How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles and Larvae (Once and for All)

Get Rid of Carpet Beetles and Larvae

You may be shocked after seeing holes in your clothes and lovely rugs. It might happen because of the insect invasion, and mostly it is the beetles who are destroying your home fabrics. Here we will discuss how to get rid of carpet beetles and larvae without damaging the environment of your living space.

The carpet beetles, larvae, and eggs are common pests in every home. This fiber-feeding habit of this creature will ruin the beauty of your home in no time.

If you don’t treat the source of their infestation and have no control strategy, then you will see dreadful results in your home.

The good news is that you can remove these tiny creatures with natural techniques. Here is the DIY guide covering all the aspects of getting rid of carpet beetles with future control.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles and Larvae?

  1. You can kill and stop the growth of carpet beetles and larvae with insecticide ingredients.
  2. Boric Acid is the poison of these creatures. Just sprinkle this powder on your rug and see the magic.
  3. Another natural way to treat these insects is the vinegar solution.
  4. Dehydrate these tiny bugs with diatomaceous earth agricultural products.
  5. Steam clean or vacuum the carpets at a high temperature setting to kill these beetles and eggs.


What is Carpet Beetle, and How Does it Look Like?

The carpet beetle is proven the most destructive insect for curtains, clothes, and carpets. These are very small oval-shaped creations and are tough to identify, especially on rug surfaces. Most of them are in black to brownish-orange colorway and are just ¼ inch in size.

Carpet Beetle

The carpet beetle larvae, also known as ‘woolly bear,’ slowly take the feed from the fibers of your silk, wool, or linen textiles of your home.

You may never realize its effect, but once these tiny creatures grow up into original beetles, they will take bigger bites from your carpet, and eventually, you will see big holes in your lovely rug.

Types of Carpet Beetles

There are four major species of beetles that cause different types of damage in your home. These are:

Varied Carpet BeetleVaried Carpet Beetle

The varied form of beetles is not more than 3.5 mm in size. It is a round insect mostly found in brown, white, and yellow colors.

Fur Carpet BeetleFur Carpet Beetle

These beetles are found in red, black, and brown color shells and are 6 mm. It can be identified from its wings which contain a white patch.

Furniture Carpet BeetleFurniture Carpet Beetle

These forms of beetles are almost identical to varied types and are similar in dimensions and colorways. They have long hair with yellow scales.

Black Carpet BeetleBlack Carpet Beetle

The adult black beetles are completely black in color and measure 5 mm to 8 mm. This small black beetle looks like a hard black shell and can only last for weeks.

Signs of Carpet Beetle Infestation

It is also important to know the right way to identify these creatures. Of course, they are smaller in size and tough to see.

Signs of Carpet Beetle Infestation

But obviously, there are some infestation signs of these tiny beetles in a house which makes it easy to identify them:

  • If you see larvae color skins under furniture or nearby areas of your rugs, there will be direct contact of beetles to your furniture and carpet.
  • Examine the window frames and around a door or its closets. You will surely see signs of larvae and eggs of beetles.
  • If you find holes or bare spots in your curtains, blankets, and wool clothes, these are the positive signs of carpet beetles.
  • Try to identify any type of beetles from their color patterns and dimensions. You may see an oval-shaped body, and the most common colors are black, orange, green, white, and yellow.
  • The bald areas in your fleece rugs are the major cause of carpet beetles.

Carpet Beetle Removal Process – 5 Simple Ways

You can eliminate these carpet bugs by killing these beetles, but seeing their larvae and eggs is extremely tough. You have to adopt a complete procedure to get rid of these carpet beetles and larvae from their root:

1. Use indoor Insecticide

The most effective way to kill this carpet bug is by using insecticide ingredients. It removes these house beetles and stops the growth of active larvae infestation.

Use indoor Insecticide

You can treat the problem of carpet beetle bites and guarantees the complete removal of future carpet beetle eggs.

2. Apply Boric Acid

Boric acid is the poison of insects and is available in powder form. You directly sprinkle it on suspicious areas of your rug.

Apply Boric Acid

Leave the situation on this ingredient and see the magic. The boric acid will kill all the carpet beetle traps from the hidden parts of these fibers.

If you find these carpet mites too small, you can create a larvae-killing spray and penetrate these tiny creatures from your upholstery.

3. Spray the Rugs with Vinegar Solution

If you are looking for a natural treatment, you can apply the vinegar solution to eliminate skin beetles.

Spray the Rugs with Vinegar Solution

You can use any clean spray bottle and make a vinegar mixture and water. This homemade solution will thoroughly kill the larvae and their eggs.

4. Diatomaceous Earth

You can also apply the agricultural product to dehydrate the beetles and larvae. This method hurts the environment of your living room and dispenses all these insects effectively.

Diatomaceous Earth

5. Vacuuming and Steam Cleaning

Another easy solution to the carpet beetle’s harmful effects is to clean it with a vacuum or steam cleaner. Ensure that you have the right attachments and temperature settings for cleaning upholstery.

If you have a stronger sucking power in your vacuum cleaner, you can eliminate these beetles from any surface.

Vacuuming and Steam Cleaning

The steam cleaner is another great weapon to kill beetles and larvae. You can use a high-temperature setting to kill these insects with excessive heat.

Final Advice

Now you can get rid of carpet beetles and larvae through agricultural and natural methods. Applying any of the techniques provided in this short guide is necessary to identify and effectively kill these insects; otherwise, they can badly damage your lovely rugs.

You can keep control of these beetles from further growth with smart preventive tactics. You still have the option to call a licensed pest control expert.

But you can kill these black bugs with these DIY guidelines and choose the best fit method according to your situation.

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