How to Declutter Each Room of Your Home

How to Declutter Each Room of Your Home

Spring Cleaning Time! 

I can hardly believe how fast 2015 is going by. I love separating my months into missions. February is tax month but March is spring cleaning month! For those who are so sick of the cold, first day of spring is March 20th which will be here sooner than you realize (hopefully).

The first step to our spring cleaning regimen is decluttering. I’ve been forever traumatized by watching Hoarders (once) and have made it a mission to only live with basic necessities (for the most part) but some how I still manage to get all this CRAP in my house!

To help us kick off our spring clean series here is this lovely infographic with smart strategies for room-by-room decluttering.

So, in the words of Elsa (and every little girl): Let It Go!

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