How to Clean Window Screens? 6 Easy Methods

Clean Window Screens

Do you want to know the easiest and the right way to clean window screens?

I have often seen people neglecting this house chore that is equally important yet people do not pay any consideration to it. Do you know that a dirty screen puts a bad impact on air quality and you can not see the exact view?

Cleaning screens is easy and can be done in different ways that we will surely discuss in this guide. I will also explain why you should clean it and how often you should perform this work. Are you ready?

How to Clean Window Screens Like a Pro?

  1. Detach the screen if it is possible because it is how you can better remove residues.
  2. Gather all the required tools for easy and quick cleaning.
  3. Make sure to get rid of all the loose dust particles.
  4. Get your hands on the best screen cleaner so that it shows the best results.
  5. Applying a vacuum is also a good idea.
  6. Vinegar and Baking Soda solution is the most powerful combination.
  7. Various remedies show how you can clean rusted stains part.
  8. Do not forget to regularly clean the screens.


Tools and Materials

You are going to perform it as a DIY work so you should have all the essential tools and materials required for this purpose. Let’s name them below so that you already get your hands on them.

Makes sure you have all these things at home when you begin cleaning your screens. Now let’s talk about the method involved in this process.

Why You Must Clean Your Window Screen?

Before you begin to clean the window screen, in some cases, you might require to remove it. Don’t hesitate to do so. Just be careful while removing it.

There are numerous ways that depict which you should regularly clean your window screens. A few of the reasons include:

1. It Removes Dust

It is important to get rid of all the dust and debris that appears on the window screen over time. If you do not clean them, it becomes tough stains.

Moreover, the dust will enter the pores of the screen resulting in window contamination. If you reside in an area where there is any construction work then it becomes more important.

2. Clear View

Due to dirt, you won’t be able to see a clear view. You can also hire a professional for this purpose because they better know how to make your home shine. They use the best screen cleaner for this purpose.

3. Good Air Quality

Clear windows have a huge impact on air quality. If the residues and dust appear on the screens then it will stop the good air from entering your house so be aware of this point.

4. Good Heating Efficiency

If you live in an area where there is cold then clear windows heat up your house in a better way. On the other hand, dust and dirt can block heat so be mindful.

Cleaning Methods for Window Screen

Cleaning the screens is not limited to a single method as you can do it in different ways according to your feasibility. While cleaning the windows, don’t forget to clean its other parts including window tracks. The methods include:

Remove Loose Dust ParticlesMethod 1. Remove Loose Dust Particles

Before applying any solution or detergent, the first step is to remove all the loose dust particles which can be done easily with any tool.

However, you do not need to detach your screens for this purpose. You can use a small lint roller easily available in the markets.

Remove Loose Dust Particles from window screens

This small lint roller will help you pull off the dust from hard-to-reach areas as well. The biggest mistake people often do is ignoring corners where most of the dirt is found.

Hence, while removing your screens, ensure to cover those spaces as well for thorough cleaning.

Scrub the ScreensMethod 2. Scrub the Screens

Sometimes the lint roller is not enough to get rid of all the loose dust particles so you can move one step ahead. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is no less than magic so try it to eliminate all the dust and debris.

Scrub the window screens

After using this Eraser, gently scrub the screens but don’t be harsh otherwise it will cause scratches.

You do not need to detach the screen for cleaning. Buy an eraser that has extra strength so that it works well on rough surfaces as well.

Use a Vacuum CleanerMethod 3. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Every household has a vacuum for cleaning purposes so you can use it for screen cleaning as well. However, you should be cautious about picking the right kind of vacuum for screen cleaning.

Use Vacuum Cleaner on window screens

Do not use a cleaner that has hard bristles because it can ruin the screen. Cleaners with soft bristles would be ideal in this regard. Apply the vacuum every month so that your screens remain clean.

If you want deep cleaning, detach the screens and lay them on a flat surface so that you can easily use a vacuum over them.

Use a Vinegar SolutionMethod 4. Use a Vinegar Solution

The stubborn dust particle or grimes can not be removed with the above-mentioned ways so you have to make a hard solution to clean them. All you have to do is:

Vinegar Solution

  • In order to clean them with vinegar, detach the screen and lay it on a flat surface so that you can easily apply a solution.
  • Take a bowl and add 1/4 cup Vinegar and mix it in water. Instead of vinegar, you can also use dish soap as both are equally effective.
  • Take a sponge and start applying this soapy water over the screens in a way that each corner is fully covered.
  • Ensure that the screen is fully dried before re-installing it so that no soap residue is left.

It is the best way to clean windows.

Scrub with a toothbrushMethod 5. Scrub with a toothbrush

Sometimes all you need to do is scrub in order to remove hard stains and residues from the screen. It is better to take a brush that has hard bristles so that it works well on every type of surface.

Scrub with a toothbrush

A toothbrush is a great option to clean dust from holes, corners, and every tight spot.

Rusty Cleaning RemediesMethod 6. Rusty Cleaning Remedies

A few rusty cleaning remedies include:

Rusty Cleaning Remedies

  • If your screens have rusted stains then it needs to be removed by pouring vinegar mix in water. Let this mixture be there for the next few minutes. If the screen can be detached it would be more effective but if it can’t then gently rub the stained part.
  • Take a bristle brush and water and start rubbing the entire screen so that the stained area is removed and all the residues are gone.
  • If the stain is still there then add baking soda as well. Start rubbing again and be patient for a while. The rusted stain will definitely disappear.
  • Do not forget to clean the screen with clear water.

How Often You Should Clean Your Window Screens?

Learning how to clean the screens for windows and its surrounding areas such as window sills is important but you must know when you should clean them. How often you should clean them depends on the area where you live and the climate of the country.

If you reside in a place where there is a lot of wind then it needs frequent cleaning i.e twice or thrice a month.

On the other hand, if your area is dry and there is no wind then cleaning the screens once a month would be enough.

Once the winters are over and you are ready to open your screens then you better deep clean them once. Your house window screen must be cleaned often in the spring season.

More importantly, the best way to clean window screens is to detach them first.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s point out a few questions regarding cleaning window screens. The queries include:

What Is the Best Product to Clean the Window Screen?

Baking Soda and Vinegar are the best products to clear up all the tough stains and residues and clean the screen window.

Besides this, you should have the best screen cleaner that removes all the dust particles in a go.

How Do Professionals Clean Window Screens?

They deep clean the entire screen including every corner and hole. They ensure to use the best cleaner and do scrubbing so that not a single stain is left untreated.

What Should I Clean My Screens With?

You should have all the required and essential tools and materials if you are doing DIY work. A few essentials include vinegar, baking soda, a toothbrush, Clean Magic Eraser, vacuum cleaner, etc.

Does Windex Outdoor Work Through Screens?

Yes, it sprays through the screens and doesn’t provide harm to the near belongings. Moreover, it s a perfect cleaner to remove screens.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about how to clean your window screens like experts. Cleaning the windows is an easy job if you are doing it regularly.

Apart from that, it is important not to take this job for granted in order to avoid different future issues. If you do not have enough time you can hire a professional who can do this house chore monthly.

Moreover, you should know how frequently you should be doing this work as I have already mentioned in the guide.

Along with that, I have written a few simple and easy-to-follow steps that don’t involve any complicated process. Make cleaning your habit and your house will shine all the time.

I hope this article will accommodate you in the future and you will be able to clean your house window screens in a better way.

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