DIY Wall Art: Silhouette Photo Display

DIY Wall Art: Silhouette Photo Display

An easy way to make your house your own is to decorate it with family photos. Of course, it’s easy to pop printed images into frames and call it a day; however, you can also opt to turn these precious pictures into an eye-catching focal point for any room in your house. One such option is to create a silhouette photo display. This simple project should take an afternoon or two to put together, but it will transform a blank wall into a graphic display. You can choose profile portraits of your family members, or select photos of them in action: standing, playing together, playing sports… whatever best represents who the person is. Arrange the photos in a collage and voila. Your space will have a crisp, fresh feel with your most precious memories on display. What’s better than that?

DIY wall art

Supplies Needed:

– Prints of the photos you’d like to use. Make sure that, whether you choose a profile portrait or an action shot, that what’s happening is discernible since it’s going to be a silhouette sans detail.
– Store-bought picture frames
– White cardstock paper
– Graphite transfer paper
– Craft knife

Optional Supplies (Depending on how you plan to display your images):

Option 1:

– Glue
– Sponge or brush for applying glue
– Colored cardstock paper

Option 2:

– Colorful wall paint in as many shades as you’d like


DIY Wall Art

1. After purchasing the frames you’d like to use for your collage, use a photocopier to blow up or shrink the images you’re using to create your collage so that they’re a proper fit.

With a pencil or other sharp-ended object, trace the edge of the portrait or image. The pencil will press through to the graphite transfer paper, which will transfer through and leave an outline on your cardstock paper.2. Place the white cardstock paper onto a flat surface. On top of that, place a sheet of graphite transfer paper. And then, on top of that, place the image you’d like to transfer.

3. Repeat step 2 for all of the photos you want to include.

4. Using a craft knife, carefully cut out each stencil that you’ve created on the white cardstock paper.

Option 1: Finishing Your Project

5. If you choose to mat each silhouette onto colored cardstock paper, the next step is to glue each cutout onto a sheet of frame-sized cardstock.

6. Place each completed image into a frame.

7. Arrange your frames on the floor before you hang them. Click here for tips on how to create a visually appealing wall collage.

DIY Pictures8. Hang and enjoy your handiwork.

Option 2: Finishing Your Project

5. Instead of pasting your images onto colored cardstock paper, place them inside of clear glass floating frames.

6. Arrange your frames on the floor before hanging them.

7. Paint boxes of color on the wall behind where each frame will go. If your wall is already a dark enough shade to make the silhouettes pop, you’re good to go.

8. Hang and enjoy your handiwork.

Photos by Martha Stewart and JsOnline.

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