House of Clicks: The Future of Architecture?

House of Clicks: The Future of Architecture?

Have you ever wondered what the perfect house would look like? Well, thanks to two Swedish architects – Bolle Tham and Martin Videgård – you may now have a visual. These men joined forces with popular Swedish property portal Hemnet to collect and analyze data from over two million Swedish individuals. After compiling the mountain of information, they built Sweden’s dream house. They’re calling it the House of Clicks.

house of clicks outsideOnline outlet Hemnet allows individuals to browse real estate to buy, sell or simply look. With Sweden’s population a mere nine million, the people at Hemnet recognized an opportunity to put some power behind the site’s two million monthly visitors.

Hamnet has put a unique twist on the use of big data. The input regarding interior wall color, floor type and even furniture preferences has led Hemnet to engineer Sweden’s preferred living space. Despite your vision for a dream house, the House of Clicks is actually rather small: 1,115 square feet to be exact.

The house has just over 1.5 floors – a bottom floor and half of a top floor – which works to create a double-height kitchen space. This open kitchen is designed to provide the home’s main social space. Beyond the kitchen is a living room, which houses a table, chairs, a sofa and a fireplace. The house also has three bedrooms. Here’s the official breakdown:

  • Square feet: 1,115
  • Floors: 1.6
  • Room: 3.8
  • Bathroom: 1.6
  • Guest WC: 1.4
  • Shower: 1.06
  • Bathtub: 0.7
  • Balcony and terrace: 0.9
  • Fireplace: 0.5
  • Wall color: White
  • Sofa color: Grey
  • Floor type: Parquet
  • Floor plan kitchen: Open
  • Kitchen cabinets: White
  • Kitchen counter: Granite
  • Bathroom: Tile, both floor and ceiling

In general, the public prefers white walls, light grey furniture and lots of natural light. While the inside gives a modern, contemporary feel (it glows white and is equipped with simple furnishings), the outside is actually rustic and reddish.

So is this the future of architecture?house of clicks

It makes sense to give the people what they want, although a House of Clicks in the United States would look different from that in Sweden.

In fact, according to data compiled by, people in the United States prefer homes with certain features:

  • Between 2,000 and 3,000 square feet
  • Single floor living; ground floor master if two floors
  • Big, elaborate master bathrooms with a separate tub, shower and toilet in its own room, and big walk-in closets
  • Jack-and-Jill shared bathrooms for the kids
  • Great rooms, where living, dining and kitchen are combined
  • Big porches for outdoor living
  • Home offices

The above is only a short list of preferences, and it doesn’t tap into the specifics such as furniture or wall color. A true House of Clicks – one constructed with the help of over one-fifth of the population – has yet to be created.

Until then, Sweden’s House of Clicks will remain the most unique, futuristic, efficient – and perhaps perfect – piece of real estate in the world.

What excites me most about House of Clicks is the possibility of combining big data with real estate. This is done now on a very minor scale called speculative building. For example, see Robert Mericle’s program ReadyToGo!.

The only downfall would be the changing desires of generations.

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