Fiberon Decking Reviews and Cost in 2023

Fiberon Decking Reviews

If you are choosing the composite deck flooring option then must read the Fiberon decking reviews here. You will eventually get a complete understanding of this form of flooring and your selection will become easier.

There is a massive variety of Fiberon decking board sizes, styles, and color patterns. There are tons of Fiberon flooring products available on a tight budget and with a longer warranty.

The cleaning and maintenance processes are also simple enough to adopt.  These planks are available in solid and grooved forms.

They are more sustainable in any weather conditions than other kinds of flooring options and give you protection against fade and stains. Read on to find more exciting features of Fiberon decking boards!

Fiberon Composite Decking Reviews – 6 Top Fiberon Lines

Fiberon composite decking can be distinguished into six different lines. The major differences between these lines are based on their composition and usability which ensure the purchasing intent of the consumer.

All the Fiberon decking options are available in unique colorways and design patterns.

Here, you will get Fiberon decking reviews and a detailed overview of their collections which will provide the sense of selecting the right flooring option according to your desires:

Promenade Decking

The layers of promenade decking are composed of high-quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material. This luxurious composition makes it an expensive flooring option for homeowners.

The top surface of these boards is well coated with robust material and contains super power against water damage in high-moisture areas and fading against direct sunlight.

Promenade Decking

These features make this flooring a great choice to install at outdoor docks and pool sides. You will get both the decking profile options with promenade lines.

They are available in grooved and square-edges flooring choices with multiple color patterns. The Fiberon IPE series is fantastic and a never-miss flooring option for everyone.

If you are thinking about handcrafted designs in Fiberon decking then promenade lines provide you with realistic patterns in these designs.

Concordia Decking

This Fiberon decking line looks like a classic wooden deck because it is recycled with wood-plastic material.

This composition is absolutely environmentally friendly and shows you a vintage flooring look. This resemblance with wood makes it a great choice for home flooring in living rooms and the kitchen.

Concordia Decking

These Fiberon lines are available in 4 multi-tonal shades and 4 solid shades. You can get all lengths of boards which gives you the luxury to install these flooring options on any dimension of the surface.

These boards are also organized flat-profile bottom setup which provides smooth flooring without any hurdle on it.

Good Life Decking

If you are looking for a Fiberon beach house flooring option, then Good Life Decking should be the ultimate choice for you.

You will surely adopt it as a Fiberon bungalow after reading the Fiberon Good Life decking reviews.

Good Life Decking

The quality and durability of Life Decking are top class and you will never see any crack in its top layer for many years.

The Fiberon Good Life decking is composed of 3-sided capped which allows you to integrate a Fiberon Tuscan villa pattern with this flooring option.

Paramount Decking

The Fiberon Paramount decking is a PVC-capped series on three sides that provide a powerful scratch and damage-free flooring setup.

Paramount Decking

These flooring boards come with standard coating and with four solid colorways which are mostly in gray shades. Three of them are multi-toned shades while one of them is in the solid shade.

It is a bit costly PVC flooring option but designed to give the finest quality against slip-resistant. You can save some investment with this paramount decking flooring by installing it with a DIY attitude.

Sanctuary Decking

The Fiberon Sanctuary decking is a budget-friendly flooring option that gives you a rustic look and is available in a flat-bottomed setup.

Sanctuary Decking

You can install these decks on your own and can decorate your older flooring with any pattern from its four multi-toned color choices.

The Fiberon Jatoba color pattern is a fantastic flooring option to display in any living space. The Fiberon Sanctuary decks are made with 95% of recycled material and deliver 40 years warranty against stain and fade.

ArmorGuard Decking

Finally, have a look at Fiberon ArmorGuard decking which is popular for its Fiberon Brazilian Walnut and Fiberon Nantucket gray series. The retailers of ArmorGuard decking deliver 25 years of limited warranty.

ArmorGuard Decking

If you have a tighter budget and still you want to install Fiberon decking then you can choose ArmorGuard Decking for both grooved or square edge lineups.

You can easily get them from the Home Depot store which is the exclusive retailer of many flooring brands all across the country.

Choosing the Right Fiberon Deck Boards – Buying Guide

While talking of Fiberon decking reviews, we cannot miss out on the available shades.

It is better to choose the right material for your Fiberon deck instead of style or color. You have to wisely examine and buy a Fiberon deck that is suitable according to your needs.

Here I will try to cover all the key aspects which need to know while purchasing this flooring option. It will help you to choose the good fit option for your floors:

Compare your Project Size with Fiberon Board’s Dimensions

Before going to buy Fiberon deck boards, you have to accurately measure the total project size in your area. The dimension of Fiberon decking planks is available in 12, 16, and 20 feet.

For instant, if you are installing on a 250-square feet surface then you have to calculate the total number of Fiberon decks you are required against these dimensions.

It is worth calculating total surface coverage and measuring the Fiberon board sizes accordingly to save your cost from extra buying.

Choose the Right Fiberon Colors

The color pattern and style of boards matter a lot in the flooring of living rooms. Of course, the homeowners desire the best décor for their home spaces.

Fiberon Colors

You will find a variety of Fiberon decking colors in their different models. The choice will become easier and you can comfortably match the flooring colorways with its surroundings.

Easy Installation Method

You will find multiple techniques in Fiberon decking installation. If you have general building knowledge then you must know the standard screws and nails and can easily handle the DIY installation for Fiberon deck boards.

Installation Method of fiberon decking

You can easily cut down the installation fee and save some dollars. But, if you want to finish this project quickly and with proven efficiency then you can call a professional installation for this purpose.

Pick the Sustainable Deck

If you are installing Fiberon decks in living areas then you have to choose sustainable decks which are ultra eco-friendly.

As most of the models of Fiberon decks are made with recycled material so you have to take care of the einvonrment a bit in this case.

Decking Profile Options

If you compare Fiberon vs. Trex brands, you will find that both of these flooring options are offering grooved and square edge options.

These are general profile types and can install quickly on any type of surface. These two flooring products look almost similar because of their polymer-capped composite core.

The major difference between these two flooring products is that the Fiberon decking offers a full synthetic composite deck constructed with PVC material while the Trex boards are made of true composition in terms of material.

Cleaning and Maintenance Process

The Fiberon decking is the low maintenance of its composite board and minimal cleaning exercise. You can use a mild soap or any dish detergent to clean this type of floor.

These ingredients can be mixed with water and scrub the Fiberon decking surface with any soft-bristled brush.

Cleaning and Maintenance Process of fiberon decking

Pressure washing is also recommended here but not with a higher speed or closer to the surface. The pressure washer should be positioned at least 12 inches away from the Fiberon surface.

You will not see stains and spills as you may notice on wood or laminate decking; it never clips or splinters so you should be semi-regular in terms of cleaning Fiberon decks.

Additional Accessories

You have to consider additional features in Fiberon decking products according to their needs. There are plenty of flooring brands in Fiberon decking offering tons of additional gears with their boards.

Some of these accessories increase the total cost to a great extent and they might be needless in your sense.

You may find Fiberon railings, fascias, and similar gadgets in the Fiberon decking box which are truly essential while installing these floorings on any surface.

You can consider these offers from the brand and decide according to your budget bracket.

Cost and Warranty

These two crucial aspects are always considered while buying anything. You have to measure these two factors in your decision-making process.

It is better to decide on a specific budget range before going to shop Fiberon decking flooring because there is a massive list of flooring brands offering different prices for their flooring products.

You should be very wise in this regard and choose the right Fiberon flooring product within your price variation.

You have to pay some attention to the offered warranty of these flooring brands. This warranty depends on the style and type of flooring planks you choose.

The range of Fiberon decking warranty started from 25 years for stain and fade and goes up to 50 years. This range of warranty is slightly different for residential or commercial use.

Where Can I Buy Fiberon Decking?

You will find many suppliers and contractors to purchase Fiberon decking from them.

If you are looking to buy it on your own then the Home Depot Fiberon store is highly recommended because they are offering almost all decking varieties in home flooring.

You will find even Canadian shades flooring decks in the Home Depot store. The selection of dealers may be different as per your location and you can find the specialty store in your area.

There are different brand line ups and their flooring products according to the demand of that particular location and their customer’s needs.

Fiberon Decking Prices

Most of the series of Fiberon decking is available at 12, 16, and 20-foot prices. The cost of these collections can be estimated with the dimensions of the board.

The composition of this board and style also affect its cost to a greater degree.

Some of the brands offer wooden boards or a mixture of wood and plastic in the composition of their decking while others may use cellular foam polymer material in their construction.

The prices will be different according to this composition of the board. Similarly, some of the models of Fiberon decking are available in ultra-premium quality with a high gloss finish.

Of course, these products are expensive. Even some of the finest Fiberon decking brands include installation charges in the total cost of their quality product.

You can’t pinpoint a fixed price for every model. You have to measure the total flooring area and then compare the prices according to their quality and characteristics.

This will help you to predict the right value for every product of Fiberon decking.

Pros and Cons of Fiberon Deck

Fiberon decking reviews are incomplete without discussing their positive and negative sides. Here are the pros and cons of these composite decking options:


  • Fiberon accessories and railings are well matched with the design patterns of its boards.
  • Many unique color schemes are available; can easily match any customer’s taste.
  • It is a synthetic flooring option; an opportunity to combine with wood, laminate, or any other flooring option.
  • You can choose any style that matched with surroundings.
  • There is a massive variety of Fiberon decking products. You will find all budget ranges in this brand. Every homeowner can get their entry point from the line of this flooring option.
  • It is constructed with environmentally friendly material.
  • Larger warranty products; some products offer a 50-years warranty.


  • Some of the premium boards are very expensive
  • Less scratch resistance power than other flooring brands

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

After reading Fiberon decking reviews, chances are you might want to get answers to your questions. These questions might be as follows:

Is Trex or Fiberon Better?

If you compare Fiberon vs. Trex, you will see a more realistic wooden look in Fiberon deck flooring options. It is more durable and offers a longer warranty as compared to the Trex flooring brand.

The Trex flooring option is better in terms of budget and traction only. It certainly has a better grip than the Fiberon decking flooring option.

Does Fiberon Decking Scratch Easily?

The Fiberon Composite Decking options will scratch quickly.

There are some premium flooring products in Fiberon brand like ProTech or Horizon Decking which have more resistance power against scratches and wear marks than their classic flooring models.

How Long Does the Fiberon Deck Last?

If you properly care for this flooring option, then it can easily last for 25 years or more with just semi-regular maintenance.

The boards of Fiberon decking can’t easily warp or twist in any environmental condition and give you a durable flooring option in the longer run.

Which Fiberon Decking Is Best?

The Fiberon Promenade PVC decking can be considered the best Fiberon decking option from all its lineups. It is a handcrafted flooring option that gives a realistic and durable appearance to its viewer.

How Do You Repair Fiberon Decking?

Some minor issues like a heat gun or brass bristle brush scratches can be easily fixed but some of the repairs are not reversible and need a re-installation of these boards.

Final Thoughts

That was all about Fiberon decking reviews. Composite Decking like Fiberon has plenty of flooring lineups to install which are available in various price ranges.

Each Fiberon product has its own color patterns and styles. There is a massive collection of Fiberon board designs and shades which makes it an easy choice for every buyer.

If you are thinking about a life-long flooring option with a real wood appearance then you can choose the Fiberon decking flooring option for your living space.

If you regularly care and choose the right cleaning process then it can easily last for many years.

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