Easy Ways to Display Your Collectibles

Easy Ways to Display Your Collectibles

Hey there! Ali here with a great article of some of my favorite ways to display your collectibles. After going through my house and looking at all of the “collections” I’ve started, I have to say that I may have a bit of a problem.

Over the years, my husband and I have managed to collect anything and everything from books to salt and pepper shakers, to wooden angels and a whole slew of owls. So I thought to myself, “I really need to either box these all up, or find some creative ways to display them.” And here we are. Take a look at some of the ideas I came up with for getting rid of the clutter and turning our collectibles into beautiful home décor.

Hang it on the wall

owls everywhereWe all know you can hang mirrors and framed items on the wall, but dishes, quilts or needlepoint? Hanging pieces like these on a flat surface like your wall can add dimension and make a statement to your room.

When it comes to dishes, I’m in love with this plate display from Better Homes and Gardens. What they’ve done is created wall art with the arrangement of the plates, resulting in a collection that truly acts as a unit and looks like it’s meant to be there, rather than just a scattering of mismatched china. What makes this type of display work really well is that the plates share a similar color palette and scheme to the room they’re being displayed in, so they complement the space but also make a statement.

You can do the same thing with needlepoint collections, like Amanda O’Rourke from Joy Ever After did with these embroidery hoops. I don’t know about you, but I think this is just a beautiful way to display any heirloom pieces or ones that you may have done yourself.

Hang it from the ceiling

One of the collections we’ve begun involves airplanes, in honor of my grandfather’s great love of the flying machine. To make this collection unique, we actually decided to make some of the pieces “fly.”  We took a model airplane that was about 15” in length and hung it from the ceiling using just a bit of fishing wire and a hook that we screwed into the ceiling. We tied the fishing wire to the plane and voila! The B-52 took flight. We then displayed some of the other collection pieces around the room and added an airplane coordinating fabric to pillows to tie in the theme.

Repurpose your collection

How to use empty wine bottles for decorationI love taking items that are meant for one purpose and using them for something completely different and surprising. Let’s take, for example, wine. Wine bottles are meant to be stored in a place that is dimly lit and kept cool, so it can be difficult to find a way to display these in a way that preserves them in those conditions.

Instead, I recommend that you display the bottle once it’s empty. The glass bottle is easily repurposed when you turn it into something like a candle, candle holder, or put them on a bottle tree. Here’s a great example from Kate McKibbin at DropDeadGorgeousDaily.com of a centerpiece idea using wine bottles.

You can also repurpose your book collection by enlarging and framing one of the pages from your favorite book to create an element that speaks to your literary fervor. Consider using books as a table centerpiece or use them to add a little bit of height when displaying other items.

By displaying your collections creatively, you allow them to become conversation pieces, ones that speak to one another just as much as they will to you and your guests.

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