How to Cut Laminate Flooring? – Best Tools & Step Wise Guide

How to Cut Laminate Flooring

Are you thinking about cutting the laminate planks but don’t know how to cut laminate flooring? If yes, this guide is for you.

To accurately cut the laminate flooring, you need an ideal laminate floor cutter and best practices to follow to become a skillful DIYer in this arena.

Most home projects have their own DIY practices. You just need concentration and these proven guidelines to do these tasks up to high professional standards.

As laminate flooring is quite an expensive item in home flooring, you need to do its cutting job very accurately without chipping it so that the cut planks will fit in the desired area.

It is better to spend more time planning than focusing on the cutting procedure. Let’s take a look at the proven guidelines and best cutting tools to cut laminate flooring.

How to Cut or Saw Laminate Flooring?

  1. First, see the thickness of the planks and measure them. Next, make a minor cut with a cutter to mark the saw lines. Then, draw one more cut down the plank in the same manner.
  2. Post that, begin cutting the laminate floor from its edges with a cutting tool. Hold the planks tightly and lay down these boards on a flat track.
  3. Now cut down these planks to your desired size. Your laminate floor is ready for installation.


Best Tools for Cutting Laminate Flooring

You will find a great variety of tools for cutting laminate floors. These tools are designed for different purposes. Some of them are easier to maneuver or control, and others may be perfect for rip cuts with the grain.

Best Tools for Cutting Laminate Flooring

Let’s quickly go through these laminate flooring tools for better understanding:

Table Saw

After reading this article, the first thing that comes to your mind is the saw blade for laminate flooring. The most popular form of saw model is the table saw. This is the easiest form of saw to cut laminate flooring.

Table Saw

The plank lines should be placed vertically for a straight cut on them. Ensure that your hands and body are away from the blade and that you are wearing proper safety gadgets.

Miter Saw

If you are looking for an electric tool for this task, Milter Saw is the best. You can easily slice down your laminate floors in cross-cut form.

Miter Saw

The edges may not be straight on planks, but you never require any force to cut laminate flooring.


This vertical saw is used to craft angles and curves on laminate floors.


The harbor freight jigsaw cutter is a budget-friendly tool but can’t slice the laminate floors into parts.


Another type of saw is a handsaw. This cutting tool is also easy to use but requires force to do this job as we know that laminate floors are harder forms of floorings, so a handsaw may not give you accurate results for laminate boards.


Prices of Tools for Cutting Laminate Floors

Sr. No Tool Name Estimated Price
1 Table Saw $80-$300+
2 Miter Saw $90–$150
3 Jigsaw $35-$200+
4 Handsaw $15–$75

Step-by-Step Guide to Cut Laminate Flooring

Here, I will teach you the easiest way to cut laminate flooring. You will see plenty of wooden floor tools to ensure perfect first flooring cuts, but meanwhile, you have to follow specific procedures to do this task perfectly.

Cut Laminate Flooring

Let’s get started:

 Measure Thickness of Planks1. Measure Thickness of Planks

Check the thickness of planks and measure them. In most cases, you may find it 1/16 Inches thick. It is important to measure the right thickness; it will help you accurately cut the laminate boards.

Mark the Saw Lines2. Mark the Saw Lines

Suppose you have a utility tool or any other laminate floor cutter. You should mark the saw lines by making a minor cut.

If you want to mark this cut accurately, you can place a piece of paper on top of the laminate plank to precisely mark the amount of cut.

Use a Piece of Paper on Planks to Mark Accurate Lines3. Use a Piece of Paper on Planks to Mark Accurate Lines

It is better to place another piece of paper underneath of plank to mark a line. It will help you cut the laminate flooring more precisely and straight.

Now draw another cut down the plank as you did in the previous step.

4. Use Your Favorite Laminate Floor Cutter

Start cutting the laminate flooring from its edges. You can use any cutting tool here. I would recommend a table saw or jigsaw for this purpose.

These tools will prevent your laminate board from chipping or peeling off and give you a straight cut.

Take Care of Cutted Laminate Boards5. Take Care of Cutted Laminate Boards

Closely observe the cutting process. Hold the planks tightly and lay down these boards nearby your floor. It is better to place it on a flat track.

A perfect cutting edge will help you in the installation process, and you never require complex tools to install and lay the laminate floor.

Complete the Cut6. Complete the Cut

I hope you have accurately measured the length! Now cut down these planks to your desired size, and your laminate flooring planks are ready to install. Place all the cut laminate boards in a safer place on your floor.

Useful Tips

You can also improve your DIYer experience and the quality of your work with the following tips and tricks:

  • If you bring a table saw, always pick the gear with the most teeth available. It will cause minor chipping on the laminate boards.
  • If you are confused about the cutting marks, you can use a measuring tape to cut the laminate flooring accurately.
  • There might be a chance that you bring the laminate floor cutter on rent. Must observe the age of its cutting blade. You can ask the vendor to install a newer blade in the machine for better performance.
  • It is better to mark the cutting lines with a non-permanent marker or instantly wipe these lines out from shiny laminate boards.
  • Ensure no dust or significantly less dust is made in the cutting process. The type of cutting tool will help you out here.
  • Try to rip a plank board quickly and do the straightest cuts.
  • Always wear protective gadgets to save yourself.
  • Must remember that a utility knife is for smaller cutting jobs. You can use a table saw or jigsaw if you have extensive laminate boards.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Tool to Use to Cut Laminate Flooring?

A jigsaw can be considered the best cutting tool for laminate flooring. It is an accurate all-rounder tool to cut laminate floors in your favorite patterns.

How Do You Cut Laminate Flooring Yourself?

If you are looking to do this task yourself, you can use a jigsaw as the best DIY laminate flooring tool for this job.

It is possible to draw the saw lines on the laminate board and cut on these lines as close as possible and clamp the loose portion down.

Can You Cut Laminate Flooring With A Utility Knife?

You can do this task with a utility knife as well but just for a shorter period of time. It is an excellent choice if you have smaller pieces of laminate floors and you have to cut them into smaller parts accurately.

Do You Cut Laminate Flooring Face up Or Down?

You have to place the laminate flooring facing upward and downward orientation to cut this wooden flooring in its respective direction.

Do You Cut the Tongue Off the First Row of Laminate?

It is better to trim the tongues off with a utility knife to avoid any problems. You have to do it in the first row to complete this cutting process.

What Is the Fastest Way to Cut Laminate Flooring?

A jigsaw tool helps you cut the laminate floors as quickly as possible. It is the easiest and fastest way to do this task, even if you are a beginner DIYer.

Can You Use a Table Saw to Cut Laminate Flooring?

A table saw is the easiest way to cut laminate flooring, even one-handed. It never requires any force to tackle the laminate boards.

You just need a subfloor diagram, and laminate wood floors installation will become easier.

How Do You Install Laminate Flooring Without A Saw?

You can slide the tool on laminate flooring to cut. While sliding it back, the cross-cut helps you install laminate flooring without a saw.

This process will eliminate common mistakes when laying laminate flooring on your own.


This short guide will help you improve your skill in cutting laminate flooring. There are several cutting tools available in the market. You can smartly choose these gears according to your situation and needs.

It is important to accurately cut laminate floors in straight lines with these cutting tools. Take care of the edges and thickness of planks and mark lines on top and down to laminate boards.

It will help to get the cut straight and according to measurement. The installation process of the laminate floors will become easier with this accuracy.

If you think I have missed anything, then must mention it in the comments box below.

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