How Much Does Epoxy Basement Floor Cost? (2023 Prices)

How much does Epoxy Basement Floor Cost (2022 Prices)

Epoxy coating is the best way to protect basements because they are moist and receive high traffic and heavy damage. Before installing it, you should know how much the epoxy basement floor cost.

You need a company to install epoxy flooring at a fair price. Epoxy floor coating gives protection against chipping, cracking, and wearing. It creates a liquid-tight and durable surface.

Many homeowners consider the epoxy flooring costs to be quite costly. There are many ways to reduce the price of coating projects.

An experienced professional will take a few hours to turn your basements into a waterproof and long-lasting surface. Using a DIY route will reduce your costs. An extensive variety of price details are given below.

Cost Guide of Epoxy Floors

Only for $7.00 per square foot, you will achieve a durable and tough surface. It may cost you less if you DIY. First, you have to clean grease and dirt from the floor.

Remove tile or any other flooring if you want to remove it. Fill the cracks and sand the uneven surface.

cost of Epoxy Floors

Acid is used to etch the surface before applying one coat of epoxy. A clear topcoat is necessary to remove stains and protect the floor from wear.

Epoxy Paint Vs. Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Paint is a one-part epoxy consisting of 50% epoxy and 50% pre-mixed solvent. Due to heavy traffic and furniture dragging, epoxy paint wears quickly.

Use a two-part epoxy coating for the basement. A hardener and tinted resin in solid form come unmixed in a kit.

Epoxy Paint Vs. Epoxy Coating

The resin and hardener are mixed as you are ready to coat the floor. Some products recommend letting the epoxy combination sit for up to half an hour to allow the hardener to start working.

Its result will be 100% solid epoxy. The epoxy will cure in a day instead of drying like paint.


Two widespread selections are available.

  1. Sprinkle metallic or colored vinyl flakes on the floor for an elegant appearance.
  2. Mix sand aka silica to make a non-slip surface.

Gritting is recommended in wet locations like bathrooms and laundry because wet epoxy floors are slippery without grit.

The kits of the epoxy basement floor have one or both of these additives. A variety of colors are available in epoxy kits. Many decorative options are available, but they are not recommended for a basement.

Epoxy Basement Flooring – Cost Factors

The epoxy cost in the range of $3.35 – $12.50 depends on the following factors.

factors that affect Cost of Epoxy Basement Flooring

Who Does the Work?Who Does the Work?

The labor work is 40% to 60% of the total cost, and if you do it yourself, it will cost 0%. There will be up to a $2.00 per square foot difference between a local DIYer and a flooring expert.

Hiring a professional is best because a specialist has experience in this work.

Floor RepairFloor Repair

If you fill the minor cracks yourself, it will cost 75 cents per linear foot.

Concrete CleanerConcrete Cleaner

Cleaning the concrete is very important before the epoxy basement floor. Cleaning will cost 10 cents per square foot. Hiring a professional to clean the floor will cost 45 cents per square foot.

Etching AcidEtching Acid

The cleaning and etching acids are mostly available in the kits, but if you buy separately, etching acid will cost $30 – $40 per gallon for 250 square feet.

Number of CoatsNumber of Coats

Usually, a single coat is enough for the basement floor. If the concrete is porous, it is recommended to go for a clear base coat. After the base coat, the epoxy basement floor colors coat is applied. The clear coat costs $1.75 per square foot.

Flakes Flakes

Flakes are available in many basement floor epoxy kits. In case buying them separately, it will cost 1,000 square foot basement.

Expert Tip

Even distributing the flakes is necessary; therefore, a flake gun with a hopper is used. It will cost $90 – $125.

Self-leveling ConcreteSelf-leveling Concrete

A cracked floor will cost more to level it. If the difference in the surface height and the crack is minor, it will fill at a low cost.

The high the difference, the more costly it will be. Professionals cost $6.00 per square foot for the supplies and labor to level the surface.

Clean and etch the surface for adhesion of self-leveling concrete if you want to DIY. The primer will cost $15 per quart for 75 square feet. A gallon costs $35 for $250 square feet.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Epoxy Floor


Major benefits of using epoxy floors are:

  • Low-cost
  • Achieve a beautiful flooring look
  • Epoxy over concrete is extremely durable
  • It protects the surface from moisture, grease, and stains
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting


Primary disadvantages of epoxy flooring include:

  • Temperature between 70°F to 80°F and humidity less than 85% is required; in case of adverse conditions, epoxy will not stick to the floor
  • Any moisture trapped inside will bubble up and will not repair

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Epoxy My Basement Floor?

Use the epoxy coating to protect the basement floor  from humidity, leakage, and seepage. Epoxy gets rid of mold or mildew from the basement floor because it is resistant to bacteria and germs.

How Long Does the Epoxy Floor Last in The Basement?

A basement is a place that receives high traffic, but an epoxy floor protects it for more than twenty years.

Can I Epoxy My Basement Floor Myself?

You can DIY epoxy basement floor but take proper care of the cracks and other wearing problems. After sealing the cracks, you can apply epoxy, and it will set itself by using a self-level formula of this material.

Are Our Epoxy Floors Expensive?

Epoxy floors are reasonably priced at $2.50 per square foot.

Is It Better to Paint or Epoxy the Basement Floor?

If you paint the basement floor by mixing it with epoxy, it will make a more durable surface. However, the paint will crack and peel when epoxy is not mixed.

Is It Cheaper to Epoxy the Basement Floor?

A professional will cost $7.15 per square foot for the epoxy basement floor. The cost of 1,000 square foot basement will be $7,000.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Finish a Basement Floor?

Concrete flooring is the cheapest way to finish a basement floor because it is already available there. Grind down the uneven areas and give a good cleaning. Use carpets or rugs to create warmth.

Will Epoxy Keep Water out Of the Basement?

Epoxy will keep water out of the basement to prevent water from leaking through the concrete floor.


This article has described all the cost guides, factors, and details of an epoxy basement floor, and now you must know how much an epoxy basement floor costs.

Epoxy is a material that eliminates the chances of mold and mildew to protect your basement floor from bacteria and germs.

Epoxy coating is cost-effective to keep your basement floor from seepage and spills and provide a smooth and waterproof surface.

It prevents the floor from cracking or wearing. If you do it yourself, your costs will reduce.

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