Decorate Your Bathroom On A Budget

Decorate Your Bathroom On A Budget

Have you been noticing recently just how dull your bathroom looks? Maybe it’s that grime in between your tiles, or the paint that’s peeling off the walls? Whatever it may be, you no longer have to procrastinate in redecorating your bathroom because of the daunting financial process you expect it to be. Instead we have some tips for you to get your bathroom spic and span, without a gaping hole in your pocket.


clean bathroomFirst thing’s first, if you want a nice bathroom, you have to clean it. Even if a bathroom is fitted out with the finest suite and the most attractive accessories, if it ain’t clean, it’ll all be in vain. To notice a great difference in the appearance of this room, clean:

  • the ceiling and ontop of units (dust accumulates here)
  • with bleach, scrub mould and mildew from around baths and showers
  • use bicarbonate of soda and diluted vinegar to remove grout from between tiles etc
  • use limescale remover for plug holes and taps
  • buff taps with a cloth or shammy leather, until they gleam.
  • scrub toilets with toilet brushes, bleach and nice-smelling toilet cleaner.

Choose a new theme

beautiful bathroom themeOnce you’re happy with your thoroughly clean bathroom, the next thing to do is choose a new theme in order to spruce it up further. If it’s a new colour you’re going for, buy towels, decorative accessories (toothbrush holder, soap dish, toilet brush or a bin), candles and toiletries in that colour. You could also paint one of the walls in the same colour (an identical or similar shade, depending on your preference).

Spruce up the walls

Bathroom walls receive a hard time of it. The huge amount of condensation that is emitted from this (usually small) space, frequently creates problems with damp and mould, thus leaving an unattractive sight. Treat your walls to some TLC by giving them a fresh lick of paint. White usually works best in bathrooms, but painting a focal wall in a base colour which matches your bathroom accessories can look very impressive too. If you do have a few extra pennies to spend though, bathroom wallpaper is making a definite comeback. Opt for a fresh and uplifting print, or if you fancy a bolder, more extravagant design, limit the wall papering to one focal wall so as not to overcrowd the space.

Fix up the floor

Alicia LawrenceSimilar to the walls, bathroom floors are also at great risk of water damage. Sodden, uneven bathroom flooring is a sure contributor to the need for redecoration. Luckily though, bathrooms are usually the smallest room in the house, so it isn’t terribly expensive to get new flooring here. Stone or slate flooring is the best choice for a natural, health spa look in your bathroom. Limestone is usually the favourite choice as it’s one of the cheapest stones and its light look creates the impression of more space. Stone flooring does get cold in the winter though, so a bathroom rug might best accompany this option in the winter. Rubber flooring is another popular choice of flooring on a budget. It’s non-slip design is perfect for this room while its look creates a modern and arty design. The cheapest flooring option though, has to be lino. Although considered a dated material, there are now a great variety of contemporary designs that would look good in numerous bathroom settings.

Photos by Alicia Lawrence. Post written by Izzy Evans, a student, blogger and home decor enthusiast.


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