How to Build a Conservatory Yourself

How to Build a Conservatory Yourself

This is a guest post written by Izzy Evans, home decor enthusiast and blogger over at

For many people building your own conservatory might seem like a mammoth undertaking. It’s easy to feel that you will be out of your depth, with so many things to consider and get right but it’s not as difficult as you might think. Although it isn’t something that can be rushed through in an afternoon, building your own conservatory is something that can be done by most people. Ultimately, if someone like my dad who isn’t really ‘DIY’ kind of person, can do it, then so can you.

When my family choose to build our own conservatory, we were driven by many factors but for us it was primarily due to financial reasons. The first thing we needed to do was decide on the style and size of conservatory and the type of base.


There are two different types of conservatory base; base and panel.

Brick base conservatories require a concrete foundation, and either a professional bricklayer or someone with the skill to lay bricks to create the base. With our limited experience this was not the option for us, so we looked at panel-base conservatories.

Panel base conservatories are built on a solid steel frame with posts buried into concrete filled holes. The lower wall is comprised of panels that are firmly bolted into this base. The panels are often hollow, so you can use the space for wiring, and insulation.

The conservatory parts where delivered over a couple of days, and our garden was filled with pieces of the largest DIY kit we’ve ever done in our life. It was a little overwhelming but even with limited experience we put the whole thing up in a matter of days, which is in no small part due to the detailed set of step-by-step instructions and support we received from our conservatory company.

Although, the instructions and support we had was excellent there were still things we learned along the way.

  • Check your pieces. Make sure you have everything on the given inventory sheet before you start putting it up. If you’re missing anything contact your vendors immediately.
  • Get a good hammer-drill and a white rubber mallet. You’ll need them both. A good drill is the difference between minutes and hours’ worth of work, and a white mallet will ensure any PVC panels can be tapped into place without scuffing.
  • Don’t be afraid to ring their support line if you’re not sure. It is always better to check before you do something, than afterwards
  • You may need several people or even lifting equipment to lift the glass in to place. Although, most of a conservatory can be done with only a couple of people, the pieces of 2mx1m glass we had took seven people, and three ladders to lift in to place.
  • Make sure to always use protection equipment like googles and gloves

We saved around 50% of the cost of our conservatory by cutting out paying for labour and building it ourselves, which is a lot of money and we are as happy with our conservatory today as we were then. I still look at it, amazed that something that looks so great could be built so easily by us. Building our own conservatory was an enjoyable challenge that both my dad and me would heartily recommend.

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