Glacier Bay vs American Standard Toilets: Which One is Better?

Glacier Bay Toilets vs American Standard Toilets

Searching for the best toilet on the market? In this article, we will compare Glacier Bay vs American Standard toilets.

It is a daunting task to choose a new toilet for your home. Different options are available on the market, and plenty of brands manufacture different kinds of toilets, but each company’s products are amazing.

Before deciding between Glacier Bay and American Standard toilets, consider their cost, durability, and other features. After looking at their reviews, sites of their brands, and testing the toilets, we found that both are major leading brands.

Their performance is outstanding with amazing design, best accessories, and flushing technologies.

Glacier Bay vs American Standard Toilets Comparison

Flushing Technology

After flushing, no leftovers should be visible in the toilet bowl; this is why these brands put their efforts into making the flushing system. There is a powerful flushing system in the Glacier Bay toilets, which has been checked through many tests, and the results were outstanding.

Hydraulic technology is present in this system which depends on the quick discharge of plenty of water from the tank. So, in this way, the bowl drain will never get clogged. Moreover, with glacier bay power flush, less water is used, which decreases your water cost.

Flushing Technology

Most of these toilets are also available with a dual flush system with a changeable setting that improves its working quality. American standard toilets come with VorMax Flush Technology, which uses the cleanest flushing system.

This technology is very powerful, and it disappears waste within seconds. Powerful jets in these toilets clean the hard-to-reach spaces of the bowl during the flush and deliver a spotless area. It prevents the unpleasant odor in the bathroom and reduces the bowl stains to a great extent.

Material and Durability

Homeowners should install robust, reliable, and lasting toilets because replacing them every year is impossible. Glacier Bay and American Standard toilets are long-lasting with high-quality porcelain and ceramic finishes that remain in good condition for years.

The durability of a toilet can be determined by its materials and to last longer under pressure. When a toilet has these two qualities, it is the best. Glacier bay toilet seats are made of vitreous china and ceramic.

Material of the toilet

This brand uses a Sanagloss finish which delivers a dirt-free and smooth surface. This finish provides a gloss that does not need chemicals to clean the toilet, and most brands use it due to its easy cleaning and stain-resistance features.

Due to the buildup of grime and dirt, toilets need scrubbing, but glacier bay toilets do not need it, so they last longer. Most homeowners choose this due to its easy cleaning quality.

American Standard toilets are made from enamel-coated porcelain and use an EverClean finish; that is why they are long-lasting and durable. Its powerful flushing system prevents the bowl from clogging and lasts for many years.

The powerful flushing system makes it spotless and germ-free by removing the wastes from the bowl. Also, the bad smell does not occur in the bathroom.


Making the toilets spotless and odorless is the most difficult job for most homeowners, but they really don’t want to see that mess. The finish of the toilet highly affects this thing.

The Sanagloss finish makes the toilet’s surface smooth, preventing messes. Glacier Bay toilets use this finish; hence they need only a mild detergent to get a spotless surface.

Toilet Cleaning

This finish prevents staining of the bowl, splashes, and drain clogging. Glacier Bay toilets are available mostly in one-piece models. But their two-piece model is also very efficient. The selection of the model depends on your needs.

American standard toilets are excellent when it comes to cleaning. It flushes the wastes into the bowl within seconds with the hydraulic technology and Vormax flush system. It also decreases the cost of water.

Most one-piece models of American-standard toilets are available, and one powerful flush of these models is enough to remove all the waste.

Toilet and Bowl Types

When choosing the toilet, you should consider how comfortable it will be for your home. There is a variety of different designs available in American-standard toilets that provide comfort.

The Bidet toilets provide a germ-free bowl. In this system, you don’t need tissue paper to wipe up, with the tap of a button, a nozzle comes out, and you can clean up.

Toilet Bowl Types

You can choose Bidet toilets for your home if you want that soothing and cleaning effect in your bathroom. Most of the models of Glacier bay toilets are one-piece, so they are easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about their maintenance.

Elongated and round-shaped designs of bowls are standard. Elongated bowls are expensive and occupy more space than round ones.

Design and Colors

Some homeowners select a colorful toilet that can add beauty to the bathroom. Various designs and colors in American Standard toilets are available in attractive shades of navy blue, medium pink, and burgundy.

Design and colors of a toilet

So, you can change the look of your bathroom using creativity. Glacier Bay toilets deliver different designs with fancy handles and knobs that look amazing. They also provide the best flushing experience.

Some designs are available where you can use knobs to control different features like self-cleaning, heating, and warm drying of the bowl.

Price Difference

Glacier Bay and American Standard toilets’ price range is different. Depending on the model of American Standard toilets, the cost range is $150 – $600.

American Standard TOILET

On the other hand, Glacier Bay toilets are not too expensive. The price of Glacier Bay N2316 is $125, which has a dual flush and an elongated bowl. Both brands are affordable, but you have to consider your choice.


It will be disappointing to buy a faulty product, and many companies have a no-return policy, so you can’t return it. However, luckily American Standard vs Glacier Bay both have warranty and return policies.

Glacier Bay TOILET

The products of American Bay can last for 5 – 10 years. It has a system that when customers purchase a product, they have to register it online. So, the company is responsible for returning or repairing the product in its lifespan.

A lot more information is available about its warranty online. Glacier Bay toilets offer a limited lifetime warranty; however, it takes the responsibility to repair the product if any damage occurs.


If you want to install your toilets, it depends on the model you picked. If the product you choose requires some technical installation, it is better to hire a professional. Many products come with all the directions to install them using a DIY route.

All the step-by-step instructions are written on their manuals to install the drains, toilet seats, and tanks. All the parts are easy to assemble, and the guidelines are available on the internet.

The youtube channel of American Standard toilets has many detailed videos on different problems during installation and maintenance. If it is difficult to understand the instructions, you can contact a plumber to install it.

Difference Between Glacier Bay and American Standard Toilets

Glacier Bay

Dual Flush Technology

Most of the Glacier Bay toilets have a dual flush system. This feature makes it environmentally friendly while removing waste.

Handsomely Designed

If you are looking for a beautiful design that makes your bathroom attractive, you must select this brand. Their products are unique, useful, and affordable.

American Standard

VorMax Flush Technology

After comparing the working of American-standard toilets with other toilets, their results are outstanding due to jet-cleaning technology. It gets rid of odors, waste, and stains in the bathroom.


There is a powerful finish on these toilets, which removes the germs and microbes that cause stains on them.

A Brief Background of American Standard and Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay is the name of a US company, which The Home Depot sells; a well-known and largest American home improvement retail corporation. The Home Depot sells the plumbing products of Glacier Bay like faucets, toilets, sinks, and many more at low prices.

Unluckily, the website information about the Glacier Bay brand is very limited. Several other brands and companies owned by or linked with The Home Depot have influenced the style, design, and manufacturing of Glacier Bay products.

As the products of Glacier Bay are sold particularly at The Home Depot, the costs are expected to be low and the collection to be limited. It’s not a large brand, and its products are limited. On the other hand, American Standard brand is a north US company.

It is a brand that manufactures and retails all kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures. The company originated in 1875 as a Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company. So, it was one of the oldest plumbing fixtures companies in America.

In 1899, this company combined with other companies of plumbing fixtures and was updated. In 1929, the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company emerged as the world’s largest manufacturer of bathroom fixtures.

The same year, the company combined with Standard Sanitary Corporation and made American Standard Company. The company we know today was produced in 2008 when American Standard, Eljer, and Crane Plumbing combined.

At this time, this is owned by a Japanese Lixil Group. American Standard has around 15000 workers with approximately two billion dollars estimated yearly incomes.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is American Standard a Good Brand?

Most plumbers recommend American Standard toilets because they are the best ones. They use less water and deliver a powerful flush. Furthermore, they also provide a comfortable seat.

Is American Standard Good Like Kohler?

Both of these brands manufacture toilets with unique features. American Standard toilets provide powerful flushes and are less expensive but have some issues.

On the other hand, Kohler products are more environmentally friendly, have a better design but a weak flushing system, and are costly.

Is Glacier Bay the Brand of Home Depot?

The brand Glacier Bay is the best in manufacturing home furnishings. This is the house brand of Home Depot which provides different goods that you need for your home improvement, like upgrading or replacing the faucets.

Is Glacier Bay Better than Delta?

Delta’s products are more costly than Glacier Bay’s and more long-lasting. Let’s compare different features of Delta and Glacier Bay:

  • The products of Delta are more durable than Glacier Bay.
  • Delta products last for 8 – 20 years, while Glacier Bay’s last for 2 – 5 years.
  • The technology of Glacier Bay is average, while Delta’s is advanced.

Are Faucets of American Standard Good?

American Standard manufactures good quality products. Their faucets are elegant and durable with a lifetime warranty and outstanding customer service.

Final Thoughts

This article has compared different features of Glacier Bay vs American Standard toilets. Both provide high-quality toilets with unique features, and you can choose a product according to your needs.

If you are looking for a design that can upgrade the look of your bathroom, you must go for Glacier Bay toilets. In comparison, the jet technology of  American Standard toilets delivers spotless, odorless, and germ-free space.

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