How Much Does a Plumber Cost? 2023 Average Repair Rates

Bathroom Plumber

Do you ever think a licensed plumber charges you more than their skills or add some supplementary charges in a routine? Let’s discuss the average repair costs in detail or how much a plumber cost you for various plumbing tasks.

The typical price range of most plumbing tasks is around $45 to $150 per hour, and any skillful plumber may charge you about $125 to $450 for the whole job. However, it depends on the task’s complexity and geographical location.

Obviously, the householders need these plumbing services on a routine. Now, you can get a free estimation from this cost guide and hire a professional plumber with confidence:

How Much Does a Plumber Cost?

A homeowner may face many issues in a routine in their kitchen, bathroom, or any other plumbing objects inside or outside their living areas. It is impossible to mention all these glitches here with their rates.

However, there are some common plumbing repairing tasks that you may face in your routine, so check out the price range of these plumbing jobs for your knowledge:

Plumbing Repair Task Price Range
Drain Clog $100 to $275
Toilet Issues $100 to $300
Leaky Pipe $150 to $850
Broken Water Heater $150 to $700
Drainpipe Replacement $100 to $350
Sewer Line Cleaning $150 to $800
Septic Tank Problem $500 to $2700
Water Main Repair $450 to $2500
Some skillful plumbers may charge you per hour, so, in this case, this rate is fluctuated according to the task.

There are many other tasks as well that I forget to mention here, but I have tried to show you the basic problems in almost all the fixtures and accessories of any living space. You can figure out the remaining rates on your own.

Plumbing Installation Guide

You also need to know about the installation prices of a variety of plumbing products. Most important, bathroom or kitchen fixtures are not easy to install on your own. You need some talented tools and professional knowledge to fix them at their origin.

Installation Items Average Cost
Bathtub $800 to $3000
Faucet $150 to $300
Sewer Main $1400 to $4000
Shower $850 to $3500
Repipe House $2500 to $15000
Garbage Disposal $500 to $800
Sump Pump $650 to $1600
Toilet $200 to $750
Broken Water Heater $150 to $700
Water Main $800 to $2200
Water Purification System $850 to $2800

Average Cost to Replace Plumbing

You may also face some replacements in your home, which you can only realize when it happens. Sometimes, you need to install a new pipe to stop leakages of your sink, or your kitchen faucet gets too old and demands a new fancy faucet well matched with its surroundings.

The professional plumbers also charge you for these tasks; let’s find out their average demand based on the type of replacement:

Nature of Replacement Price Range
Pipes Under any Sink $150 to $325
Garbage Disposal $275 to $450
Kitchen Faucet $400 to $900
Outdoor Spigot $50 to $100
Valve $150 to $800
Gas Line $500 to $875
House Plumbing $4000 to $12000
Water Heater $600 to $3500

Cost of Rerouting Plumbing Project

Whenever you want to remodel your house, you must modify the plumbing system and decide the new route of water and other sources. It is not easy to decide about this rerouting plumbing activity as most homeowners do not have enough knowledge about it.

The pro plumbers can only accept this challenge and consider all the key elements in this rerouting process. They must consider the concrete floors, drywall, and other hurdles.

If you are asking about the average cost of this plumbing job, you have to pay at least $650 to $1500 for this entire project. Depending on the number of bathrooms, your coverage area of living space, and your contractor’s reputation, this price may change beyond your thoughts.

Whole House Rough-in Plumbing Costs

Well, it is tough to figure out the exact plumbing cost of the whole house. This cost depends on the number of bathrooms and the total area of your house. The condition of the home and its renovation also matters in some cases.

The cost of the CPVC, PEX, or Copper piping system is also different. There is a rough idea that the whole house plumbing cost is around $11,500 for a house with 2.5 bathrooms. The professional contractors initially check the condition of the house and the drainage system installed in it before quoting any price.

They estimate the whole house plumbing cost from the size of the drain line, the dimensions of the entire home, and the plumbing fixtures of sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers.

Moreover, proficient plumbers also include the tankless water heater cost in the overall price. If you have installed any bidet toilet or propane tank in your living space, your contractor may also add some pipping inspection costs to these objects.

Estimated Cost of Plumbing Inspection

If you are looking to purchase a used home, then it’s a good idea to pay plumbing inspection charges and examine the entire plumbing system of that house. Some property owners don’t take this matter seriously, but it is necessary, especially while purchasing any older home.

Plumbing Inspection in toilet

Sometimes the leakage issue or other drainage problems of your toilet are immense, and you are unaware of it. This plumbing inspection costs around $165, but some specialized companies charge $250 to $500 to inspect only one home’s plumbing issues.

It is better to ask this inspection price of the whole house before engaging them to work because some skillful plumbers also charge you the extra time they spent in your home inspecting your house’s indoor or outdoor piping system.

Plumbing Cost Affecting Factors

When you want to hire a licensed plumber, you will be looking for two kinds of services. The homeowners may want to install a new fixture or need repairing for their kitchen or bathroom accessories. Now, you might confuse about the prices of these two services.

Plumbing Installation in toilet


To simplify things, we have compiled some factors that have a stronger impact on the overall pricing of plumbing services. Take a closer look at these crucial elements to estimate this plumbing cost:

1. Nature of Work

This pricing mainly depends on the type of work; the complexity of this plumbing job will definitely increase its cost. If you want to fix the leakage of your garbage disposal, then you need an expert plumber, which might charge you higher.

However, this plumbing job is not complex if you only want to unclog your bidet. It might take a bit longer time, but any beginner-level plumber can unblock your bathtub or sink easily. So, you can estimate this cost according to the plumbing job.

2. Timing

There are two different scenarios to understand this timing factor. If you need a repair service in a busy construction area, it is not easy to find a plumber, or if you get one, he might charge you higher in this location.

Furthermore, if you call a plumber on any emergency service, they will charge you higher. You must ask about the emergency fee from your plumbing service company. Most firms charge around $100 to $350 extra for this emergency trip.

3. Location

Your region also matters a lot in this plumbing cost. Sometimes, you can’t get a skilled plumber in urban areas, or if you find anyone, you have to pay a lot higher than the average plumber rate per hour.

Although you will get a routine plumbing cost in rural locations, it again depends on the demand for plumbing services in that area. As a householder, you must also take care of this geographic effect and accordingly fix the plumbing charges per hour.

4. Skills of Plumber

Of course, the expert plumber will charge you more than a beginner or moderate plumber. The master plumbers will charge you around $90 to $200 per hour, while this rate for noncertified persons is $70 to $120.

You can also ask about the plumber’s expertise level from your service provider and handle them according to the nature of your plumbing task. It is better to arrange a qualified plumber for complex jobs and a beginner plumber for relaxed jobs. It will help you to reduce this cost to a great extent.

5. Supplies and Materials Needed

You also need to think about the repairing material and the accessories separately. For instance, if you want to buy a new hot water heater or install a shower faucet, you only need these items with minimum material to fix.

However, if you want to caulk your tile flooring, you must purchase the material and hire a professional plumber; in this case, you have to pay more for its service and material than any accessory.

Some Additional Factors to Consider

The abovementioned factors are not enough to estimate any plumbing cost. Some homeowners think that they should think about only two or three elements. Actually, it’s not true.

All these factors will give you a better understanding of how to fix the right plumbing cost according to their skills. Now, let’s think about these supplementary elements as well, which need to glance through for accurate estimation:

Condition of Home

There is a significant difference in the plumbing cost for newer and older homes. Even the plumbers ask about the condition of your plumbing area. Most pro plumbers will demand more for older houses because they must work hard to repair the old fixtures.

Diagnostic Charges

Some skillful plumbers charge extra fees to diagnose leakages and other tough plumbing matters. These additional diagnostic charges may trouble some homeowners as well. So, you can ask about the diagnostic fee before fixing the difficult leakages issues.

Trip Fee

Some popular plumbing service providers also charge an extra trip fee, ranging from $50 to $300, depending on your location. You can cut this price by picking a plumber who charges a minimum trip fee in your area.

Working Outside Standard Hours

You have to pay some extra hourly if you demand a skillful plumber on weekends or general holidays. The expert plumbers will cost you higher as they charge high hourly pay rates for their plumbing service on weekends.

Inspection Fee

There are also plumbing inspection charges, which are a one-time fee to figure out the accurate plumbing system of any home. It will give a better idea about the plumbing problem and analyze the issue.

Some homeowners feel burdened with this extra investment, but if you know the problem and can handle it yourself, you can save money with a DIY approach.

Save Some Money with DIY Repairs

You can cut off the plumbing cost with a DIY attitude. If you see any signs of plumbing service, you should figure out the exact issue. If the problem is not big enough and you can handle it independently, then you should do this task yourself.

With the passage of time, you will notice plenty of tasks you can take on. At that point, you will only take professional assistance for tougher jobs. Repairing fixtures are usually difficult to handle.

DIY Repairs of toilets

However, if you want to install a simple shower or a classic water tank, you can easily fit it at its origin. You can also save some of this plumbing cost by getting a referral plumber from any of your friends and asking about any particular plumber’s performance.

If you hire the same plumber, then you can take some discount. It will also give you a perfect plumber repairing because of your trusted friend.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

You shouldn’t afraid to ask any query about the plumbing cost and average repair rates. Here I am discussing a few common questions to give you confidence for asking any confusion from your plumbing pro:

What Do Most Plumbers Charge per Hour?

Most skillful plumbers charge you around $70 to $120 or even more. This price range depends on numerous costs affecting factors. Some pro plumbers may also charge a trip or inspection fee before offering their services.

Why Does a Plumber Charge so Much?

You will find most plumbers so expensive and charge so higher. The major reason for this issue is that they are highly trained persons, and an experienced plumber also demands extra fees for their tours.

There are also many overhead charges, which might increase this price range to a greater extent.

How Much Do Local Plumbers Charge?

The local plumbers mostly demand between $45 to $125 per hour. This rate also demands the complexity of the job and your location. These rates may also differ on many other factors, and this hourly rate might increase or decrease with an enormous alteration.

How Much Does it Cost to Unclog a Drain?

The average cost to unclog a drain may vary from $100 to $275. They will perform this task with an efficient plumbing snake if you need to unclog a sink or your favorite bathtub. Most plumbers carry this drain snake along with them to unclog any bowl.

Who Pays for a Blocked Drain?

You will find the most blocked drains connected with the public network. However, the property owners must contact their local plumbers and pay them for any lateral or sewer drains.

How Do Plumbers Clear Blocked Drains?

Any plumber can use the drain snaking technique to clear any blocked pipes. They will insert the drain snake in the clogged tub or use the septic tank pumping method to clean every drain.

Final Thoughts

Now, you can easily estimate the plumbing cost and the average repair rates according to your location and the complexity of your plumbing task. There are plenty of other decisive factors which affect this pricing.

Learning the common plumbing problems and handling them on your own is important to cut these additional prices. There are some smaller jobs which the skillful plumber might charge you too high and can be fixed by any beginner level person.

You have to figure out the DIY difficulty of the issue precisely; once you understand this feeling, it will become easy to decide about the plumbing problem and the average repair rates for various tasks.

Moreover, it is better to hire a professional plumber for tougher jobs, especially the water leakage issues of your property; otherwise, you might mess up with the situation.


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