8 Common Garage Door Problems – Troubleshooting Guide

If your garage door is stuck somewhere halfway or doesn’t do what you want it to do, then this informative guide about common garage door problems will become very helpful for you.

It is quite a frustrating thing that you have encountered these garage door problems in a routine. This door may make so much noise on opening or closing. Sometimes, the track is not properly aligned on the rails.

There are some other serious issues as well that you may face in your daily routine. You will surely come across all these garage door problems after understanding all the hacks presented in this informational guide:

8 Common Garage Door Problems & Fixes

The garage door problems are quite common for any householder. It’s quite a heavy lifting and uses so much; you can say that this complication is not surprising at all.

If you also face such issues, it is important to assess the situation on your own and try to figure out the problem. Sometimes, the garage door makes so much noise, or you may feel some hurdle while opening and closing this door.

You don’t need to apply any force, and better to dig out the mechanical fault in this door. Here you will learn some expert troubleshooting tips to fix your garage door problems and save your time or investment without putting much of your effort or skill into it:

Garage Door Opener Remote Doesn’t Work

1. Garage Door Opener Remote Doesn’t Work

You will get frustrated with your garage door and its opener remote when you press the button of the remote keypad and get no response from the door.

Garage Door Opener Remote

This fault happens due to plenty of reasons. Sometimes the battery will get dead, or its keypad’s buttons are damaged. If you installed the wall-mounted keypad, check out its circuit or connected wires.

These components can also be disconnected from your garage door, and you never get any response.

Ultimate Solution

You must test the opener remote at different times and directions. Sometimes, the battery is not transmitting the signals, or you are standing out of range.

You can test its speed some other times or try it while coming near your garage door. If it is still not responding, then change its battery. Your garage door will surely respond now on your remote opener.

Your Garage Door is Making Loud Noises

2. Your Garage Door is Making Loud Noises

Another common problem with every garage door is the noise. This loud pointing noise really ruins the atmosphere of its surroundings, and anyone can get annoyed with the ugly sound of the rollers of your garage door.

You may hear different types of noises while your garage door is not working properly. You will notice some popping sound, the rattling of nuts and bolts, or even a bad, squeaky sound.

Don’t worry again; try the following solutions to stop this ugly and loud noise.

Ultimate Solution

All the grinding and squeaking noise can be solved with the right type of lubricant for your garage door. You must regularly apply the grease in the garage door openers and other components.

Moreover, if you notice the popping noise, you should replace or repair the torsion spring of your garage door. These solutions will fix all the noisy problems rather nicely.

Something is Wrong with Your Transmitters

3. Something is Wrong with Your Transmitters

If the transmitter cannot send the signals to your garage door, it may get stuck anywhere and will not respond even on applying force. You even can’t open or close this door.

garage door Transmitters

Whether you have installed the wall control or simply used the remote control, you need to think again about its electric circuits.

Ultimate Solution

If you can’t find any solution yourself, then you can also read the manual of this transmitter to find the solution. Moreover, come with your screwdriver and open the transmitter of your garage door.

You can repair it manually, or if unsatisfied with the results, you can also call a professional technician. If any of its cables is broken, you can repair or replace them.

Your Garage Door Won’t Open or Close Properly

4. Your Garage Door Won’t Open or Close Properly

It’s quite common that your garage door is not opening or closing properly. Here you need to turn your attention to the garage door opener unit and check the motor. There is some sort of circuit breaking or disconnecting of the power supply.

Sometimes the problem is just in the keypad or remote opener, and you are calling a professional technician to fix it. Here you should try the following solution before calling the technician:

Ultimate Solution

If your garage door is hanging halfway while opening or closing, you must check the spring; it might be broken. Moreover, the tracks might be misaligned or get dirty with a variety of messes.

You need to focus on all these issues and try to resolve them yourself or by taking assistance for a specialist. Make sure you replace the broken component instead of trying to repair it.

Garage Door Keypad Doesn’t Work

5. Garage Door Keypad Doesn’t Work

If your garage door is opening or closing with a keypad, it can be faulty anytime and your garage door may get stuck on its way.

Garage Door Keypad

You also check this particular keypad maintenance online according to the model or the companies with the best keypads. To diagnose the problem, you can try the following solutions and make this keypad always respond.

Ultimate Solution

You can fix the keypad of your garage door by inspecting its antenna. Sometimes this antenna moves in the wrong direction or can’t submit the signals to your garage door.

Fix the direction of your device pointing towards your garage door, it might start giving signals to the door, or if still not, you can install a new keypad at the end for your garage door.

Something is Blocking the Door’s Path

6. Something is Blocking the Door’s Path

Another malfunction in any garage door happens when something gets stuck in the railings or on the way of your garage door’s path and is completely blocked in the middle.

Blockage in the garage door's path

The track of the door is blocked due to many obstructions. You need to find this barrier; if it is too little, you can easily wipe it out or through it from your garage door, but if this hurdle is heavy enough, what to do now?

Ultimate Solution

If the blockage is too strong and your garage door is not opening or closing, you should clear this path by running a damp rag on your garage door.

You can clear this track by crashing every object on the railing; this will surely smoothen your garage door’s path.

 The Tension Spring or Cables are Broken

7. The Tension Spring or Cables are Broken

A garage door is composed of plenty of components, and various bearings, rollers, springs, and cables make this utility’s functionality easier.

Extension Spring or Cables of garage door

If any of these parts get stuck or not responding on time, then your garage door can’t work properly. What should you do if any spring break or cable is damaged?

Ultimate Solution

All the garage door broken problems can be fixed only by installing new components. Most of them are not very costly, so bringing the new components is better than trying to repair the existing parts.

Remote Controls and Wall Switches do not Work

8. Remote Controls and Wall Switches do not Work

Finally, you need to keep an eye on the wall switches and controlling system of your garage door. If you are using remote controls, most of them get dead due to a battery shortage even the keypad of your remote control also gets damaged or broken.

Remote Controls and Wall Switches for garage door

Make sure that both the green light turns on right after giving the signal to your garage door. What should you do if the light is blinking on your remote control but the garage door is not responding?

Ultimate Solution

The remote control or other garage switches are not costly at all. Therefore, instead of repairing these components, you should straightaway think about purchasing the newer ones.

If your remote control battery is dead, you can easily install the new batteries.

Basic Maintenance Tips for Garage Door Repair

You can easily prevent your garage door from all these common problems with the right maintenance schedule. If your garage door is still performing well, you must follow these instructions to keep the door in working condition.

Although most doors are different in nature still, you can apply these tricks for every format of your garage door:

  • You must inspect the tracks and rollers of your garage door after every change of season. If these components are not operating smoothly, brush and lubricate them instantly.
  • The garage door may contain some loose pieces which cause the noise. You can prevent this problem by keeping this door’s hardware tight all the time.
  • The balance of your garage door is another key aspect of keeping track. Sometimes, the motor of the door opener wears out, so it needs some extra force to lift this door. Must remember that it is the duty of a professional technician only.
  • All the pulleys and springs should be fixed in a proper shape; if you notice any wear and tear in these components, you must replace them with the newer ones or take some opinion from any professional.
  • If the door of your garage features with auto reverse option but is not responding perfectly, then you should repair or replace it for smooth functioning of this component.

FAQs –  Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Go Wrong with a Garage Door Opener?

Your garage door opener may not work properly due to various reasons. The most common of them are:

  1. The opener switch is broken
  2. Keypad stop working
  3. Noisy garage door
  4. The transmitter battery is deceased
  5. Some springs of the door are broken
  6. The motor of the door opener is not responding
  7. The remote control is dead

Why Does My Garage Door Start to Close and then Go Back Up?

If the safety sensor of your garage door is blocked, then there is a certain chance that this door is going back up after you have closed it.

This sensor is positioned at the bottom side of your garage door and can be repaired with assistance from any professional technician.

What Would Cause a Garage Door to Open but Not Close?

If there is any blockage between the sensor or it loses wires from its motorhead, your garage door will open but will not close. The problem can be fixed if you install the new sensors or motor control board on this door.

Should Both Sensors on the Garage Door Be Green?

You will notice LED lights for sending and receiving garage door sensors. The light will not turn on if there is any problem with these sensors. Both these lights should be green, showing a sign of the smooth functioning of your garage door.

Why is My Garage Door Stopping Halfway Up?

There should be some sort of obstruction in the way of your garage door, or its cable is not aligned properly. The hinges and roller tracks should move smoothly; otherwise, your door will get stuck halfway.

Final Thoughts

You are so lucky if you note down all the information about common garage door problems from this guide. Our solutions will enable you to operate your garage door smoothly.

It will also enable you to do minor repairs on your own, and if you feel any difficulty, you can take assistance from a professional technician.

The major challenge in this scenario is to figure out the exact cause. Once you know the right reason for an unfunctional garage door, half of your job is already done. Now, you can implement the right solution according to the problem, as suggested in this guide.

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