Flowering Shrubs You Should Add to Your Garden

Flowering Shrubs You Should Add to Your Garden

No matter how big your garden is — small and new, or full and overgrown — there’s always room for a good ol’ flowering shrub. There are an endless array of species, variations and blooms to choose from. Whether you’re looking for thick coverage, seasonally inspired flowers or year-round color, there is a shrub for you!

Here’s a list of a few must-have flowering shrubs you should add to your garden this year.


A classic addition to any hedge, front porch or garden, hydrangeas have a timeless beauty that can’t be missed. There are several varieties of this flowering bush, so it’s not hard to find a hydrangea that fits your yard specifications perfectly.

If you’re located in the Pennsylvania region, the Oakleaf Hydrangea is highly recommended by garden experts. These shrubs sport long stalks with clumps of tiny flowers at the end. Some species of hydrangea change colors in the fall, with vibrant orange and yellow leaves.


This beautiful, unique shrub flowers in the fall. Blooms come in white, red and both lighter and darker shades of pink. These bushes are excellent for areas that have light shade — perfect if your yard has mature trees or tall pines that block out some of the sun. Resilient and colorful, these beauties will provide your yard with year-round foliage and a pop of color amid the falling leaves of autumn.

Mock Orange

That’s right — these blossoms mimic the scent of oranges when they bloom in late spring or early summer. They do great in full or partial sun, and nothing can beat the beauty of their big, white, citrus-smelling blossoms. Mock orange would be the perfect addition to any garden, especially to perfume the air near social sitting areas.

Japanese Pieris

The Japanese Pieris is an evergreen shrub, staying vibrantly green all winter long with blooms that form in the summer and stay colorful throughout the colder months of the year. With varieties in white, pink and red, these bell-shaped flowers resemble lily of the valley and can be a great source of holiday color. The bushes grow well in shady areas, so this one would be a great choice for a garden that already sports mature plants that keep others from full sun.

You have every reason to plant Japanese Pieris this year. It’s time to branch out and get fancy!

Mountain Laurel

If you happen to live in a particularly sandy area or somewhere with high elevation, mountain laurel is for you. Its blooms resemble little shell-like cups, and grow in deep reds, pinks and blush colors. These are hardy plants that do well in partial shade and elevated, sandy environments.


One of the most highly anticipated blooms and smells of spring, lilac can be 10 to 12 feet tall when full-grown, and does best in full sun. There are several varieties of this shrub, including many miniature versions for smaller gardens. Versatile and easily recognizable, these are a must-have for your home garden. As always, brush up on how to plant and care for lilac shrubs before you plant!


Hardy and wildly colorful, azaleas come in almost every color you can imagine. Blooms appear in the spring, and are the perfect shrub to add Easter color with. These plants enjoy dappled light under a tree canopy, and are a great addition to a yard with mature trees. You might also consider planting small bushes in a mulch run around a tree to add some flair to your front yard.

Diabolo Ninebark

Sporting unique dark leaves and pink-tinted blooms, these bushes add both depth and beauty to your garden. Ninebark does well in full sun or partial shade, and is most receptive to pruning after blooming in the spring. Light flowers and deep green, purple and nearly black leaves provide striking contrast. This bush is definitely a must-have if you’re feeling more adventurous.


  1. This is a great post guys! How many of these are in your garden?

    I personally LOVE Lilac bushes. You’re right about the smell, and I always enjoy watching the butterflies it attracts each year. It’s a great plant for polinators.

    Out of this list, which is your all time favourite shrub?

  2. It’s always so hard to choose the right shrubs… and they never seem to flower as long as I want.

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful article with us!
    Really, these flowering shrubs have a powerful spicy fragrance which fills your garden with a strong, sweet scent.

  4. This article will be really valuable for for a garden owner who wants fill their garden with flowers. All these above garden flowers are look great in garden and Camellias are my favorite. It’s easy to maintain and comes with lot of colors and species. Thank you for the tips. Cheers.

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