Features To Add While Building Your New Home

Features To Add While Building Your New Home

Building a home provides an amazing opportunity to including everything you could need or want. Many types of additions are easier and more affordable to add while the home is being built, rather than waiting until it is complete and performing a renovation. By adding features to the home during the construction process, you can save money and frustration in the long term. If you have made the commitment to build your home, think about whether you would want one of these features at some point, and consider adding them now.

Built-In Storage

Built-in storage — like cabinets, closets and under-stair systems — are easier to add when the home is being built. Since your newly built home is likely more spacious than your apartment or existing home, you may not be thinking about needing additional storage outside of what it has, but someday you might want it. Consider adding pull-out bays under the stairs, shelving in the garage, or closets in unused corners during the building process.

Built-In Technology

Technology is going to be part of your modern life. From voice control for your lighting and HVAC system to wiring the home for Wi-Fi, you can add some of these features into the design. This means you can start enjoying them the moment you move in, rather than having to wait and run wiring later. The same can be said for home entertainment. Build a space for your TV and run the wiring for your cable or satellite service before you need them, rather than waiting until you are getting them installed. Add cable conduits throughout the house to ensure you can hook everything up easily when you move in. Don’t forget to ensure Wi-Fi coverage is available on every floor of the home.

Radiant Heat

Waking up and stepping onto a warm floor is a great idea, and radiant heating makes this possible. In addition, radiant heating is significantly more energy efficient than other heating options, and it’s pretty cheap to install, too. However, installing it after you are done building means redoing your entire floor, which practically doubles the cost of installation.

Electric Vehicle Outlet

Sure, you don’t have an electric vehicle now, but who knows what the future of vehicle technology will hold. Maybe you will want one in the future. Adding a high-amperage outlet in the garage now during the building process means you can make the switch if you want. It also means you can sell your home to someone with an electric vehicle in the future.

home features for a dog

Features for Your Pet

Built-in pet beds, doggie doors, food stations and even kennels in your garage or shed can all be added during the building process and worked into the overall design of the house, rather than looking like an addition after the house is already complete.

Earth-Friendly Designs

Have you been considering solar panels, or are you looking to add reduced-flow water faucets? Whether large or small, energy-efficient, earth-friendly design features can improve the eco-friendliness of your home, and reduce your energy bills at the same time. In addition to choosing eco-friendly paint and flooring options, consider utilizing features that will make your home more efficient. Some of these features, like low-flow toilets, should be automatic. You have to install a toilet and a shower head, so why not choose eco-friendly options instead of standard ones?

Central Vacuum

Nothing is quite as convenient as having a vacuum already installed in your home. With a central vacuum, you’ll never have to fumble with getting the vacuum out when you need to clean your space. By adding a central vacuum when you build, you can put it in the ideal location, centrally located with the motor in a quiet, hidden spot in the home that will not detract from the enjoyment of your home.

You chose to build instead of buy so that you could personalize your home. Take the time to consider all of the features you could possibly want in the future and add them now. You will be glad you did as you enjoy a home that has everything you need, and some things that you want, without the thought of future remodeling hanging over your head.


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With more than 20 years of experience in the residential stock house plan industry, Chuck Tripp is currently the Sales & Marketing Director of Donald A. Gardner Architects, Inc., a residential house plans company that has been developing floor plans since 1978.

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