there for at least some hours. You can also leave it overnight for more effective results.

Apply Baking Soda on carpet

It will soak the entire moisture and will also help to remove the odor.

Vacuum the CarpetVacuum the Carpet

After thoroughly applying and waiting for several hours, use a normal vacuum gently over the surface. Do not forget any spots so that baking soda shows its best results.

Open a FanOpen a Fan

After vacuuming, open the fan or you can also open the window so that fresh air comes and the little dampness in the rug also vanishes. You can only open the window if the temperature is good.

Open a Fan on carpet

How Long Does it Take to Dry Carpet?

The drying time depends on the amount of water your carpet is soaked in. For instance, if your carpets were fully flooded in water, it will take many days to be able to walk on but if there was a minor flood, you will start walking over them in a few days.

Expecting it to dry in a few hours is impossible whether you are doing this task yourself or hiring a professional.

If you have chosen professional cleaning services, it might take 24 hours however the hours can exceed. In case of a flood, it will take a minimum of 72 hours.

Ensure not to walk on the wet carpet because it won’t be able to handle foot traffic. Moreover, do not place the furniture items once you are sure the carpets are fully dried out.

Reasons to Dry the Wet Carpet

Why it is vital to take quick actions as soon as you see a wet carpet or what damage does it cause if you leave wet carpets untreated? If you do not dry out them, mold will occur between carpets and padding that will provide utmost harm.

Mold is an infection that rapidly increases and makes the surface completely destroyed if you do not pay attention to it.

Dry the Wet Carpet

Moreover, the padding placed underneath the carpet absorbs all the moisture so when the mold will start growing, it will also absorb it creating more mess.

Carpet water damage also has a bad impact on the air quality of your house that might lead to asthma. In a few cases, the illness might be severe so treating them as soon as possible is essential if unfortunately, it starts appearing.

To get rid of mold, you can use baking soda and vinegar which are the most productive ingredients to kill mold. You can also go for different cleaners available in the market, especially for this purpose.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Drying wet carpets are easy as long as you are following the right method. Let’s have a look at some commonly asked questions for more understanding.

How Long Does it take the Carpet to Dry Out?

It depends on the amount of water your carpet was soaked in. If the carpet is wet due to any leakage problem or any broken pipe, it will take hardly 24 hours but if it is due to a flood, you have to wait at least 72 hours.

Do not perform any activity unless and until you are sure they are completely dry.

What Soaks up Moisture from the Carpet?

The most effective ingredient that you can use for this purpose is Baking soda as it not only absorbs moisture but also fight molds and reduces the smell coming from wet rugs.

Make sure you have enough amount of soda at home that covers the entire carpet.

Is it OK to Let the Carpet Air Dry?

Yes, it is one of the perfect ways to make your carpets dry. You can also use dehumidifiers and air conditioners in this regard.

How Do You Dry the Wet Carpet without Pulling It Up?

There are many ways to dry the wet carpet without pulling it up. A few include airflow, using ceiling fans, air conditioners, towel dyer, rent shop vacuum, exposing the padding, etc. All these methods are mentioned above for quick understanding.

Does Baking Soda Dry Carpet?

Yes, baking soda is the most useful method to be applied on wet carpets, especially in winters. The detailed method of applying the baking soda is already mentioned above.

Final Thoughts

If you are tired of removing wetness from your lovely carpets and rugs but all in vain, this article will help you deal with this problem.

Whether the wetness of the carpet is due to flooding or it is because of any leakage problem in the room, this guide has all the possible solutions you could follow.

I have tried to cover them in the easiest way possible so that you can do it at home without any professional.

I hope this article will help you dry your carpets quickly and easily.

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